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Does Spinal Decompression Machine Work?

Updated on August 21, 2011

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Spinal decompression machine is a non-surgical way to alleviate some ailments, for example herniated disc that can cause chronic back pains or neck pains. Actually, back pains or neck pains are very common among people over the age of 30, and according to research, there is an increased incidence rate as people grow older. For the effective treatment of these diseases, the spinal decompression machine has been invented to help patients relieve the pain and increase their chances of recovery, the machine is widely used in chiropractic offices around the world. However, recently the non-surgical treatment system has been under fire from some allegations against manufactures, who have been accused of exaggerating the machine's effects. So, for those who are having back pains and do not want to have surgeries but chiropractic instead. Is spinal decompression machine a good choice? 

First, we need to know more about the diseases which the machine aims to cure. Take herniated lumbar disc for example, it is one of the most common diseases that can cause lower back pain, it is usually caused by a painful rupture of the fibro cartilage of the disc or a more severe slipped disc in the back. People aged 30 and above may have certain degrees of degeneration in their intervertebral discs, manifested as decreasing flexibility and toughness in the spine, heavy physical labor such as carrying heavy loads, fatigue and other injuries may cause rupture of the disc, nucleus pulposus may slip from the rupture, and cause back pain, or radicular sciatica and other symptoms by irritating the spinal nerve root. Once the disc has slipped and nucleus pulposus comes out, it will stimulate the nerve roots at the same time, causing excess body fluids accumulated in the spine that can not be absorbed by the body's own metabolism system, if things continue it will cause calcium accumulation to further increase compression and stimulation on the nerve. Typically, calcification will result in serious consequences and can not be cured with drug treatment. Early symptoms of the disease are usually characterized by lower back pain. If these symptoms are not taken seriously, it can even lead to paralysis. 

What is spinal decompression machine?

Generally, for people who suffer from chronic back pain, several ways of treatment are being used to improve the situations. For example, medicines are prescribed to people with mild symptoms, while for those with severe pains most often than not surgeries are needed to cure the disease. However, people are also trying to find other non-surgical ways with good effects. Among all the non-surgical treatments, chiropractic is one of the most popular one that has been widely used across the world. And spinal decompression machine has been invented based on its theory to relieve the pain from spinal compression. You may have heard of DRX9000, that's one of the most popular spinal decompression machine produced by a company called Axiom, let's take a look at what DRX9000 can do in relieving back pains.

Basically the pathological mechanism in treating herniated lumbar disc is to remove the compression on the spinal nerve root and alleviate the chemical stimulation from inflammation. These are two key factors in the treatment of disc protrusion. And a spinal decompression machine is one such device that can relieve the spinal compression without taking a surgery. In general, other ways of spinal decompression emphasize the traditional pathological decompression that is to relieve the compression on nerve cells. While a spinal decompression machine lays great emphasis on, while achieving pathological decompression, the recovery of the nutritional status of the disc in a continuous negative pressure environment. Disc is the body's largest non-vascular tissue, the nutrition of disc mainly depends on the intradiscal infiltration. The spinal decompression system can help the discs to achieve sustained negative pressure state, so that nutrients can penetrate to the disc, thus repairing the damaged discs and achieving some good results. Take DRX9000 as an example, the machine is produced based on several patented technologies and aims to achieve the above stated healing results.

Does spinal decompression machine work?

Some of you may have noticed that DRX9000, a very popular spinal decompression system widely used in chiropractic offices around the world, are having some controversies recently, saying that the safety and efficacy of the machine has been exaggerated by its sales representatives and the chiropractors. You can also find more information about spinal decompression machine online.

Despite the above controversies on the machine, there are also some compelling evidence in regard to the effectiveness of the machine in helping alleviating spinal compression and related back pains. So it is still a nice non-surgical option for those who are suffering from chronic back pains and other spinal diseases, however, you should first consult your doctor about your diseases before you decided to take the non-surgical spinal decompression system, because the machine should be used under the guidance of a doctor who knows exactly what your situations are and whether or not you are eligible for the treatment.


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    • profile image

      heartsong2020 7 years ago

      I suffer from severe spinal stenosis and hoping someone can tell me if decompression machines can work for someone in advanced stages like me. I have lost feeling in my arms, hands, legs, and feet. Thank you for any advice you can give me on this condition.