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Does your toddler/child have trouble pooping? ? ?

Updated on August 8, 2009

Here's some things that worked for us

Please consult your physician before doing anything!

When my 3 year old (then 1 year old) started having trouble pooping we tried everything; from advice from our parents, the internet, and the doctor.  It seemed like our poor little girl was suffering!  She would go 10 days without having a bowel movement, and when it was time to go she would double over and cry and scream!

Our parents suggested prune juice and the good old casteroil.  "That will do the trick, a couple teaspoons a day and a glass of prune juice".  As bad tasting as it was, we got her to take it, but that didn't work!  I felt we were facing a deadline to try and find her some relief.  Something had to work before the next 10 days would go by.

We surfed the internet over and over and was finding nothing!  All we read was that it is common for toddlers to have constipation.  But this was beyond constipation, she was in agony. 

We made a doctor appt.  told him everything and he suggested buying a couple child enemas and have her drink a cocktail of magnesium citrate oral solution.  He told us to use baby oil or petroleum jelly so it wouldn't hurt as much, and to give her one when we got home and to give her another one the following day because the 1st enema will only loosen the front part of the stool and the following enema would get the rest of it out.  We decided to do it in the bathtub because of the mess and had her lay on her side in a few inches of warm water.  What a nightmare!!  She has no clue what is going on, she is in pain, it burns because it is a stimulant and besides her crying and screaming, we were both crying.  Something finally moved, but it wasn't nearly as much as we both expected.  But we kept an open mind and thought that the next day would do the trick just like the doctor said. The next day as soon as we put her in the tub she immediately knew what was going to happen again, she cried and screamed, and we cried and about puked from the smell.  This was just a horrific ordeal to put our baby girl through this!!  We made another appt. because we felt like we couldn't do this anymore.... there had to be another solution.

The doctor told us to keep using the enemas because of how much she is blocked up and told us to now alternate the magnesium citrate oral solution with docusate sodiu liquid (colace). 

We left his office so upset because we both knew that this wasn't going to solve the problem.  We started giving her the liquids per his presciptive dosage for her and the colace was just aweful tasting.  It took us a whole day to get her to drink what she was prescriebed.  We felt so helpless. 

She started to not want to take baths anymore because she associated the bath with the enemas.  At this point it had been a month and these things were not working and I didn't want to give her these oral solutions anymore!!  Especially since they were NOT WORKING!!

We went back to the doctor and told him how we felt.  He then suggested MiraLAX.  He said it is safe enough to take everyday because it isn't absorded into the blood stream.  At this point I was angry!!  I felt like our child was just a guessing game and that something could be seriously wrong!  Some type of blockage or something worse!  I wanted to stay positive and pray her through this but I was not going to let her suffer anymore!  I told him that in 1 week if this didn't work I wanted her to have a scan or whatever they do to see her insides.  It was agreed.

We went and bought  MiraLAX and I did feel better about this powder solution because it wasn't absorbed into the blood stream, it was orderless and tasteless.  I put the prescribed amount in her glass once a day and within 2 days we had a movement for the first time without any crying or screaming!!!  I started crying because she pooped on her own without an enema and I was so happy because it was such a relief for all of us!!!

Ever since we have stuck with MiraLAX and have had no problems since!!  Today I only give some if I notice her stool is really hard. 

So there it is....MiraLAX worked for us.  I only hope that if someone has the problems we had that they come across my article because I sure wish someone would have wrote about this for me!

p.s. Manderine oranges (in the can) work really well too!  They are a natural laxative and my new little baby loves them!!  Wish I would have know about those back when............



