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Does Quit Smoking Laser Therapy Work?

Updated on June 18, 2008

Quit Smoking Laser. Is It A Fraud?

Smoking is a pernicious habit. It is highly unjurious to your health, costs a fortune and is becoming more and more socially unacceptable. Little by little there is a movement amongst smokers to give it up.

Unfortunately it's not easy to give up smoking. Addiction to nicotine, one of the ingredients of tobacco, is extremely difficult to kick. Cigarettes are some of the most addictive products, if not the most addictive, known to man. People across the world are struggling to quit smoking, and having varying degrees of success.

There are many ways to give up smoking, some of them more successful than others. None of them are successful with everybody, and there are plenty of people who try method after method to try to give up smoking. Some people spend their whole life in a battle with nicotine and cigarette addiction.

And so there are many out there who would try and profit from this trend towards giving up smoking. Anti smoking treatments are big business and many people are getting rich bringing out new methods of giving up smoking and marketing them to the smoking public. Some of course are extremely effective anti smoking products and methods, and some not so successful.

Does Laser Therapy To Quit Smoking Work?

The laser method to stop smoking relies on the basic principles of acupuncture. Low level laser is used to apply to acupuncture points on the body. The intention is that this will act on the nerve endings in the area to which the laser is applied. This will stimulate the nerves thereby producing endorphins. Those endorphins, in turn, act to significantly reduce the cravings that are a product of nicotine withdrawal, and if the cravings produced by the cigarette addiction are reduced or eliminated the ability to withdraw without significant stress is improved.

So, it's easy to stop smoking.

Proponents of the stop smoking laser method maintain that it only takes a few, or even as few as one, treatment, to quit smoking. It is suggested by some that one half hour session is enough for many people.

However there are some doubts about the efficacy of the stop smoking laser treatments available. It all sounds wonderful to someone in the grip of a serious nicotine addiction, and someone trying to give up smoking can be forced into grasping at straws. If someone claims that one small session of simple non invasive and painless treatment is going to help you quit smoking that is a very powerful message for some people to hear and many would be swayed by the temptation to just give it a go.

However the question remains, does quit smoking laser therapy work?

There Seems To Be Plenty Of Opinions That It Doesn't. What About Evidence?

If you read the websites of the stop smoking laser therapy practitioners you will see that in some cases they quote medical or scientific evidence in support of the efficacy of their low level laser therapy treatments to combat smoking. However the reality is that it is extremely difficult to find solid scientific evidence in support of the therapy. Those who quote so called medical evidence do not give links to papers where that evidence is published.

I have not been able to find any reputable scientific study that supports the conclusion that quit smoking laser therapy works. Now of course that doesn't mean that laser therapy to quit smoking does not work. Nor does it mean that there is no evidence that it works, just that I haven't seen it.

For that reason I have started a website dedicated to low level quit smoking laser therapy. To investigate the evidence or lack of evidence and to provide a place where the general public can read more about laser therapy, and in particular to document their own experiences with laser to stop smoking. Anyone can add their experience with laser therapy to my website, either good or bad, so that other visitors can read it and learn.

However there is a wide range of other sources that claim that anti smoking laser is a fraud. I have listed many of them on my website The Quit Smoking Laser Therapy Guide.

For example in 2006 the public defender consumer group Public Citizen petitioned the US FDA to ask it to stop 5 prominent anti smoking laser therapy clinics from claiming that their laser therapy works to stop people smoking on the basis that there is no evidence that laser works at all.

And there are other documents online that suggest also that there is a complete lack of evidence about the efficacy of the treatment, and that it amounts to no more than a fraud on the public, and the latest episode of snake oil sellling.

Here's a few of the documents that I'm referring to:

So What Do You Think?

I'm not saying that laser therapy to stop smoking works or it doesn't. I don't know. I'm just pointing out some resources that you might like to have a look at if you're thinking of undergoing quit smoking laser therapy.

There seems to be no solid evidence either way, so it's up to you to make up your own mind.

Oh, and if you do (or have already done) quit smoking laser therapy please visit my website and leave some feedback on how it went, good or bad, for the benefit of all the readers of the site who want some unbiased feedback from those who have already tried it. Thanks

Give Me Some Feedback On My Hub Please

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    • profile image

      Tammy Smith 8 years ago

      I went to New Beginnings Optimal Health to quit smoking with laser therapy. I smoked for 15 years and over 3 packs a day. I tried the patches, gum, cold turkey, etc. Many people who say they want to quit don't really realize what they are going to have to do. The laser did relieve the withdrawal symptoms which means I finally had a choice which I didn't have before. Unfortunately, it didn't erase my memory so I still thought about smoking, still would say I wanted one, but I didn't NEED one. I had to learn new habits, new activities, and new ways to socialize. There is no magic out there. Ask any drug adict, alcoholic, etc. did they find a magical way to just stop? The laser made me more comfortable, the counceling I received helped me understand me and my own personal addiction. It has been 4 years and I am still smoke free, but I still want one every once in a while, but I know better. It's just a memory.

    • profile image

      Jeremy 8 years ago

      I've tried just about every method there is out there and there is only one I can recommend - NLP! It eliminates the cravings. Gum patches and all the other just did not cut it for me, not to mention cold turkey which was the hardest, I even tried the electric cig and it is just no match to the real thing.

      Check out this article: it’s the one that got me off the cigs and smoke free for GOOD even without gaining weight! :)

      Good luck kicking the habit!


    • profile image

      Lissette 7 years ago

      My husband and I just tried the laser treatment to stop smoking and I can say it it working quite well. We have smoked for 25 years and it has been three days since our last cigarette. I won't say it's easy, but the craving or the need to have one is not present, it's just trying to kick the habit of smoking. We are now walking, swimming and riding bikes. Something we would never have done before when we would smoke.

    • profile image

      michelle 7 years ago

      I smoked for 24 years. Tried every stop smoking method on earth and still was unable to stop. I and my boyfriend got only one laser therapy in New York 3 1/2 years ago, we are smoke free, since. It was simple, clean, fast, cheap, and effective. I recommended it to my friends, they are now ex-smoker. What scientific evidence? It works. That is good enough scientic evidence.

    • profile image

      jake 7 years ago

      Hey I am a smoker and i am going in for treatment today. it's costing me 100$ so i hope it works.

    • profile image

      kim 7 years ago

      I had the laser treatment 2 months ago & am very impressed. I smoked at least 1 pack a day for 35 years. I enjoyed smoking. When the cost went up to over $5 is when I decided to spend the money on the laser treatment. Thirty minutes after the treatment I was sitting in the middle of 4 people smoking and I found that I didn't need one; I didn't want one. Amazing!! The same day I had my treatment, 9 others at the office also had the laser. 8 out of the 10 are still smoke free. That's 80% success rate. As far as gaining weight? We all have actually lost between 6 and 11 pounds without even trying!!

    • profile image

      dayton 7 years ago

      I'm using the patch, on day 10. It's working just fine. My jaw hurts from grinding though lol

    • profile image

      Darren 7 years ago

      i quit smoking by masterbating compulsively, i don't believe in gimmicks, and truly believe in relieving my cravings the natural way..

