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Does Psychologica magic (hypnosis) have any effect on us

Updated on June 11, 2019


It has been a question for years, especially as civilization took its place in this world, and technology became better especially in the field of medicine, health care sciences and everything that includes taking care of our health, physically, emotionally and otherwise. Does ‘ Hypnosis have any effect on us good or bad, most times I myself don’t get satisfied at what answers have been giving to us, Which is why I have desired to know and find out whether it has any effect on us. If yes, is it good or bad, or both. If both, which one has the greater percentage?

When you hear about Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), which is a combination of methods of communication, counseling, group dynamics, manipulation, and hypnosis, and how seriously the word in black could have a dangerous effect on the human mind, brain, and the whole body system, it could as well lead you to ask many questions. As defined by an article ‘ hypnosis is said to be ‘a human condition involving focused attention, reduced peripheral awareness, and an enhanced capacity to respond to suggestion. A process capable of making a person feel unaware of the surroundings around him or her, and the same time make you go into a trance. The wonderful part about hypnosis is not just the trance, do you know the most important part about it? Ooh, guess you really want to know what it is. Anyway out of the kind gesture of my heart I will tell you, with a paycheck.

The strangest part of hypnosis, is the ability to keep an individual in illusion or perhaps a trance, you are awake but you don’t know it, at that particular moment you are in another world that you have been put into by your guide, and will see and say everything you see while still awake. It’s like putting you in fire and water at the same time. It is also a proof that this ‘hypnosis is the key card or the master of the well-known and played D&D( dungeons and dragons) game, among many other dangerous games, which in no doubt is the cause of many suicides among youths, and teens. (A special request to teens and youths out there who play this fantastic but destructive games to stop before it’s too late. It’s more dangerous than a viper from a snake).

Now, how does one feel been under the effect of hypnosis?

A research conducted by the Stanford University School of Medicine, found out that these 3 major things goes on within you under the effect of hypnosis

  1. Your eye lids get heavy
  2. Your arms go limp
  3. You feel like you are going through space

The research scientists went further to scan the brains of up to 57 people during some series of hypnosis guided sessions and found out that they were similar to those used to treat trauma and the likes. David Speigel, MD, professor and associate chair of psychiatry and behavioral sciences of the Stanford University notes ‘hypnosis as the oldest form of western psychotherapy. Medical science has seen it as a way to control how the mind works and operates, that’s the reason why mad men are taken to the psychiatrists who are therapists, most times these people are taken far back from their area of consciousness and when they come back it seems, the past was exchange for the present and behold, a mad man becomes as cool as a potato chip, and probably helpless. Hypnosis usually begins with ‘hypnotic induction’, and then moves into the trance and used to control the subject. Now, lots of cases of suicide and murder, theft and a lot of hell hole activities committed by mostly youngsters are just discarded as an appropriation of lack of sense of humor or character by the victim. In Africa, people especially the parents and elderly one would criticize these kids and calls them ‘good for nothing’, not until the tragedy hits you, for people that care, then you would start asking questions. Its no doubt, that these activities are heavily embedded on the fact that these kids go through lots of hypnotic sessions unknowingly, and before john says jack they don’t know that they are caged lions ready to kill. Research over the years about how good or bad hypnosis can be on a subject, have been discussed, but guess what, only the good part is taken into conditions, while millions die and suffer from the bad part of hypnosis. An NLP site titled “patterns for renewing your mind international” has raised many questions as to its plans as regards the title of the site. It is said to be designed specifically for Christians. Is it true?, if yes, why?. If it’s for Christians, it’s for us, if it’s for us, it will have effects on us whether in a good or bad way. It’s one of the millions of psychotherapy organizations in the world. We don’t want to doubt their authenticity in a way, but the questions is, until how long before we know the bad effects of hypnosis on people. No doubt, anyone can be damn good at the job, is that a threat or not to the human race? My argument is that every soul should be aware of what you do, where you go to, what you listen to. The effects of hypnosis may not necessarily take place at the hospital or clinic, you just need to become unconscious of your surroundings. Now you may be confused, but let me give you an example, have you ever listened to a certain music and focused your attention on it while in a bar, you feel at some moment that you are on top of the world, dreams come and go, so does the thoughts. You are so deepened into this trance that you don’t know when a thief leaves with your wallet with some money in it, and then a simple tap by a generous friend, brings you back with a shock. Congratulations, you just hypnotized yourself.