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    • profile image

      Princess 2 years ago

      The medical association/pediatricians should be a shame. There is something seriously wrong here! There must be something wrong with the food that we, especially children are consuming and the doctors are failing to look into this matter. Serious long term medical and psychological problems seem to be head for these children and their families. The Doctors are being very negligent in my estimation. So the question to me is, Why, Why, and Why! Parents, you need to think beyond your child's problem and see the bigger picture. It's not just comforting to us to know that we are not along but rather how huge this problem really is and how we can call for the proper research to get to the bottom of this problem. Research that is open and transparent! So that not only our children can be cured but so that future children do not have to experience this painful, and disabling sickness that is bound/may have lingering issues long in to their lives and not the mention of the guilt we may carry that is not our fault. Some of us surely must be capable of forming and inquiry that will lead to getting to the bottom of this problem that will bring good results for our children and the world's children. Do not stop asking why, even when your child's problem seem to have lessen, because you do not know the problems that might lie a head into your child's future. Mothers we have a responsibility to the children of the planet. Something is wrong! Let's ask, why and demand real answers!

    • profile image

      Mrinal Jha 3 years ago

      My niece has exactly same problem. Having lived in America I know about Miralax but now we are in India so not sure there is an alternate for Miralax available here. I will try to find out.

      Let me know how long did you have to continue with Miralax (on daily dosage) before you started giving it on need basis ?

    • profile image

      Rosa 3 years ago

      So sorry for all of you. I am a grandma of a 6yr. girl who is very very constipated & getting worse.

    • profile image

      monica 3 years ago

      OMG thank you very much this is gonna help my 5 month little brother

    • Jamie Hopwood profile image

      Jamie Hopwood 3 years ago

      I am still having the same issue with my four year old little girl, and our doctor gave us prescription strength miraLAX. Still nothing works. Our next option is sad, but we have to do it. We have to take my little girl to a gastro specialist. I wish I knew what was going on.

    • profile image

      amomto2 4 years ago

      I just want to reenforce what missbellajean said, PLEASE PLEASE don't give your child Miralax/restoralax you need to know what its doing to thousands of children. Its making children very very sick. Very serious neurological problems. I thought it was only my son when I noticed twitches, and other horrible side effects until I joined a group of moms looking for alternatives and I seen that there was THOUSANDS of children that developed not only tics/twitiches but speech impediments, strange hand movements, learning disabilities, memory loss, extreme nervousness and the list goes on..and these are not rare occurrences...this is happening to almost everyone. Kids are being put on depression medicine...turrets medicine, ADHD medicine and some parents are not realizing that its the Miralax that is giving them these symptoms. If your on the medicine for to long your lessoning your chances of reversing the damage.

      Please avoid will make your child very sick..and please please spread the word. Im so grateful I found women who were talking about this and trying to fight the FDA to do an investigation. I know you desperately need solutions for constipation but it isn't worth giving your child neurological or developmental issues.

      I know that some of the moms that spoke 3 years ago on this thread will likely recognize neurological symptoms after reading this...please if you do..spread the word. The worse thing to worry about with miralax isn't a dependency on the drug. There is a support group for people who have giving there child Miralax or Taken it themselves. to discuss symptoms or alternatives that's working for there children. Search for it in google just type in "Miralax" and "yahoo group". But please don't EVER give your child miralax. I wish so bad that I had known much earlier but the doctors kept telling me it was safe every time I asked.

    • profile image

      jc 4 years ago

      Moms try giving your toddler an enema while they are sleeping.

    • profile image

      neelo 4 years ago

      Awww thanx for that going thru exactlyyy the same with my 22month old feels hell at the moment...wer so r doin nuthin to baby in agony every two defo try miralex...thanx alot...may u n ur family stay healthy n blesed.

    • profile image

      jc 4 years ago

      Hey Amanda try giving your daughter an enema childrens enema but give it to her after you feel her tummy to see if her tummy is hard. Or give her an enema when she is sleeping. !

    • profile image

      jc 4 years ago

      Try to give the child an enema when they are sleeping plus they won't fight you w/ giving them a laxative.!