    • profile image

      gkrats 7 years ago

      lmao darren thats jokes

    • profile image

      jesfer 7 years ago

      smoking was killing me...but there s nothing such things that i can stop smoking only if i take any nicotene patches or seems to be stupid...nothing in this world can be stopped without our mind try it and do it...this s the way i use to think and now iam smoke free...this s only because of my almighty jesus christ...praise goes to him...praise the lord

    • profile image

      Fiona 7 years ago

      Laser Therapy to Quit, stop smoking treatment at Future health group doesn't work. I went there and had a go at their treatment. They give you the hard sell and take your money. I still smoke as much as I did. I've tried different things and definitely wouldn't recommend this. I think they take advantage of desperate vulnerable people like myself.

      Save your money and keep trying to go cold turkey like like I am am. Eventually I'll get there.

    • profile image

      Mathias 7 years ago

      Don't kid yourself Jesfer, Jesus smokes because he can cure cancer.

    • profile image

      Marty 7 years ago

      In 2 weeks it will be 5 years since my last cigarette. Went to Anne Penman Laser where they offered a package of 3 laser treatments plus advise to help me break my habits. The price was the same as the others who offer only one treatment and offer no guidance about habits. I was quit after only one laser treatment.

    • profile image

      Terry 7 years ago

      I did this, it was the biggest wast of money and scam.

    • profile image

      Dusky 7 years ago


    • profile image

      Deb 7 years ago

      I had the laser therapy treatment. Had the ambulance at my house in two hours. Now have to take major anti depressant for the rest of my life.Totally screwed my brain!!!!!! Please DO NOT HAVE THIS DONE!!!!!!!! There are NO attorney's that will take your case!!!!!

    • profile image

      Tisa 7 years ago

      After doing some resarch, I learned that the testimonials on the blogs promoting laser therapy for smoking are entered by the owners of clinics. They actually make it quite obvious. I had a treatment, It didn't work. I was promised a few more sessions, but was made to feel like I was weak and didn't want to quit. The laser therapy did not help me stop. I stopped months later with will power. The laser made me feel good for a hot minute but not effective in making me quit. It's all marketing for these clinics. @ Deb, GURL! An ambulance?

    • profile image

      Kym 7 years ago

      I had the laser therapy and it worked. My partner and I quit smoking for 9 months. we had some family problems and we both started again. Had the laser again and am now up to day 2 of being a non smoker.

      To the people that say its a load of crap, you still have to want to give up and have some willpower... goodluck finding a miracle cure

    • profile image

      Tisa 7 years ago

      I did quit kym, cold turkey. The laser didn't help and I smoked afterwards. If the laser worked so well, why are you smoking again? You're only 2 days smoke free. I hope you do have the will power to quit, but it wont have anything to do wit the laser.

    • profile image

      Debbie  6 years ago

      I did the laser therapy about a month ago. They did the low-level laser the first two times and it didn't work well. They then switched to a stronger laser and 2 sessions seemed to do it. I have been nictone free for one month now and have found it to be quite easy. It does require some resolve and you have to do the behavior modification techniques to get the best results.

    • profile image

      Dan 6 years ago

      I couldn't agree with you more on the article. I don't want to take this debate to another level but still this is my point. Acupuncture itself was discredited for decades by the medical community because it had to do with their profits. Finally they had no option because of the zillion of cases that have proven it works but to accept it. Two years ago I fell while skating and hurt my elbow. I've taken dozens of x rays MRIs and they couldn't find nothing wrong. Acupuncture worked in only 4 sessions.So anyone who tells me acupuncture doesn't work won't convince me. I know people who got rid of terminal disses by using natural treatments that the medical community still doesn't accept. I know people who even got in jail for promoting natural treatments and blamed the FDA for pushing their drugs to the public. Anyway let's get to the point. I've been smoking for 9 years and I quit one time cold turkey for 2 years. I started again because I was stupid. Tisa is that a proof that cold turkey doesn't work? Then I quit because of the laser treatment. It worked for me. As a matter of fact it worked so well that I bought my own machine and I started helping others to quit. So I am sold to it and I am not trying to advertise here if that is what you think. I am just stating facts. But let's get clear on something: If you don't want to quit nothing will make you quit. If you think that the laser treatment will somehow smack you in the head with a shovel when you want to smoke you are wrong. It's ultimately up to you! It's you that quits smoking. All other things including laser help you up to a certain point but they don't do the job for you. The sad thing is that we live in a society where we are expecting a pill to make us be better in bed, skinny, smoke free, drug free, happy and God knows what else. Some people capitalize on this and... good for them. I won't blame them but I blame the people who want to get everything without spending any kind of effort. I know for myself that everything has a price. If you want to look good you have to spend some time in a gym. If you want to be healthy you need to do healthy things .... and if you want to be smoke free you have to first make your brain really really want it.

    • profile image

      mike 6 years ago

      dan u convinced me! wonderfull description of reality! good luck with your business

    • profile image

      Darin 6 years ago

      It worked for me and five of my employees in Las Vegas. Anne Penman Laser Therapy Center Las Vegas has been in business since 2005 with Eileen, the laser therapist. If you are going to use laser treatments to quit smoking make sure who ever is doing it has the proper training like the Anne Penman Laser Centers. They are located in Las Vegas and throughout the U. S. and world.

    • profile image

      Vicki 6 years ago

      I went to Stop Tabac to try the laser therapy to quit smoking, it absolutely 100% DID work after one session. They offer follow up session just in case you need it( I took one but it was more for anxiety than smoking- I was never really tempted to have another cigarette)I could stand in the middle of a group of smokers and not be tempted to light up. I smoked 1-to -1 1/2 packs a day. I would strongly recommend this method to quit smoking. Not only that but it decreased my anxiety level. I became mellower. Oh it has been over 8 months without a cigarette. Good Luck!

    • profile image

      Derek 6 years ago

      I tried to do some research on Laser Therapy with our family doctor, but she had not heard of it? I went to the internet and found Advanced Laser Therapy, who has 2 medical doctors on staff and they have been in business since 2003. They have several clinics and very successful averaging an 80-88 percent success rate. I'm a 2 1/2 pack a day smoker, and I have been smoke free now 3 yrs. I had no cravings or withdrawals, didn't gain weight, and I never suffered from any irritability? The treatment(s) were totally painless and non-invasive, and they followed up with me in 30 & 90 days, plus kept one treatment in my name for 6 months, their mission is to keep me a non-smoker.

      Thanks Advanced Laser Therapy and their staff!

    • profile image

      Edward King 6 years ago

      My dog died after I had laser smoking therapy.

    • profile image

      Jason 6 years ago

      Edward, my cat died too. I hate them. They suck.

    • profile image

      Fiona 6 years ago

      The manager of Laser Therapy to Quit, Future Health Group is a failed director of a previous health company that left people owed thousands and patients that were conned to invest losing everything they had invested. It seems typical that he would try and scam people into using an unproved gadget and make false claims despite the evidence to the contrary.

      Stay well away!

    • profile image

      Fiona 6 years ago

      If you wish to know more, here' a link to the article:

    • profile image

      Eydie 6 years ago

      I went to a laser therapy place in Ontario, Canada back in 1997. I was 29 and had been smoking since I was 13. I was up to 3+ packs/day. One session and I haven't smoked since. The place also gave me a tape to listen to (hypnosis-type) and also told me to drink a small glass of orange juice with a tsp of cream of tartar in it to help with cravings. I couldn't believe how easy it was to quit. Definitely worth a try.

