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Does Meat Help You To Lose Weight?

Updated on March 3, 2016

A lot of fad diets nowadays suggest people to increase their meat intake, especially the ones that advocate low-carb diets. For example, the Atkins diet, which advocates for you to follow a diet high in fat and low on carbohydrates. The underlying principle behind this logic is that increasing the amount of protein intake is the surest way to lose weight, and that meat is one of the best sources of protein. But is this really true? In this hub I will explain how far meat can help you loos the extra pounds.

Fad diets such as Atkins and the like often depend on the ignorance of most people. The truth is normally very much different than what the proponents of the fad diets will make you believe. In fact, you will definitely lose weight by burning out more calories than what you consume, not by increasing any protein intake!

Moreover, not all kinds of meat are good for your body and health,  some can actually make you gain more weight. A good example can be, meat such as fried chicken, salami, pepperoni, bacon, ham, salami, etc., contain a substantial amount of calorie content. Do you think you can lose weight by increasing your calorie intake? Definitely not!  In addition, you will add to your pounds. That is why I doubt that a substantial amount of meat intake will ever help to lose any amount of weight.

If you eat lots of meat regularly, this may result in the blockage of your arteries and can result in kidney damage, not to mention that it will also cause digestive system damages because when you consume meat, it has a tendency to rot in your colon. There is more! Meat not only poisons your bloodstream, it also causes diseases such as cancer and diabetes. As you can see, for those people who want to lose the extra pounds meat is not your friend!

Also, to get all the protein from your meat, you will need to eat it either boiled or raw. If you prepare meat with all kinds of spices found in the market, meat consumption will do no good cause lots of protein get washed away when cooking!

If your mind tells you that a high protein intake will indeed help you in losing weight, then you need to remember that the amount of protein is the one that normally counts, not the source. Also bear in mind that you will be able to get more protein from natural foods such as nuts and seeds than meat can ever offer! These whole foods will always give your body the protein it needs, at the same time not harming your body in any way!


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    • speedbird profile image

      speedbird 6 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      Thanks for your comment Dr. Ope

    • profile image

      Dr.Ope 6 years ago

      I agree with you. I stopped eating meat about 6 months ago and I am feeling healthier than I was 20 years ago. Good article.