    • profile image

      amanda 4 years ago

      My 5 year old daughter is having trouble with her bowel movement & am to the extreme stressed because I dnt know wat to do for her. Anymore some one help

    • profile image

      Stacey 4 years ago

      My daughter is 2 years old and I am having the same problem. It has been 9 days since her last bowel movement. She screams bloody murder when she tries! I feel so bad for her. I'm going to ask my doctor about MiraLAX. I've read on the net that it works but after reading your story and mine being similar it gives me hope! Thank you!

    • profile image

      jc 4 years ago

      Try an enema but keep the child or toddler busy while you give the enema distract them.

    • profile image

      melissa 4 years ago

      thank you so much for this, my daughter is 2 yrs old and she has been going threw the same thing and sometimes it's so bad that she bleeds , she been to the er , she has been to a lot of different doctors and had test done to her , im gonna be printing this out and taking it to her doctors today , thanks

    • profile image

      momoftwo0608 5 years ago

      i've felt beyond helpless. I cry with her bc I just don't know what to do. We took her to the er, she has been to the doctor twice and has another apt on Friday morning. "she" is my four year old daughter. she has been having these issues now for almost a month. she won't go but when she's getting ready to need to go she screams and cries and doubles over in pain. I feel like a horrible mother. i've tried prune juice, we increased our water intake which she was already doing great at, and per dr instructions we started Metamucil. I'm going to ask the doctor about miralax. I don't want to do the enema route but she (she the doctor) had suggested that.

    • profile image

      missbellajean 5 years ago

      There are some serious risks with Miralax.... research this before giving it to your child!

    • profile image

      amy 5 years ago

      We are giving my 3 year old that and it is not working for him. we give it to him once a day and it still takes him 3 days to poop and all he does is lay around and cry

    • profile image

      brandi 5 years ago

      My baby juz turned one n thank u soooo much i thought it was something i was doing wrong.... But i see that everyone is going through this or has went through

    • profile image

      Momma of 1 5 years ago

      My 8 month old had the ame problem and I wldn't give her enemas or the cocktial he mentiones, so the dr. put his pinkey up there............... OMG, after he did that he squished her knees hard into her belly, she was soo shocked about the finger she cldn't even find her breath to cry :(, I walked out the office so Angry, and never returned to him, she pooped on her own 10 days later after being in pain the whole time. NOw she is two and seems ot be having issues again, so thank you for this post, i'm goin to go get some mirilax, oranges and pedialite, try the pedialite, then oranges then miralax if I have no luck with the others, and maybe some blueberries lol!

    • profile image

      devinsmommy 5 years ago

      My 4 year old has been having this issue for awhile. He was seeing a pediatric gi specialist. After 3 months seeing her, nothing helped. I have tried fiber gummies, miralax, suppositories, enemas. Even a clear liquid diet for 24 hours to clean him. That didn't work. He was finally admitted for a 24 hour clean out. Had golytely administered thru an ng tube. That was terrible. He was backed up so bad, he got sick. They stop the fluid thru the tube. The next morning, he had stools that were backed up into his tube. So my childs feces were in his stomach. The 24 hour hospital stay turned into 5 days. The goal was tp get him pooping clear. Never happened. He is still severely backed up. He has had bloodwork, xrays..nothing has been found. I just pray my baby gets better & we find. Better specialist for him. He has been thru so much!! :'(

    • profile image

      Crystalp 5 years ago

      I am going through this problem right now! My daughter is 18 months and just pooped so big and hard it ripped her anus caused bleeding. Please help.

    • profile image

      bj 6 years ago

      My 2 year old grand daughter has same problem Dr gave her miralax. She went but it is so running. Willshe adjust to it. Does anyone know.