    • profile image

      Rory 6 years ago

      I have an appointment today at 5 I don't know if this will work or not, its not that much money so I will give it a try. Been wanting to quit for some time know.

    • profile image

      Tammy Veino 6 years ago

      My husband and I had the laser treatment done. We both would love to have a smoke but after paying so much for the treatment we have decided to just suffer through it. I think If you really believe it will work, it will work. I believe it helped with the withdrawl or maybe i was just sick and tired of being sick and tired from smoking. So I expect nothing but I am still not smoking. Mostly because I am a cheap ass and hate to waste my money!!!

    • profile image

      Carolyn 6 years ago

      My husband went to Future Health Group in Sydney Australia and hasn't smoked since, that was 3 months ago. He smoked heavily for 30 years and they followed up with him a month later and offered phone support if he needed it. We were very happy with the results and would recommend them.

    • profile image

      Cathi 6 years ago

      I had laser treatment two weeks ago. After smoking a pack a day for 44 years, and trying many options to quit, including Chantix, gum, patches and the e-cigarette, I finally feel this has helped the most. Yes, you have to want to quit and this is the first time I can say after the first two days I don't wake up thinking about cigarettes. I haven't been perfect, but from smoking 20 cigarettes a day to only have three in two weeks is a big darn deal for me. I feel calm and relaxed which I didn't with any other thing I tried. And yes, paying the amount of money is a real incentive to keep from smoking. I can breathe better and I don't snore anymore already. I think even if its just psychological, anything that helps anyone to quit smoking, can't be all for going nutz afterward...hmmmmm, perhaps there were problems there already? I am proud of myself and am looking forward to a better quality of life. And I'm not affiliated with any laser center.

    • profile image

      Salvatore 6 years ago

      I just got this treatment done 12 hrs ago at the alpha laser center and it definitely did NOT work for me. It made me feel very optimistic but by the time i left and got into my car i was already craving a cigarette. I went the whole day pretty much and i finally gave in just now. It felt no different from when i tried to quit cold turkey a few years back.

    • profile image

      Doug 6 years ago

      My wife had a treatment yesterday,she found the cravings it quite hard after eating lunch. she called the clinic and they said "it sometimes happens to people and have asked her to come back today(at no charge of course)and they will increase the laser level slightly.......stay tuned.

    • profile image

      khilona 6 years ago

      I'm trying to help my son by using the laser method. He smokes 2/3 cigarettes a day. All his friends smoke and I'm afraid how it will work if he is around them. Is there any good clinic near Kitchener, waterloo, cambridge or guelph in Ontario. Thanks

    • profile image

      Donna 6 years ago

      Had laser therapy 6 weeks ago. Still not smoking. It's not a miracle cure and you may still want one but it is more the habit of reaching for a cigarette than actually wanting one. I'm not "I'd kill for a cig" and my co-workers that didn't know I was quitting never noticed so there was none of the nastiness that usually accompanies quitting. I went with a co-worker and we are both still smoke free. Is it mind over matter? Who knows but it worked and it pays for itself in a month when Cigs are 10.00 a pack. We paid 199.00 and can go for a follow up treatment, included in that price. Was it worth it? For me and my co-worker definitely. I didn't really want to quit. I'd still be saying I need to call if she hadn't made the appts. I'm glad she did. I know of 5 others that went to the same place and all are still not smoking. Good luck to all who are trying to quit! You all deserve a pat on the back.

    • profile image

      Anthony 6 years ago

      I also smoked 3 packs a day for over 20 years. I had laser treatment done in Florida over 16 years ago. I am happy to say that I have not smoked since. I received only one treament. The treatment took away the cravings for a few days and the rest was up to me. I am a clinical social worker and applied many of the same techniques used in substance abuse treament to deal with the habits related to smoking. I feel that this treament is well worth the money, but some short term therapy would greatly increase your chances of success. Good luck

    • profile image

      sue 6 years ago

      Just had laser treatment today. I found it phenomenally relaxing. Has it helped? We will see because I usually only smoke in the evening and it is mid-afternoon. Yeah it was expensive. I paid $299 and they give you two treatments, plus a 24-hour a day phone number to call to talk to the clinic owners if you crave a cigarette. I will report back on how I am doing.

    • profile image

      Amanda 6 years ago

      I had mine done a couple of weeks ago. I had tried to quit before, mainly cold turkey...and it didn't work, at all. I live in a small town, so it was very inexpensive here ($85 for 3 treatments) and I have decided it was the BEST $85 I ever spent. A friend told me to go, and honestly...I am a telemarketer. I made it through the stress of cold calling people and all that jazz, still smoke free. Go in tomorrow for my last treatment. It may not work for everyone, but it worked for me. I have cravings sometimes, but they subside fairly quickly. And the urge isn't enough for me to get up and get a smoke. Plus, I feel amazing!!!!

    • profile image

      dave 6 years ago

      I used the laser therapy and though they allowed for a second visit, I never went back and quit smoking after one treatment. It reduced my withdrawal symptoms greatly. Enough so that I made it through the first few weeks (the hardest part) and from there after it was manageable. It felt like the greatest message ever in my body, very relaxing sensation that diminished slowly over the next 3-4 weeks, but that was enough.

    • profile image

      Peter Lipovic 6 years ago

      I was smoking two packs of cigarettes per day.

      A friend of mine reffered me to Future Health Group for laser therapy.

      After one hour of treatment I stopped smoking immediately.

      No one was more surprised than me to go from smoking at a high level for over twenty years to nothing in one hour.I now recommend Future Health Group to any smoker who is prepared to listen to me.

    • profile image

      stuart 6 years ago

      with a little effert from me;laser was a handy crutch.i recommend it.there is no magik cure but this is close.

    • profile image

      Aleese 6 years ago

      Just returned from Global Health Centre. Paid $US 250.for laser quit smoking therapy.

      Feeling stupid because the cravings are still very strong and I was feeling let down and irritable as soon as I returned to the car. They have not ceased all afternoon. Think i did my dough...!

    • profile image

      Mandi 6 years ago

      The laser therapist should tell you as soon as you sit down for the treatment that the first 48 hours are hell! Your body needs to flush the nicotine out while your brain builds up endorphines. The fastest way to do this is to exersize. You have to be mentally prepared to quit. Its not instant gratification as so many want to believe. You have to work for it. The laser helps take the edge off. Once I got over the first couple days I didn't think about it anymore, can't same the same for any other stop smoking method. I went to the bar 4 days later with smoker friends. They smoked in my car even and I was perfectly fine. Its mind over matter people.

    • profile image

      tracy 6 years ago

      i quit smoking 13 weeks ago using the patches after smoking 20 a day for 38 years, and just recently are having heavy cravings again. I bought a small pkt but have not had one yet. I was thinking of having laser therpy to help more. Any comments?

    • profile image

      Tia 6 years ago

      Hey Tracy when you quit the patch you still have to go through nicotine withdrawls. I just did laser therapy 2 days ago. Read what Mandi wrote. It's true. Mentally for me the first 48 hrs were exhausting but I did not crave a cig or light up. I've tried cold turkey before without success(many times I tried) and laser therapy made it much easier. I would definitely do it again worth all 400 dollars I paid!

