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Does Sugar Cause Cancer to Spread?

Updated on April 15, 2013
There has been an increase in the consumption of refined sugars over the years.
There has been an increase in the consumption of refined sugars over the years. | Source

The relation between sugar and cancer is one which has been at the center of a lot of research and discussions but no viable conclusion has been found. There are those who claim that cancer cells feed on sugar and thus the more sugar you consume, the higher the risk of cancer. This theory has however not been confirmed or dismissed.

What is the Connection Between Sugar and Cancer?

The main question here is does sugar cause cancer? To adequately answer this question, we shall try to find the connection between sugar and cancer. The facts between the sugar and cancer connection are presented in an absolutely confusing way. The opposing camps keep on bombarding people with new findings that really leave us all confused. This is especially dangerous and worrying to cancer patients who really do not know what to do. However, it is important to make good nutritional choices not only for the cancer patients but for everyone.

Body Cells Feed on Sugar

All cells in the body feed on sugar. This includes the cancer cells in the body of a cancer patient. The body will always make sugar from the food we eat. This is what drives the body. Even if we eat protein diet, it will be broken down eventually to glucose. What is usually the bone of contention however, is the amount of simple sugars we consume. This is found in the refined products and the sugar we put in our beverages and cereals.

Insulin Encourages Cell Growth

When we take in this refined sugar, our body responds by producing more insulin. This is particularly not a good thing and for this reason, we should always strive to keep our sugar in take to the minimum. Some medical practitioners recommend 9 teaspoonful’s per day. The increased insulin in the body can lead to diabetes and even cancer. This is why; the increased insulin in the body encourages cell growth. This is a normal process in the body as our cells are always growing and dying. However, if there are cancer cells in the body, they will also grow. Excess insulin in the body is not healthy. So the connection between sugar and cancer is that excess sugar can trigger release of more insulin in the body than what is required and this can encourage growth of cancer cells which were already in the body. Cancer cells are not like normal cells. They have developed mutations that make them function abnormally. In fact some researchers are investigating the possibility that insulin drives pre-cancerous cells into becoming mutant. They then start subdividing and growing at a very high rate leading to cancer.

most fast foods will have high levels of sugar
most fast foods will have high levels of sugar

Avoid Highly Refined Foods

The conclusions on the exact link between sugar and cancer are not accepted by most people. There is still ongoing debate on these. However, we have seen that high levels of sugar in the body are harmful. So let’s work on reducing the amount of sugar in our diets by avoiding the highly refined foods. Try eating food as close to their natural occurrence as possible. Even though these too still contain sugar, the body is able to deal with it. It is also good to note that some of these natural foods such as cabbages, tomatoes, apples, broccoli, and whole grain foods have been documented to have cancer fighting properties.

Vegetables and fruits are part of a healthy diet

Healthy diets will have lots of vegetables and fruits. these provide the body with the important disease fighting capabilities.
Healthy diets will have lots of vegetables and fruits. these provide the body with the important disease fighting capabilities.

Make Healthy Nutritional Choices

A balanced diet that contains all the food types is really a good way to maintain a healthy lifestyle not forgetting exercises to burn out some of these sugars that the body breaks down from our food. As opposed to what some people would like us to believe, there is no need to keep of any kind of sugar and all carbohydrates. It is not actually the sugar causing cancer, but high levels of insulin in our body. A balanced diet will take care of these and insulin will be at the accepted levels. Limit the amount of refined foods that you take. You can once in a while grab some fries or crisps but do not make it a habit.

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