    • profile image

      Heather 6 years ago

      Hello Everyone,

      My Daughter is 3 1/2 and we have been having problems with her bowels for nearly a year now. She is on both Miralax and recently switched from mineral oil to lactalose. She gets to a point when she is in so much pain, becomes extremely lethargic, and won't eat. We have given both enemas and suppositories, even magnesium citrate, with no results. Which then we take her to the er. They do x-rays which reveal that her entire colon is filled with small balls of stool. They then gave her an additional enema still with very little results. They ended up admitting her and putting an NG tube in (a tube that goes in her nose directly into the belly) and pumped golytly through it to try to attack the stool from the top. They thought that they had her cleared out and discharged us. Needless to say we were back in the ER 3 days later with the same problems only to find through xray that she was completely filled again. We then got sent 45 minutes away and was admitted to a large childrens hospital. They ran what seemed like every test under the sun, contrast studies, biopsies, blood work, all while having x-rays done on a daily basis to check her progress (they reinserted the ng tube when we got admitted). The doctors and specialist were so taken back by the severity of her "constipation". She had so many enemas, suppositories, bag after bag of golytly into the ng tube, and still somehow she wasn't producing the results that were expected. Eventually we were discharged, again with no answers as to why, after they ran the many test and believed to clear her out. This was two months ago and since then she had been doing fine. We have continued her Miralax (two capfulls a day and two tablespoons of mineral oil). Although, we missed a few doses with being on vacation and having the schedule messed up. Well needless to say the problems are all coming back. Her belly is now distended again and she is in very obvious discomfort. At this point I don't know what to do. I feel like we have tried everything and it's not helping..there HAS to be something more there than just as they said "chronic constipation". I fear that we will just go back and they will just put her through the whole agonizing process again, and then once again send us off with no answers. It's ridiculous that she is being hospitalized nearly every other month just to clear her out. It just simply can't go on like this!!!!!

    • profile image

      aunt of 2 6 years ago

      ty sooo mcuh was at a loss wat y d o

    • profile image

      LeAnn 6 years ago

      My daughter is going through the exact same thing! Her doctor put her on the MiraLax and it does work. I am curious their little bodies get used to having the MiraLax and become "dependant", so to speak?

    • profile image

      kg 6 years ago

      the same thing just happened to us our 4 year old has been potty trained for over 2 years and since he was put in daycare longer he has a fear of the other kids hearing him poop at school so he holds it (he was sick a couple weeks back and had diareaha and doesnt like the "water sound" so that added to it we had gone to the er we gave him sipositories and finally cvs pharmacist told us about miralax and it worked but after we went back to the er and they had to give him an enima husband and i tried but we didn't really know what to do makes me feel alittle better that were not the only ones :) thanks everybody

    • profile image

      Jamie 6 years ago

      My daughter is 20 months, the first time she passed a stool like a grown man i held onto it for 6 days worried that i would have to take her the E.R. and they would assume the worst. I had no idea this was such a common problem!!! It's so terrible for us both. I always used pear juice and it cut the problem back dramatically. with every uppage of milk i added some more pear juice it was the only thing that worked. As unbelieveable as this condition is, i am relieved that i'm not alone. thank you all for the advise, at least now i have some more ideas on how to conquer her pain.

    • profile image

      Lisa G 6 years ago

      My 4 year old had trouble since the time she was 18 months and we tried it all...even a specialist with no luck. After using AdvoCare Probiotic Boost she goes all by herself and with ease. No more screaming when she goes or hiding in the corner. It was a nightmare. I cannot thank AdvoCare enough. If you have tried it all, then try this. You put it in their juice or beverage and that's it. She loves it.

      I will be happy to answer any questions you have. I stand behind this 100%

    • profile image

      Momma3 6 years ago

      Just a quick FYI for those of us in Canada. MiraLax is called RestoraLax, it is over the counter (just ask your pharmacist for it). However my doc recommended 10mL/day. For my 2 year old. I recommend going to your doc to get the right dosage for your baby/toddler as RestoraLax is formulated for adults. Thanks for this post btw, I went through EVERYTHING you did, it's good to know I'm not the only one!

    • profile image

      Cassi 6 years ago

      My son is four and experiencing the exact same thing. The dosage on the miralax is basically a guessing game. A full cap 2x a day is the adult dosage, but we arent there yet. We give him half a cap, once a day, but no BM at day 7. He isn't in pain, but he definitely is holding it- he tells us that. I think we are going to have to upp it to 2x a day, half a cap. Our doctor recommended Miralax, but said that you just have to find the dosage that is right for your child.