    • profile image

      tracy 6 years ago

      hi tia,

      well I felt like a failure, atarted smoking sunday (2 a day) and by today I smoked 4 before lunch, so I cried and cried and put on my 14mg patch(was down to 7mg last week) , totally calming but i have been on the patch to long. I am waiting for someone to call me back re laser therpy, $650.00 ouch! but if it will get me off these horrid things so be it.Will let you know when I am going to do it, hopefully sometime in feb before my skin falls off with the patch :-( Why don't they open up a health retreat for this addiction?

    • profile image

      tracy 6 years ago

      ok- decided to try champix again, will start Easter, will let you know hpw I go with that instead

    • profile image

      cj 6 years ago

      Don't waste your money on nicotine replacement, lasers, or any of that crap. Becoming a nonsmoker is so easy! Pick up a copy of Allen Carr's Easyway to Quit Smoking. You WILL be a nonsmoker with no desire to smoke by the end of the book!!! Worked for me and countless others.

    • profile image

      Karen  6 years ago

      I got the lazer tratment done about 7 weeks ago and it was great I was fine and no cravings or nothing except I was eating all the time.I tried to eat healthy and then I ate out of boredome.Everything was fine for awhile and my husband gave it up cold turkey first try and he smoked less then I did.Well i woke up about 4 days ago and really really wanted one but I was doing some selftalking and then of course going to work(where everyone smokes and see them go outside (as for I did too along with them). I was having a stressfull day at work and then I just screwed up and went and bought a pack of ciggarettes and I;m only having one when I need one but this is no good for me so I am going to try again without the lazer and everyday is going to be a challenge for me once again !! And yes the therapy did work for awhile but then again maybe I should of went and had a few more sessions.

    • profile image

      tracy 6 years ago

      Hi Karen,

      don't give up hope, you can do it, as sthey say, "you get better at it every time you stop"I stopped for 3.5 months and then had a real bad stress in my life and started again, but I have set a date for easter again and I know I will do it because it's a must. Keep smiling and keep in touch. At least your hubbie stopped as well, mine never did, nevertheless I will stop!

    • profile image

      r.n.marley 6 years ago

      thank god the internet isn't printed on trees!!

      you people are all nuts.

      take it easy -smoke some weed (or does that get zapped out too! hah!)

      and i cant believe dan got suckered into buying one of those machines...

      (although, probably making money ... but lets face it-you've jumped on the "lets zap people into giving our money" bandwagon...

      I think if it were real, it could be done at a hospital. Seriously folks.

      otherwise its -"maybe, maybe not"

      (i guess what im saying is il wait for many many professionals to confer on this)


    • profile image

      tracy 6 years ago

      yup Marley, the weed sounds like a good idea. 25 years ago i smoked the stuff, and strangly enough while on it I never had the craving for a smoke, but unfortunatly I became bipolar from it, ouch.........cold turkey is the only way, still thinking Easter is the go!

      Happy Easter everyone

    • profile image

      Lexi 6 years ago

      Big Question...

      I am thinking about the laser therapy... I have been smoking for about 20 years. I did quit once with the help of Zyban lasting 2.5 years then started again. While I had quit, I had gained about 20 pounds fast. I worked out and it felt good to be able to breathe while running. However, I felt horrible about the pounds I gained and couldn't lose. I feel I am ready to quit again but fear the weight gain. Laser therapy claims "little to no weight gain". How can this be? To me, no matter how you quit, there is usually weight gain associated with it. What makes laser therapy so different? Anybody?

    • profile image

      Greg 6 years ago

      I find all the comments very intersting, both the for and the against.

      Can somebody give me an indication of how much this type of therapy costs?

    • profile image

      Lexi 5 years ago

      Breathe Laser Therapy in Minneapolis, MN is $499.00. Not bad considering it's now $56.00 a carton...

    • profile image

      cornel 5 years ago

      My take on smoking vs non smoking ,laser thearapy vs other methods


      I am invested in both sides of the debate. I've held share's in tabaco and have held share's in drug companie's . We are down below 15% of the population smoking , so it was time to sell my share's in tabaco.Most of the big players in tabaco are also big players in the drug companie's.(i am not one of them)None of the company's want you to quit , but if you do decide to quit, please use the drug we are selling you.It may have side effect's but we have another drug for that. One of my friends quite with the gum around 3 years ago .. She still chews a pack a day and once in a while treat's herself to a smoke. Another friend has been where the patch on and off for 5 years (he still smoke's from time to time. Same sort of storie's I can give you for zyban and champix. But I also know people that have used these method's and are now drug and smoke free.Good for them ,bad for drug and tabaco.

      I have another friend who bought the book for around the same price as 2 packs of smoke's. It work's for her but she seem's to start smoking again every three months for a couple of months and then reads the book again. One day it will work for her ,maybe, or maybe not? It's up to her to decide.

      Cold turkey. All I can say is WOW , if you can do it cold turkey you are a very strong person.From what I've seen most last a few day's and are just awful to be around.Some make it through and are fine,Good luck to you and those around you if you go this route. Most that I know that went this way gained wieght, so stay active instead of eating.

      Laser, I know around 15 people that did laser,most are still not smoking , but 3 of them are back at it. I am one of the three. I didn't really want to quit, I just wanted to try it and see if it work's. In my opinion, this works, but there is more to it than just getting the laser treatment. You need to cleanse your system right away.Drink water like there is no tommorow,A vitamine C cleanse is eays and not to costly ( for a couple of weeks take around 10-15,000 mg of vitamine C daily in the morning.Also add chlorophyle to you diet.Cranberrie's and blueberries are good as they are anti oxident's .You will get the runs from so mush vitamine C,water and chlorophyle,but you are getting rid of all the toxin's in your system and that helps reduce any urge's you have to smoke.Avoid the trigers,(hopefully sitting on the toilet is not one of them,morning coffee and a smoke,to the pub for some drinks and a smoke, watching the hockey and a smoke ) what ever the trigers are ,change them up. I also found it was not good to talk about quiting, It was always followed up with an urge for a smoke.

      I quit for 28 days, just to see if it works, and for me it did. I started smoking again because I wanted to. You may ask why would you start again, well I don't have a good answer, When I tried laser ,I was only seeing if it would work when I do decide to make my escape. But I can tell you starting smoking again was the same as when I first started. The dizzyness, the "Holycrap that taste gross,but kind of good" the thought of "hey ,I fit in " the " AHH, lets light up and releave some stress" In reality, lack of oxigen caused the dizzynes.Taste,does it make a difference, soon I won't be able to taste much anyways, my tastebud's will be coated again,not to mention my sense of smell.Fitting in, get real Cornel, less than 15% of thepeople smoke , and the one's that do smoke are 90% low income people,is that what I want to fit in with? Stress relief, sure,I now have the stress of always making sure I have enough smoke around to get through the day, the stress of "I wasted 2 hours of my day sitting around so I can have smoke's" the stress of the cost to my wallet and health. the stress of erectial disfunction, (By the way , my sex drive did start coming back while I was off the smoke's). I find it cause's more stress than releave's stress

      In my area Laser therapy cost about the same as 2 weeks worth of smoke's, the cleanse will cost about another weeks worth. You will also need a bit of will power no matter which way you chose to quit.

      Stop making the drug and tabacco comapies rich, keep your money for yourself. You can lease a new car for about the same price as smoking, make half a mortgage payment, take a nice holiday ect ect

      I am going to go for laser again soon. You to have the power to qiut, you just need to want to.

