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Does the Soup Diet Really Work?

Updated on September 25, 2014

D (for decision) Day

I've been slowly putting on weight for about the last 3 years and no amount of rigorous exercise or sensible eating seems to be enough to stop my ever increasing girth. I can spend 2 weeks sweating it out at the gym, eating protein shakes and lean meats and I might lose a kilo. I go out for one three course meal and I put it back on.
Fed up with the hard work and self-denial yet still unwilling to donate my skinny jeans to charity I've decided to give fad dieting a shot.
The first diet I'm going to try is the infamous soup diet. This diet comes in many forms and flavours, the version I'm trying is straight off this Internet site.
Many of the diet's advocates claim it was created by heart doctors to quickly reduce the weight of obese patients. Many of the diet's detractors claim this is complete bullshit.

Day Zero - Shopping Day

About $100 poorer and here are the provisions for the first few day. Couldn't get celery so got leek instead. Forgot beef stock so will use Chicken stock. Hope this doesn't alter the fat burning chemical composition of the wonder soup!

Day one - fruit and soup

First day of the Soup Diet and I'm allowed as much fruit and as much of the wonder soup as I can eat. I have to wonder if they realise how much I can eat!
Breakfast was: half a grapefruit, 4 slices of mango, a slice of pineapple, a mandarin and a dozen grapes. Plus a bowl of the soup.
Weighed and measured myself after breakfast: 62 kilos and 85 cm around the waist although the scales at home are notoriously forgiving (bless them).

Day two - vegetables. And soup.

Not looking forward to this. Already sick of the soup and don't usually have salad with no meat or dressing.
Went to bed at 9pm last night with a screaming headache and an upset tummy. Might have been exhaustion from the weekend and a tough day at work but we'll see. Feeling ok today and got in a workout this morning.
Weight was 61.4 this morning, waist still measuring 85cm.

Day three - fruit vegetables. And Soup.

Yesterday was tough. You wouldn't believe how good that baked potato and butter tasted in the evening! Trying not to dislike the soup because I have a lot of it to get through between now and next Monday morning. Fantasising about porridge for breakfast.
Still feeling heady and have an unsettled stomach. Have been exhausted and sleeping very heavily. I think I would definitely stop now if I wasn't committed to writing about this.
Weight this morning before breakfast 60.4 waist measurement still 85cm.

Day four - bananas, milk and soup

It's lunchtime day four. A bit late for work because I went for a run and did some Yoga this morning.
So far today I've eaten 5 bananas and drunk 750 mils of trim milk. I've been blending it up into smoothies, yum! Also had a couple of bowls of the soup which is still not very nice but not making me gag anymore like it did on day 2.
Head and tummy both came right yesterday afternoon and my energy levels and focus seem quite good. I have read some detox diets that say you feel sick because of the toxins leaving the body - I wonder if this is what was happening for me on those first couple of days. It reminded me of the caffeine withdrawal when I stopped drinking coffee.
Weight this morning was 59.8kg before breakfast and waist measured 81cm.

Day five - steak and tomatoes and soup

Steak. Red Meat. Yum. Meat. Ate three minute steaks for breakfast. It's lunchtime now and I'm pretty hungry.
Weight this morning was 60.6kg before breakfast. Waist measured 85cm after breakfast.
Not really the dazzling weight loss I was hoping for this is the sort of fluctuation that is quite normal for me.
Two more days to go.

Day Six - Beef and Vegetables

Weight this morning was 59.6kg and waist still measuring 85 cm.
Sick of beef obviously and really craving some good carbs. I'm certain I would have fallen off the wagon by now if I wasn't committed to writing about it.
That said my energy levels are still quite good and I have been sleeping well, just hungry a lot of the time.
Tomorrow I get brown rice. I'm going to cook up a big pot with lots of sweet peas.
Couldn't face the soup this morning but I guess I will need to force some down for lunch. I'm nearly through the big stock pot I made at the start of all this.

Day seven - brown rice and vegetables

Today is my last day and I'm really looking forward to eating normally again tomorrow - it's not often I look forward to Monday morning!
Ate some soup with breakfast and it was pretty vile. I made a big pot of brown rice and peas this morning. By lunchtime Id' eaten about 3/4 of the pot of rice and had about a liter of Cranberry juice. I have about 2 cups of soup left which I don't think I'm going to get through.
Weight this morning was 59.2 kg, waist was 82cm. Didn't sleep very well last night but am feeling totally normal today. The headaches and nausea seem to have just been a first couple of days thing.


It's two days since I finished the Soup diet. Yesterday morning I weighed 59.9 kilos and had a waist measurement of 83cm. That means I lost about 4 pounds in weight and 2cm from the waist.
Although this is a far cry from the 10 - 17 pounds suggested in the recipe it is pretty good weight loss for one week.
In conclusion I'd say the Soup Diet works to drop a couple of kilos if you can muster the willpower to stick it out and if you can stomach the soup.


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    • poetryman6969 profile image


      4 years ago

      I think a lifestyle change beats a diet any day since the weight can always come back after a diet but after a successful lifestyle change the weight is not coming back.

      Still the soup diet concept is interesting.


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