    • profile image

      Rebecca 6 years ago

      My nephew is 3 years old..he can go 7 days without any bowel movement his doctors said to give him MIRALAX twice the dosage that an adult would take. Sometimes it still doesn't work... and he will be screaming in agony it breaks my heart. He is super bright so he is very aware of everything going on. The enemas were like torture and i hope we never have to do them again. My worries is the dependency he may get from MIRALAX and that it may tear his intestines from long term use.. help?

    • profile image

      Carla 6 years ago

      I want to thank you zoo much, my son is 4 and is going through this as we speak. Heartbreaking is an understatement! I prey to god that our doctor will let us try this but they are very picky about what they give and don't like it when you suggest anything. I know it's over the counter but I would like to know what is safe to give as a dosage. Thank you for letting me know that you all feel just as heartbroken as I do about our babies suffering this ordeal. X

    • profile image

      Crystal 6 years ago

      My girly is 20 months old and we have had trouble with constipation since day one. They have had her on mirilax, lactalose, and supos. Nothing!! Recently she has been doing worse. She passed a stool after about 6 days of nothing that was a little bigger than a golf ball. Called the doc. they had me double the dose of her lac., give her a tbs. of milk of mag. and the supos. 2x a day. finally we had stool. Now we are right back to square one. But we have added blood in what stool she is having now.(which has only been a few pea size balls every few days). She has had the barium enima with x-ray. That result. She has compacted stool in her upper intestines. Took her to the ER to be made feel like I was not doing what I was told. After the X-ray the doc. was appoligetic. Compacted stool in the upper again. Any advice. My doc does not seem to be concerned. No GI appt. till Feb. I can not take her being in pain! It breaks my heart.

    • profile image

      Tasha 6 years ago

      Thank you all soo much for the info. I was feeling quite helpless for my poor 2 year old son. I feel like I've tried everything from, stool softeners, suppositories, prune juice, fruits, corn syrup.. You name it, I tried it and nothing seemed to work. I will now talk to his doc about the miralax. Fingers crossed that it will work for him. Thank you, thank you. I'm soo glad I came across this post.

    • profile image

      Jackie 6 years ago

      My son is 2 and have been going through very similar issues since starting on solid foods. I have tried a high fiber diet and he still had constipation problems. My pediatrician informed me that too much fiber can bulk it up so now its too big and hard to pass. She suggested mineral oil, it's very safe and there's no taste. The only side effect is the BMs are oily, which honestly makes it less painful. This has worked for my son. I started him at 1/2 tsp of mineral oil & I've worked up so he wouldn't have diarrhea. He takes 1 tsp a day and I still make sure I don't give him too many binding foods in one day and he does great! I would give this a try for anyone who wants to try something natural.

    • profile image

      Edward 6 years ago

      My step daughter is going through the same thing! she is 3 and im hoping this works for her this article has inspired me to try it! Thanks

    • profile image

      Ceh0321 6 years ago

      when our daughter was constipated the thing that worked for us was the dreadful enema.

    • profile image

      lauren 6 years ago

      iam going to try the miralax because my baby who is a yr and 5 months is having a really hard time going to the bathroom. we havnt tried much, just hoping she will go. ive tried applejuice but that is not helping i was thinking about trying the prune juice just now and i think i am going to try that first. and also i have been thinking about her diet. like most toddlers she is a very picky eater i need to figure out what she likes. im a young mother that knows very little. i am glad i came across this article because it sounds about the same problem your little one has or had. thank you very much for your article and advice!