    • profile image

      Kathy 5 years ago

      I stopped smoking a year and a half ago using Champix tablets and reading Allen Carr's book EasyWay to Stop Smoking; I credit the book with keeping me from falling back into the 'trap' by changing my mindset and helping me understand the addiction.

      Prior to that, I was a very heavy smoker, started when I was 14. Up until then I also chewed Nicorette (nicotine gum) for 18yrs! - I chewed the gum at times when I couldn't smoke or sometimes I just felt like a gum instead. (beware, of substitutes such as the gum as they are also addictive - I started on the gum when I stopped smoking whilst I was pregnant).

      Re the laser, my brother and wife had it about a week and half ago, so far so good but I'd strongly urge everyone to read the book mentioned either as a stand alone method to stop or in combination with anything else you might try for a longer term solution.

      I did put on a lot of weight but have started to lose it the last few months. Good luck all, you can do it!!

    • profile image

      Anon 5 years ago

      Future Health Group are a fraud. I tried this method and it did not work. I was told there was a 100% money back guarantee and now they are refusing to give it to me. They donot support you. The support line is an answering machine and they do not return your calls. I would like for a company with better ethics

    • profile image

      Don 5 years ago

      I Had the laser therapy done back in 2005 it is now 2011 and still going strong. Had only one session. I could have gone for the second session for free but didn't need

      it. No cravings no withdrawl symptoms. Alot of my friends

      smoke but doesn't affect me. I wish I could get them to quit. I Tried all the other things like cold turkey, patches, gum, hipno-therapy you name it I tried it. None of them worked. Smoked 2 1/2 packs a day for almost 20 years. All I know the laser therapy worked for me. I'm not try to sell it because it might not work for everyone. I just wanted to share my experience

    • profile image

      spider vein removal 5 years ago

      In 2 weeks it will be 5 years since my last cigarette. Went to Anne Penman Laser where they offered a package of 3 laser treatments plus advise to help me break my habits. The price was the same as the others who offer only one treatment and offer no guidance about habits. I was quit after only one laser treatment.

      spider vein removal

    • profile image

      Bronson 5 years ago

      Playing baseball on the road is a fulltime gig, but I tool sometime out to do some research from my fiancée and future mother-in-law to Quit Smoking. When all was said and done, I flew them up to NH and today they're both smokefree. Advanced Laser Therapy thank you, and in appreciation you will see my Bat signed from the 2004 World Series in their lobby!!!

    • profile image

      Patrick 5 years ago

      If I had a witness for every time I tried to quit, I know that I would be in the Guinness book, no doubt in my mind. One of my co-worker quit using laser therapies for like 500 dollars but I am a little cheap I guess, so when I saw an advertising in the Drummondville news paper for 200 dollars I gave it a tried and when I left the laser therapist office I felted like a fool who just wasted 200 dollars and I was waiting for that evil craving to come and ruin my day again,I mean it with my negative mind I was sure to have made an other mistake,I never could handle the craving so it took me three months before I admitted to anyone how I quit smoking (didn't want to be laugh at again). I started to smoke when I was ten years old, I sat down in a chair at the age of 43 for less then an hour with a guy going around my head with some laser probe, I am now 47 and so grateful and definitely a believer in laser therapies. The need left right away.

    • profile image

      bbrasher 5 years ago

      I had laser therapy Wednesday September 21st 2011. My STOP SMOKING DAY!!! Today I went for my second round and this does WORK!! Now you have to be ready to quit, really want to quit or you will fail. I was fine as soon as I left the clinic yesterday, had a couple of urges yesterday but they wer not.."I need a cigarette", more like what do I do with my time now....I am so happy that I made this decision and on the second day, I can tell a difference in ME already!!

    • profile image

      Jennifer Arndt 5 years ago

      I quit 11 years ago with one laser treatment in Canada. I had to drive 5 hours to get to the closest place. Smokes were $14 a carton so It was quite and investment a group of 4 went together. I had decided to quit for as long as it took to pay for the laser in cigarettes, which at that price and amount I smoked was about 6 weeks. It took 25 minutes and we got in the car to drive home 5 hours, did I tell you we all smoked like chimneys on the way. LOL Booster treatments were offered but 5 hours no way. I expected some cravings but realistically I had habit based issues. I had to figure out what to do now? I exercised deep breathing as most people only breath deeply when inhaling smoke. It is most relaxing with or without smoke in it. I pretty much kept a picture of my dad on his deathbed asking for a cigarette at 65 years old. He knew he smoked but he did not know his children. Shame! Whatever it is you need to do to get through those trying times it is worth it in the end to be smoke free. Don't get me wrong I loved smoking for 18 years but it was killing me and controlling my life. I did not think there would be life after smoking but then i realized there won't be life with smoking.....My brother and I used to joke when we were having a moment of weakness, " Carrying that O2 tank would not be so bad" LOL I made it out of the smoke. I encourage all those thinking of quitting try what ever you feel confident in. My MIL did hypnotism with success. I did not believe in that so it would not work for me. PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY FOLKS. I invested in a career in laser about 2 years after quitting because I wanted to help my friends who could not drive 5 hours. I helped a lot of people, not all successful but each success is great and others who failed basically said I did not want to quit, I always say why would you do it then. If someone asked is this guaranteed I would say are you crazy? You can walk out this door and smoke if you want. It will only work if you are truly ready and wanting to quit. It is like everything else. You want it done you have to do it.

    • profile image

      Ronald Moran 5 years ago

      I had this treatment on Feb. 13, 2008 and have not had a cigarette since. I was a 2-pack a day smoker. I smoked for 52 years. I had two treatments, two days apart. The second was not necessary but was included in the cost which was $285. There are no medical studies on this procedure because it is not considered a medical treatment. In 2007 a person told me to find a place that did this treatment because they were doing it in Europe and it was just being introduced in this country. It took me a year to find a place convenient to me. I also prayed for help and it was extremely successful.

    • profile image

      5 years ago

      Uneheer tamhinaas garmaar baina, batalgaatai yum neg ch alga.

    • profile image

      shane 5 years ago

      I received the laser treatment 13 months ago and still a non-smoker, I can still drink my coffee and beer with out thinking of a smoke. I also received $150 back from my work benefits. You have to want to stop smoking for anything to work. scam, placebo, I don't care, all I know is I don't smoke now.

    • profile image

      Robert 5 years ago

      I went to the L Concept to have my laser treatment and have been smoke free for 6 years now. It only took 30 minutes and the cravings were gone just like that. I woke up and drove to the clinic and was craving a cig before the treatment but decided not to have one because I wanted to see if there would be a difference after the treatment. I had the treatment and when it was over I no longer desired a cig. The cravings were gone just like that. The mental habit was still there but it was much easier to overcome when your body isn't craving the nicotine. I just kept my self busy and when ever the mental thought of having a cig popped into my head I just told myself I was a non-smoker now and moved on to something else. I did not dwell on the mental thought. Like all of the people have said you have to want to quit there is no magic solution but I know that I would still be smoking today if it weren't for the laser treatment.