Hypnosis is a seconder to cloning, through hypnosis, you can create a new beast or a new demon, or a new angel. It depends on the authors’ motive. A hypnotized person responds to the hypnotist in a dramatic and exciting way without even being conscious of his or her environ, you can then see why someone would have the mind to kill a family, burn down a house, shoot people at the bar. He/ she responds to the hypnotist (whether through a game, film with dangerous slangs and words, music with dangerous wordings), not until he is done, will he/she realize the mess created. Same way when you are been hypnotized. Don’t underrate the effect of hypnosis on you, and if you are good on it, watch your steps that you don’t lead someone to his/her early grave. The is curiosity as to whether hypnosis could be used for dangerous purposes is there, now thanks to science and technology that hypnosis is no longer done only through a one on one contact with the object and subject, drugs now hypnotize, information’s can also do that. So what happens when people are in the middle of an unknown bomb about to explode?. You could never tell when someone becomes a human being at one point and a monster at another, as to the drastic effect hypnosis takes on his brain and the control room which is the MIND. Remember that when we are talking about hypnosis, we are not talking about a daily mail text, but something that is capable of controlling someone’s mind, decisions, and character. Its just like playing a video football game.


Does hypnosis have and effect? , Yes, it does. But what are they? No one can tell until you become a victim. Well, for example, during an election, your favourite candidate and one you would vote for has succeeded controlling your mind and your thoughts and have redirected your mind and thought to like him or her and thereby gain your vote, good luck because according to my time here in Africa, hypnosis has already taken place in you. Hey!!!!!, don’t argue about that now, it’s a fact whether you believe it or not, for now. Now, when the press releases the video of a former vice president and his link to a sexual scandal probe, damn it you really hate that person that moment, especially if it’s true for what he or she has done, goodluck too because you have been hypnotized into thinking that this guy is bad and you could really offer a bullet in his damn brain. On a normal and cool day, I bet you wouldn’t hate that person as you do now, the process is just to hack into your brain like we hack into a computer and reprogram it to do our bidding, or rather implant a virus in a system to cripple it and then do our work, same way hypnosis is able to hack into your brain, walk to your unconscious mind, writes a code and virus and makes you think and act the way the virus and the program does, i call it ‘technology in nature of psychology”. When this happens we can now call in the effects of hypnosis on us.

If hypnosis is used the wrong way, why do you think we have insurgencies, people especially young ones who are ready to die for a cause, a theory that cant be proved. We could create a thousand Hitler, Hussein, if hypnosis is used wrongly on the human mind. It can be very dangerous to an extent that we need discretion on the people that are capable of hypnotizing and the reason for their actions, as well as it could damage the brain, make someone viable to terrible hallucination, it becomes a dangerous equipment when used wrongly.

A region of the brain called the dorsal anterior cingulate cortex became less active. Studies have found that that region helps people stay vigilant about their external environment. The activity in their dorsal anterior cingulate cortex may account for that behavior, too. And this has a drastic effect if, we can learn to control the human mind and brain without the use of surgical knives and machines, then mankind is in a whole trouble, if this act gets into the wrong hands.

There are reduced connections between the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and the default mode network, which includes the medial prefrontal and the posterior cingulate cortex. This decrease in functional connectivity likely represents a disconnect between someone’s actions and their awareness of their actions, said Spiegel of the Stanford University. This could be the reason, why many people especially experts in the field of medicine and health sciences prefer the use of psychological hypnosis as i call it, to the use of pills for treatment of anxieties and others.

I call this, ‘a step to either put mankind into profit or error’’.


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