    • profile image

      Bree 6 years ago

      OMG!! I am so happy to have read all that I've read. We've been having trouble for some time as well. We've been dealing with this for about a year. Friends told me about Miralax. My doctor agreed it was okay but referred us to a gastrologist. He also said Miralax (cap full once or twice a day was fine). It all depends on the child. But of course they both said to increase the fiber in her diet. So of course I have gone out to get more fruit, raisins, and high fiber cereal. And I've tried more water (a full bottle with and/or without crystal lite). I've also found that Sunsweet Plum juice works. I tried the enema and that was just too traumatic for the both of us.

      The funny thing is when I look at the texture of her poop it doesn't appear that she should be constipated. I wonder if there is something more. Without the Miralax (which I now give only a few times a week) and the Sunsweet Plum juice I can expect a bad experience.

      I wonder how long does this last? Does it lead to IBS? Does it go away? I'm guessing I need to revisit the doctor but after reading all your posts, I wonder if it's a waste of my time. I'll give a poop sample but I refuse to let the doctor violate my child (too traumatic for us...I can't handle that).

      I hope...pray all your children are better or start to get better. Although the Miralax works, my fear is that we become dependent on it. I just want the need for it to go away.

    • profile image

      Liz 6 years ago

      The magnesium citrate is a natural mineral-vitamin oyr body needs on a daily basis anyway.. I have been going through the same stuff with my 16 mo. old... For a while nothing has worked.. We have her on a high fiber diet and miralax once a day but when I talked to my nutritionist I expressed my concern of her being dependent on MiraLax and how I wish she didn't have to take a "chemical" like substance.. I would like to give her something all natural, that's when she told me to use magnesium citrate and metamucil clear soluble fiber.. Has anyone else heard or try these?

    • profile image

      Stephanie 6 years ago

      I use Fiber Gummies and Miralax with my 3 year old son andits stopped working...doc told us to up it to twice a day. right now the only thing that works is a gylcerine suppository about every 2 weeks and then he'll poop and poop for days- massive filled diapers worth and then it will slowly dimish till its just streaks again...hoping that upping the miralax works

    • profile image

      M0m 6 years ago

      My 20 month daughter had trouble pooping for over a month. She cries in pain each time she tries to go. Before this problem, she passed a very huge soild stool with blood. After that, she has trouble pooping till this day.

      We tried changing her diet by adding more fiber, fruits and vegetables. Since she is a very picky eater we had a hard time feeding her these types of food. We tried karo syrup mixed with water, prune juice, massaging her tummy, bicycle leg movements, and warm baths. These help she pass stool. But she continued to cry in pain each time she has to go.

      We read that toodlers tend to hold their poop. And maybe that was the reason our daughter was having problem pooping. We thought maybe she fears of the pain she had when she had the very huge soild poop with poop. We felt helpless after a few weeks watching her go and decided to take her to the doctor. Her doctor prescribed MiraLax, but suggested eating papaya twice a day for a whole week. Tryin to feed her papaya was difficult... She is very picky with what she eats. I haven't given her the precribed miraLax yet fearing she might get dependent on it. But after reading this I'm sure to give it a try. Thank you!

    • profile image

      Mom of 2 6 years ago

      I just experienced the most tramatic event as a mother my 18 month old baby boy hasn't had a decent bowel in about a week. Every time he tries to go they are little rabbit terds and his face turns red even with those, well tonight he was screaming bloody murder and just shaking he didn't know what he was going through, well I took a peak in his diaper to see if he was done. NO his bowel movement with just stuck I could see it as he was pushing it out he attempted to push everytime he would push he would cry looked as if the bowel was way to big for his tiny self. WEll I put him in warm water and let him sit in it for about 5 min took him out he screamed for about 2 seconds and I put him over the toilet and he layed the biggest terd (adult size) I didn't know a small child was capable of one that size :( I was about to rush him to the ER if it wouldn't pass. Any way the point of my story I had given him MIraLax about a teaspoon in his water and it took a few hours and it kicked in. He must have been so compacted. His older brother had the same problem during potty training. IF you haven't tried MIralax talk to your pediatrician and see if it will be ok to use. I am so thankful for it because I would have ended up in the ER..