    • profile image

      santacruzgal 5 years ago

      Gulp..going in to day at 1100 am for my first (hopefully only) treatment. I Love smoking but hate the effects - especially the smell. Am 43 and have been smoking since I was 14. Quit a few times (patch, gum, champix, zyban, hypnosis - that one never worked, and cold turkey when I was pregnant) but always went back to it. My 13yr old is BEGGING me to quit. My grandparents and died of lung cancer and my mother has had lung cancer. I'm not sure that I'm really doing it for myself - more for my son. I'm worried that because I'm not 100% doing it for myself or don't have a STRONG desire to quit that laser won't work for me. But it's all I've got at this point. Reading these comments have helped me get in the right frame of mine for my treatment this morning. Adding in the weight component too - i'm a good weight for my height (155 lbs, 5'9 and 43) and have started going to the gym so I just want to avoid ballooning up like you see happen to some people. I'll definitely report back here to let you know how it worked for me. Wish me luck!

    • profile image

      StLouis 5 years ago

      I have been an on again/off again smoker for 40 years. Quit cold turkey at age 31 when I got pregnant, stayed quit for 9 years. Since then it has been an on again/off again addition that I have been trying to break I have tried pretty much everything in all quit attempts, patches, chantex, wellbutrin, hypnosis, ear acupunture, and cold turkey. I have to say that the laser therapy is by far the best when it comes to releiving withdrawel symptoms. I am going through the first 3 days and it is nothing compared to what it is normally like. You have to want to quit though. Laser takes care of the physical, but you have to work on the mental part. Good lucky everyone, If you are trying, you will make it.

    • profile image

      Debbie 5 years ago

      I did Laser 39 days ago and still haven't had one I think the lazer helps take the edge / crave off for the first few days I was really sleepy/ relaxed. There have however been days since that I crave a cigarette BADLY despite being told it is the habit I crave...sure as hell feels like nicotine to me LOL. I wanted to quit because it is bad and I don't want to do it anymore but certainly not because I don't enjoy it. I think that makes it a bit harder and a longer process to quit. I have tried other things with no success but this time I am determined not to...I actually called and am going for another lazer on sunday because I have been craving so bad the past week and I hopefully it will take the edge of...........good luck to all that are making the positive choice

    • profile image

      sam 5 years ago

      it works

    • profile image

      Ignorants 5 years ago

      Unbiased comments my a**. Whoever believes this works probably deserves the scam they just financed.

    • profile image

      Laurie 5 years ago

      I have been a smoker since I was 12 yrs old & now 53.The idea of quitting terrified me,but I was sick of the rising cost,the dirty ashtrays & I hated the smell in my house & on me.A friend offered me the opportunity to do the lazer with her,so I jumped at the chance!Not knowing anything about it,I went ahead & the 1st few days were like a miracle to me...I wasn't smoking & I wasn't craving them either.I just didn't NEED to do it.A couple days later I was @ my brother's for a get-together & there were a few smoker's there.The smell was nasty & gave me a real headache.AS it did when I tried one out of curiosity.Going for a booster next week,I am totally amazed &for me it worked :)

    • profile image

      Glen Edmonton Canada 5 years ago

      I used the low power laser to help me stop smoking about 20 years ago. I was smoking just over a pack a day, walked in with a pack in my pocket as I had just had one a few minutes before. I walked out and have yet to start smoking again. Would I say it works, well it sure did for me.

      I had tried quitting a few times before that but no luck, so since I was able to stop cold turkey right after that.... you make your own conclusion. If you are trying to quit and really want to but can't, I would suggest that you give it a shot.

    • profile image

      Jeff lynn 5 years ago

      Well the laser worked for me and the nicotine gum didn't, so why isn't your article called "does nicotine gum work?". Your first question should also be: Is nicotine gum and the patch a fraud?. Also, why are you hiding your idenity (Manky)and what are your credentials?

    • profile image

      Unsure 5 years ago

      Had laser treatment 2 days ago! I am craving alot and haven't slept in 2 nights....not a good feeling at all. I'm so tired and trying to fight the cravings when exhausted is very hard!! I haven't smoked yet,,,but sooooo tempted.If I have another night without sleep,I may have to say that this treatment is nothing more then quiting cold turkey,,,don't waste your money like I did.

    • profile image

      Brian 5 years ago

      6 days smoke free laser working so far..think about smoking but i don't do it...lack of sleep is only side effect so far..but SMOKE FREE ...

    • profile image

      Elayne 5 years ago

      I did the laser treatment and it doesn't work. I was told that it would eliminate cravings and all signs of withdrawal. BS. I quit cold turkey three years ago and lasted for 2.5 years. It wasn't even close to this hard. I even paid extra for the appetite suppressant so that I wouldn't gain weight and I've gained five lbs in two weeks. When I pointed this out at the 'clinic' I was given a lecture on 'metabulism'. Meta-BU-lism. Really? I was told that coincidentally I must have started menopause at the exact same moment I quit smoking and thats why i was gaining weight Really?

      So yes, I've quit but have and am experiencing ALL the cravings and did experience all symptoms of withdrawal.

    • profile image

      maria chirillo 5 years ago

      i had laser in may 2011 and i went one time took 40 mins and i havnt smoked or wanted to smoke at all since .. was the Easiest fastest thing i ever seen i tell everyone about it casue it works Great my brother inlaw also went with me and he also hasn't touched a cig we both smoked for 30 Pluss years so all i can say is Try it u have Nothing to lose but the cost of a few cartons of cigs which will eventually kill u good luck to everyone out there :*)

    • profile image

      Dr. Larry 5 years ago

      I have been performing this treatment for the past two years. I had the treatment done on myself and have been two years without a cigarette. My receptionist Dawn was the second person to go through the program in my office. She also is two years without a cigarette. The program works great. Check out my website. It explains how it works. If you have any questions feel free to call me.

    • profile image

      Shannon 4 years ago

      I know two people who have tried to quit smoking using laser therapy. Both were success stories, and have been years smoke free, in one treatment. I cannot say I believe it works, as I see no way it could work, and it seems most likely to me to be placebo. But if it is, guess what? That just shows that you can quit smoking successfully just through the power of your mind.

      I see a lot of people posting here have tried to quit using hypnosis, and had failure. That would be either because you didn't trust your hypnotist, you weren't cooperating fully, or because the hypnotist didn't know what the hell they were doing. That seems to be a problem these days... "hypnotists" are common, but genuinely skilled hypnotists are not. (I am a certified hypnotist, myself, so I have a bit of knowledge in this area, although I don't yet use it to treat things like this.) Those hypnotists/hypnotherapists I have known who were genuinely skilled had extremely high rates of success because they properly educated their clients, earned their trust, made sure they were sufficiently cooperative and had a sufficiently deep trance state. They also made sure to understand why each person smoked, before doing the treatment.

      Another treatment I have personally seen work well is subliminals. There are a million and one places to get them, but only a very few producers make stuff that actually works. I know because I am the co-owner of one of the places that produces subliminals that actually work, and I am also the engineer who actually scripts, records and creates each one.

      My subliminal stop smoking aid is my worst selling program, by far. Probably because we're so busy making snew titles and doing research that we don't advertise as much as we should. And because it seems most people genuinely don't want to quit smoking.

      Only 24 people have given feedback on that program so far. Of those, only one used it according to the instructions and did not achieve the goal. Three refused to use it properly (or at all) because they did not genuinely want to quit; and the rest quit, just as intended - without even trying, in 4 to 8 weeks.

