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Does Time Really Reveal all Truth?

Updated on April 27, 2012
Our desserts and detours reveal our truths
Our desserts and detours reveal our truths

Simply Food for Thought

Today I want us to go down a path of self-reflection and have therefore chosen to step away from writing about disease an illness and decided to write about achievement and goals.

My Pastor, who is almost like a father to me, always says "time tells all truth". When he first said this to me I was about 14 and it sounded so foreign to me, I always thought, what does that even mean? As I secretely roled my eyes. But as time went on I realized what he said held so much validity. What he was saying is that, what we say, who we say we are with time will reveal itself to be true or false.

One of the biggest problems I had with being sick wasn't that I was in pain all the time, but it was that it was messing with my personal plans of achievements, my goals. This created such a sense of disappointment and uselessness that I began to question everything in my life.

Along with being sick, I was being raised in a broken home and had been abused early in my childhood; this had continued on into my beginning teenage years. I was a broken child, a broken teenager who was trying to find God through my brokeness. I couldn't truly find Him. I couldn't truly surrender to him, I couldn't understand the true meaning of love, because life had managed to taint it. But I continued on in church, and as I had mentioned before it was one of the few places where I felt safe.

As I left high school I had this sense of knowing where I wanted to be. I graduated 84 out of 600+ students and had managed this dispite two significant hospitalizations thoughout my high school years. As I entered college, unsure of myself I was sure that I wanted to study pre-med; I wanted to be a doctor. My plans were suddenly interupted and to me my life was over and no longer had any meaning. This is where my truth began to reveal itself.

The truth of life is that we are NOT defined by what we do, but how we do it. Truth is that we are to make the best of where we are and what we have because if we are faithful and grateful for the little we will be blessed with alot. And the truth is that it is in the hardest and darkest times of our life that we trully grow and mature and find healing. When I finally stopped, it allowed me time to look into myself. I was able to address wounds that had been opened for so long and I was able to seek council. I look back on my life and don't regret my plans being interupted, I don't regret my detours; I'm a better person for every stop along the way.

my sister, my friend
my sister, my friend

So then What's Left?

So then what's left? What's left is our reaction to the life we're given. What's left is the memory of our fight to survive, our fight to change lives and the world around us. What's left are the impressions we have left on the hearts of the people that we touch with our words and our actions. What's left is that we have allowed ourselves to be loved and opened our hearts to it; the bonds we form from infancy into adulthood. What's left are the lessons we have taught and how they empower and equip. These things are our legacy, these are the things that are left.


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    • profile image

      Jules Fernandez 5 years ago

      Hey Vanessa, I remember secretly rolling my eyes at your pastor too :) Only later in life see how right he was at many things! Praise God. Thanks for sharing your story and your struggles. Life is hard. You are brave and amazing in so many ways. You have a never give up attitude! God Bless!