    • profile image

      Dimitrus 6 years ago

      I need help my niece cries and screams when she is passing a bowel movement. She doesn't want to be touched and when changed she will scream from being wiped. She was prescribed miralax by her MD but it doesn't work we have tried suppositories (also prescribed) but nothing is working the MD says its common but this isn't. I don't know what to do after her BM she is in so much pain. Please someone help me.

    • profile image

      k.a.. 6 years ago

      today is the 6th day my 2 yr old boy hasn't pooped. he keeps his legs squeezed together really tight when he feels to poop. i am gonna get the miralax tomorrow for him!!! i am scared to take him to the Dr. cuz i dont want to hear that it could be something serious. i know that's not the right thing to do but if the miralax doesn't work tomorrow or the following day then im gonna make the appointment for him. i gave him an enema today but nothing happened.. :( wish us luck please!

    • profile image

      wine_nice 6 years ago

      Thank you so so much , we know we are not along , I go through word by word , Thank you !

    • profile image

      Pjs 7 years ago

      Thank you...we are dealing with the exact thing!!! I think I cry more than she does. What is the deal? Anyone know what was done "in the old days"? How did our ancestors survive? I'm so thankful for Miralax---baby oranges are wonderful...grapes and sunflower nuts too!

      I'm not sure when this was writen, but if it's been a while- how long was your DD on Miralax? Our Dr. told us it would likely be months~ that is daunting to me considering summer and the travelling we do.

    • profile image

      roisindubh123 7 years ago

      after watching our 3ry old daughter go through a time that was very traumatic for herself and for us by holding on to her poop

      I would like to share what worked for us

      We took her in to the shower and using a luke warm setting kept the water on her lower back and every so often to her lower tummy probably 80/20

      And at the same time massaged her tummy with a slight squeezing motion and thank god she does a poop every time

      Before we started this she would poop under stress every 4/5 days crying and rolling around on the floor

      Hope this helps someone, as this is heartbreaking for a parent.

    • profile image

      roisindubh123 7 years ago


    • profile image

      Hooly 7 years ago

      Miralax works wonders. my daughter has problems with pooping. I took her to the pediatrics several times and all they did was stick a finger up her butt to get it out but it never solved anything so I took her to my family physician and after telling him everything he couldn't believe the peds didn't give her anything. he perscirbed the miralax and she has been taking it for about 6 months now. She still has troubles occationally but nothing like before. A dose of miralax and she goes typically the next day with little to no trouble at all.

    • profile image

      Stephen 7 years ago

      Miralax worked for a while w/ our son, but the most effective treatment was to give him enemas, not the phosphate kind, but the old fashioned bag and hose with abt a qt of warm water and a tsp of salt. given very slowly works everytime and causes him no pain

    • profile image

      Desiree 7 years ago

      I go through the same thing with my son at times when he does go and have a is very large and so heavy it just sinks to the bottom of the toilet..we had tried miralax but did not stick with it due to are schedules and my son knew it was in his drink..but,i am very worried something might be wrong with my sons insides..but, after hearing these stories i plan to put him back on it and i am glad i am not alone...its very frustrating to see your child like am glad i found this site !!!

    • profile image

      Ally 7 years ago

      I just want to thank you so much for the idea of using miralax! I haven't thought of it before but we are in the exact same situation! I hate giving my child so many enemas and all the juice does nothing. She is in such pain and the doctors have no other ideas on what to do. I really hope this works!!!

    • profile image

      Susan 7 years ago

      It's friday evening and reading similar stories to my 3 yr. old who is for the first time having poop issues where he is crying and up on his tippy toes because he needs to have a bowel movement. Says it hurts and cries and looks in pain. I consulted a health food store as I tend to go natural for remedies myself and flax oil was the recommendation as a first try to ease constipation. The fruits and veggies too and lots of water. That is not so easy because the more you need them to drink water the more they don't take it. I feel for all of you out there going through this!!