      In response to the one woman who resisted the program and failed to quit after using it properly, I spent months designing a new type of subliminal technology, which is much more powerful, specifically to deal with overcoming resistance. I have just released a new version of my stop smoking aid based on that technology.

      Since I know the older program (Version 4.0) works for most people, I kept it and lowered the price to $39.95, and the new one is more expensive ($296.00 per copy) but is actually going to be more expensive still once the introductory period is over ($500.00 per copy). Both are still available because I want people to quit more than I want to make a profit on this program.

      I have seen with my own eyes that the old version worked on three people (ex-fiance, mother and close friend), and they all quit without even trying, just as the program is designed to do, within 4 to 8 weeks of use. In fact my ex never even realized that she quit until someone asked her about it.

      My mother spent 52 years smoking, and 30 of them trying to quit. She tried books, tapes, hypnosis (3 different hypnotists, though not me), subliminals from one of my competitors, herbs, patches, gums, acupuncture, accupressure, laser, talk therapy, quit lines, cold turkey, energy healers, special mineral supplements and even meditation. Only my subliminal program was able to succeed. Unfortunately, it took me four years of research and development to get the program to where I believed it would work for her case, and I was too late... she died the next year of lung cancer. But she spent her last year cigarette free because I took the time to genuinely understand the problem, and the program I created works on the actual challenges, not what people commonly think the challenges are. By the way, she quit using Version 3.0, and currently available are versions 4.0 and 5.0.

      If you're curious, or you'd like to have another option to try (should everything else fail), check out my stop smoking aids. You can find them here:

      I'd also like to point out that our refund policy is simple. Use the program according to the directions, and if after that it didn't work, you ask for a refund within 180 days of having finished the program, and we give it to you. We understand that it's better to give a prompt refund and have people trust us, than yo keep the small amount of money we would have made had we kept it. Esoecially since we only get 2-3 refund requests a year, out of thousands of purchases a year. So you don't have to worry about failing and being out your money if you use one of my programs.

      Honestly, I don't care how you quit. I'm offering you one option, but really I only have the program because I created it for my mother to quit, and I don't want to see anyone else watch their mother die at 64, and be robbed of 20 years they could have spent with a parent. So whether you get one of my programs or not doesn't matter - as long as you quit.

      As far as I can tell, the best ways to quit smoking seem to be: properly done multi-session hypnosis (about 66% successful, according to my research), properly made subliminals (seem to be about 95% successful when used properly, from what little feedback I have gotten), Allan Carr's book (claims a 90% success rate), and it seems laser therapy *might* be genuinely effective for some people as well. I haven't been able to definitively conclude one way or the other if it actually is.

      By the way, if you do use my stop smoking program, please keep a journal about it on my forum (, so I can get more feedback. Much appreciated.

      Here's wishing you success.

      - Shannon

    • profile image

      janjalani13 4 years ago

      Yes it can also help me in quitting...i think it seemed impossible to get out the power of nicotine inside of me because sometimes my mind and body we're crazy of craving a stick of cigarette even avoid just keep on busy chewing a gum!!!for my health concerned i choose gum which is sugar free,made from herbal extracts and of course the I'm using zensensation gum honestly its long lasting and taste great!

    • profile image

      Laura 4 years ago

      I had stop smoking laser treatment Friday July 13th and I have not needed to smoke and I have not felt I even wanted one.I will not entertain temptation by lingering over thoughts about smoking.Laser treatment did for me what I could not do on my own,so now I have to do what I can do for me.I am free,at last.

    • profile image

      Becky 4 years ago

      Okay, here goes..... my husband and I had the laser treatment done 10 days ago and neither of us has smoked since. I smoked a pack a day,sometimes 2, for 37 years. He smoked a pack and a half or more for 39 years. He has had no desire or cravings whatsoever. I was doing great the first few days. It was so cool to not want a cigarette. After a few days though I started to get some cravings and within a week of having it done I was back for a booster ( you get 2 boosters if you need them within 6 months). As I was sitting in that chair I could slowly feel the craving leave my body as she was using the laser on me. I felt so calm and so peaceful. So here I am ,10 days nicotine free and I am already breathing better. I have tried just about every other way to quit smoking and the laser is by far the easiest way I have found. I think I needed my booster because I was going through a lot of stressful things and we all know how we reach for our smokes when we're stressed and I'm so glad I had the booster. I have my moments when I would love to smoke just one more cigarette but I loved smoking. I quit mainly because my husband was having health issues and had to stop. I highly recommend laser for anyone that really wants to quit. It's amazing how it takes the craving away. Now if they could just find something to fight the HABIT of smoking. All in all I'm very pleased and thankful for laser for taking away that terrible craving.

    • profile image

      Kaye Paris 3 years ago

      I went to Future Health Group for laser acupuncture 3 years ago after hearing Doug Walters and Jack Newton quit after 50 years of smoking. As I had also smoked 50 years so though if it worked for them it will work for me. I walked out of there after the treatment and have never smoked since and have had no cravings or desire to ever smoke again. It was a miracle!!

    • profile image

      Simon 3 years ago

      I have successfully quit using AcuQuit laser in Sydney CBD. It has been about 9 months now and I haven't had a craving since. Having smoked for almost 20 years and after a friends reccomendation I thought there was nothing to lose!

      Their website says that they are also in Melbourne and Brisbane. They don't seem to have any of the sales hype that surrounded some of the other laser clinics websites. They don't offer any guarantees as they admit it cannot work for everyone which seemed like a fairly straight forward/honest statement. I found it hard to get a booking in Sydney but other than that its worth checking out.

    • profile image

      Simon 3 years ago

      I have successfully quit using AcuQuit laser in Sydney CBD. It has been about 9 months now and I haven't had a craving since. Having smoked for almost 20 years and after a friends reccomendation I thought there was nothing to lose!

      Their website says that they are also in Melbourne and Brisbane. They don't seem to have any of the sales hype that surrounded some of the other laser clinics websites. They don't offer any guarantees as they admit it cannot work for everyone which seemed like a fairly straight forward/honest statement. I found it hard to get a booking in Sydney but other than that its worth checking out.

    • profile image

      Ralph 3 years ago

      We have been treating clients for 15 years with laser to quit smoking. Over 5000 clients and we have a special program that calculates our stats over 1 week, 1 month, 6 months and 1 year. We are constantly calling clients back to see if they are not smoking and the PROVEN success rate are higher than all the other methods combined - and I repeat PROVEN. Most of our clients are word of mouth. If it did not work we would not be in business.

    • profile image

      Paul 3 years ago

      I have smoked for 18 yearss.. exactly half of my life.. Tried everything and in a desparate hope I tried the Laser therapy last week. It cost me $500 which was rediculous! I had 3 days scheduled back to back. day 1 I felt nothing,. no relief and got physically ill from the withdrawl. Day 2 I reported the non effectiveness and they gave me a different laser. This made me relaxed during the session but was gone by the time I got home. Reported this on day #3 and had another new laser introduced... This one made me relaxed during the session but it was gone within an hour. By the end of day 3 I had managed not to cheat in hopes that if I hung on this laser would help me get through, but it did not. Back to smoking again :-( I didn't even get a placebo effect from it... I didn't read any negetive things about the laser treatments until after it had failed me. I was a believer until it straight up failed me! Now im just $500 poorer and have nothing to show but less money in my bank

    • Craig Nabat profile image

      Craig Nabat 3 years ago from Los Angeles, California

      Freedom Laser Therapy has been in business since April 2003. 10,000+ smokers have been through Freedom's quit smoking laser therapy procedure. Low-level Laser Therapy helps to alleviate symptoms of withdrawal assisting the smoker through the first 3 days of nicotine withdrawal. The painless Low-level Laser procedure is based on the principles of acupuncture. Points are stimulated on the hands, face, ears, and wrists are treated. The procedure temporarily raises the body's natural endorphins production; when the body isn't craving nicotine to the same extent, it is easier coping with the psychological aspects of the addiction. A client still needs to have a desire to quit smoking when being treated, if they want to be successful.

