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Does natural breast enlargement work

Updated on October 10, 2014

About a year ago I read about different women who tried many methods to enlarge their breasts without surgical intervention. Since I have breastfed my two children for a total of 18 months and I am a 32A size I just had to do something. It sounded pretty unbelievable, but when you are desperate, you are ready to try everything. There were two options for natural breast enlargement that seemed to be the most reliable to me. The first one is by using homeopathy and the other is with herbs. I tried both and I want to share my experience.

First I tried the homeopathy. I started with Sabal serulata 5 CH, Conium maculatum 9СН and Kali Iodatum 30 СН. They were not expensive and easy to take. The only thing that you need to be careful about is not to drink coffee, soda, anything with caffeine or to eat any chocolate or something containing mint, that includes chewing gums and toothpaste. I read the feedback of a woman who personally had achieved very good results in a very short period of time. I tried it for two months, and nothing, not even a sign of an effect. I know that 2 months are not enough to achieve a result for natural breast enlargement, but since there wasn’t even a minor sign that the homeopathy will work I stopped it. And I eat very health, I don’t drink anything containing caffeine and I rarely eat some chocolate.

So I decided to try the herbs instead. I read the book that tells you all about it. I was very enthusiastic. I got all the necessary herbs, it is not expensive. I started with red clover, fenugreek, saw palmetto and gaba. The gaba is for women over 30, and I am 32. I tried to follow the plan very strictly because for the natural breast enlargement that is a must. You need to be consistent or you will not get any results. I am skinny and I know that it is more difficult to achieve results in my case. You need fats in order to grow your breast. So far it’s my third month taking the herbs. My breasts are not bigger, but they are fuller for sure.

The massage is another ”to do” thing if you want the natural breast enlargement to work. You need to do it two times a day. The book explains how to do it, and if you google it, you will find some pictures right away. In the beginning your hands will get tired very fast and you will need to take breaks. Later on, you will get used to it and it will be easy. I got a wild yam lotion from ebay and I also add some fenugreek extract drops to it. The lotion promises natural breast enlargement in two weeks, but don’t trust it, it won’t happen. Since one of my breasts is a little smaller than the other, I try to massage it even 3 times a day, when I can.

The foods that you eat will also affect the natural breast enlargement. The foods that contain the most phytoestrogen are flaxseed (it has to ground), soya, tofu, sesame seeds, multigrain bread, soy milk. Try not to eat any sugar, white bread, yellow potatoes, white rice and all the food that would make your blood sugar go up. Don’t drink soda, coffee of chocolate drinks. My appetite increased since I started taking the natural breast enlargement herbs. This is one of the side effects. You will have to exercise to make sure you don’t get cellulite and don’t gain weight.

If you have any questions just ask me and I will be happy to share my experience

Is it possible to naturally grow you breast?

Do you believe that if some women managed to naturally enlarge their breast you can do it too?
May be you just need to find the right method that will work for you?


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