    • profile image

      Jaime 7 years ago

      My son is now 3 years old. He has been on miralax since he was about 9 months old. I have been threw the same thing word for word. Till this day he will still get backed up and it gets to big too pass. He crys and screams and I end up giving him an enema. I even made a trip to the hospital one night. He has had blood work and xrays and they always tell me the same thing. Just give him the miralax. My fear is that he is now depending on the miralax to be able to go. Will he ever be able to stop taking the miralax? Now he is going pee pee in the potty but will not even dare to attempt poop. Now this whole ordeal is affecting potty training too. My gut feeling has been telling me there is something wrong but the specialist and dr's tell me that this is very common these days. I don't know what else too do! I am glad there are others out there having the same problem.

    • profile image

      Stacey 7 years ago

      the miralax is safe enough to use everyday (its not absorbed into the blood stream) the Doc will just tell you what a safe dose is for your baby's size and weight. Hope it helps and she gets to feeling better!!!

    • profile image

      Deanna 7 years ago

      Thanks so much for this info! My daughter is 22 months and has trouble pooping for about a year! She is not constipated, there is trouble somewhere else, higher up in her intestines I think, but now I'm starting to wonder if it is all in her head. That when she starts getting cramps she just won't go all the time, she'll be miserable for a day or two until she will finally go, and she won't even scream or cry much (anymore), and the texture of her stools will be fine. My husband and I can barely plan anything because we never know how miserable she is going to be. It's so bad that I can't plan on making meals (sometimes), or housework - today nothing has gotten done because she wants to be held and just doesn't feel good.Something has got to change - we are expecting again and can't keep this up. She is taqking magnesium also everyday, and I think it helps keep the stools soft but that's it. Also the doctor prescribed a whole microenima tx just loke the first story, and that didn't always work either. I am also scared about going to a specialist because our daughter has a very anxious personality and that would really scar her if they go inside to look around. So I'm going to talk to our doc about that miralax. I don't know where all you guys are located, but here in sask, canada it takes a loong time to get an appointment, thank goodness I'm prenatal, but that still means I have to wait a month! Thanks so much for writing, and letting us know we aren't alone!

    • profile image

      Maureen 7 years ago

      This is just the right article at the perfect time! my daughter who is 1yr 5months is going through the exact same condition, im so excited right now, calling my physician in a bit. Thanks for this article. God bless u!

    • profile image

      Kristine 8 years ago

      We went through this exact same problem almost word-for-word with our daughter when she was about 1 (she's 3 now). Unfortunately they made her do a barium endoscopy which was as unpleasant for me as I'm sure it was for her! We got to MiraLax which I was hesitant to try but it worked!

    • profile image

      Megan Squires 8 years ago

      Does your child soil or poop in his or her pants?

      Soiling in children is a common condition that is difficult for the child and the family. We are conducting a research study at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) to find out what parents think are the causes of soiling in their children and what kind of therapies and strategies they use to help their children with the soiling.

      We are looking for parents of children 4-18 years old who regularly soil or poop in their underwear. You will be asked to complete the same online questionnaire twice, 2 weeks apart. You will be paid $10 for participation.

      Please visit the link for more info:

      Thank you!

    • Paul Marshall profile image

      Paul Marshall 8 years ago from Australia

      I found that I changed our diet. We now eat more healthy, with more fruit and fibre in our basic diet. We had a version of the problem that you had, but it was only about 5 days. He was in pain, but nowhere near the pain that your little one must have had. Have a really good look at your diet, and the types of foods that yoy eat. The mandarine is great, but try fresh.

    • S.S.I.M profile image

      S.S.I.M 8 years ago from Illinois

      Miralax is an over the counter laxative. Please make sure you consult your physician before giving this to your toddler. Your physician will then tell you a correct/safe dosage to give to your toddler. Miralax is made for adults, please contact your physician.

    • profile image

      jojo 8 years ago

      i just want to know miralax it is a medicin? i had a 2 year old boy who scream and close his leg and cry every time he feel poop


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