      I quit smoking using laser therapy and have helped thousands quit as well.

    • profile image

      Terry Richards 3 years ago

      I’m a long term smoker. I’ve tried so many different methods and even this laser therapy… but nothing really helped me. I was forced to find ways to economize on such expensive in our days pleasure like cigarettes. The only thing that helps me to do that is discount online cigarette shops like etc.. Anyways I will continue to try all possible methods to quit.

    • profile image

      Neo 3 years ago

      I have a smoker for 10 years. I smoked a pack a day. One of my friends told me about a place in Toronto called NuLife Laser Clinic. His dad went their to do Laser Stop Smoking. He`s been smoke free now for 1year and I have been smoke free as well for 9 months. Give them A call. It was easy and very helpful. p.s this well work if your ready to quit.

      416-363-5433 or

      ask for neal and tell them (NEO) sent you. Hope this helps

    • profile image

      Ralph 3 years ago

      We have well documented success rates with over 10,000 clients and over 75% over one year do not smoke again documented. Some of our centres have 90% plus success rates over the first week. Again documented and not other program comes close. coast to coast in Canada

    • profile image

      dorothy 3 years ago

      i also smoked 3packs a day and i tried every thing out there to quit ..iquit for 4 yrs, then 2 yrs ,then i yr and another 6 months ,always wanting to smoke but then i went to ill. and found a clinic for lazer , paid for three treatments and quit in two i also had orange juice with cream of tarter to flush the toxins out of my body they work on you're brain but you have to break you're habit of lighting up when on the phone or after eating or drinking and so on and it really worked ...its been 6 yrs for me and i can be aroung people who smoke and not want one

    • profile image

      Joey 3 years ago

      Really wanting to stop smoking! I have been wanting to do Acupuncture for a couple of years and didn't have the money. So now I am getting close to having the money! I smoke about 15 a day. Anyways I have heard about this Cold Laser Therapy and now I a thinking about doing this instead! Hands down the thing that keeps me smoking is the withdraw symptoms! I gave up caffeine 5 years ago so I do have the mental toughness to break a habit through Jesus Christ What I am hoping for from the cold laser treatment is this: No nightmares, no hunger pains, no anxiety, no depression, and no nasua! Hopefully it helps with the concentration too since I am a grad student! So any thoughts on this? Does Cold Laser Therapy or acupuncture get rid of these withdraw symptoms?

    • profile image

      John 2 years ago

      I had the Laser Therapy treatment June 2010. It was amazing how easy and quickly it worked. I was smoking 4 packs a day and had been smoking for 45 years.the next day. It worked and I am smoke free soon to be 4 years! I tried the patch, Nicorette gum, some expensive pills prescribed by my doctor and none worked. I had 2- 30 minute laser treatments! It worked and I am smoke free. I have sense sent 14 other people to have the Laser Treatment and they are all smoke free also! Believe me this is painless and works!

    • profile image

      Val Gossman 2 years ago

      I thank God I went there 10 years ago. It saved my life.

    • profile image

      Johng219 2 years ago

      I really appreciate this post. I have been looking everywhere for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You have made my day! Thx again! ceffdckekdab

    • profile image

      Bill Nicoll 2 years ago

      I smoked for over 22 years and like everyone else tried to quit every way possible. I visited Longwood Healing center and Spa. 1 visit about a half hour. I am now almost at 4 years smoke /nicotine free. I believe as I pulled up to the first stop light after I left i thought..i would normally light up now. As soon as I thought about it it was gone from my mind and I personally have never had a craving since.

      The proof to me is That I stopped smoking.

    • profile image

      Anne 2 years ago

      I got Laser Therapy 2 months ago, it might not seem like a long time but I know that I will not smoke again. I left the clinic sceptical but as the hours went on I realized that it was really working, I followed the suggestions of OJ with Cream of Tartar & liquid Magneseum and I had almost not withdrawal at all! Of course I thought about it, I had been in the habit for 30 years, but it was simply a matter of telling myself that I was now a non-smoker and the thought would disappear from my mind. It really, really works!

      I read a lot of these posts that bash it, the ambulance one... please!! the dog one...funny!! but don't let someone else's failure deter you from realizing your goal.

    • profile image

      James 2 years ago

      Yep, I also went to ACUQUIT in Sydney and had a great result. Even got a rebate back from my private health!

    • profile image

      walsh diane 2 years ago

      I would like to try Laser but can not find a place in Montreal please help thanks

    • profile image

      Gordon 2 years ago

      Is that work?

    • profile image

      Jenna 16 months ago

      Just adding some food for thought about whether or not laser acupuncture works. Both my daughter and I tried some years back when laser therapy for quitting smoking was pretty new. In fact it was only available in Brisbane (Australia) at that time. So we drove the 1,200 kilometres to get treatment. Speaking of treatment: it cost $750 EACH. The method we chose promoted a 95% 'success' rate. But after having gone to that much expense and effort to get the treatment (that failed I might add)...we both felt too embarrassed/ashamed to admit that we couldn't quit. I think this is why the PROMOTED success rates are so high - people don't like admitting they've failed. Anyway. We both eventually quit smoking some time later using "The Easy Way" method. We used no nicotine replacement, Champix or anything else - no drugs or props at all. We went cold turkey. After a couple of days to read Allan Carr's book...we were both non-smokers and have remained so to this day. The 'withdrawal period' was barely noticeable, and we soon realised that the book was right. The nicotine demons exist largely in the smoker's head...and drug companies, pharmacies, doctors, and supermarkets are making HUGE profits selling nicotine replacement options and various drugs to smokers, while praying that smokers don't find out the truth about their nicotine addiction. Prior to quitting smoking, my daughter had been a smoker for 17 years, while I had been a smoker for 40 years.

    • profile image

      Colin 8 months ago

      I was desperate but committed, So I paid the $365.00 for this. I guess it worked, I don't CRAVE cigarettes, but I still want them very badly and experience about an hour of pure rage everyday (treatment was 2 months ago). I seem to be experiencing a rather unfortunate side effect however of now having absolutely NO APPETITE. I used to eat a lot of food every day, now I can't eat it nearly makes me sick, all day long. I was only 120lbs when I got treatment now I'm near 105 and losing, I feel like I'm dying and it's because I CANNOT SWALLOW FOOD. I am STARVING, very uncomfortable but I can't eat.

      I asked him "Are you a real doctor"

      "Yes, well I am a chiropractor"

      "I am sick and I can't eat and it only started after this laser"

      "Did you see a doctor?"

      "You just said you were a doctor"

      And this guy is used to having a lawyer it seems as I've already received two notorized copies of our conversation. Use at own risk I guess.

    • profile image

      MaggiLow 5 months ago

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