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Stop Second Guessing Yourself: Tips to Feel at Ease with Decisions

Updated on August 29, 2016
Pam Morris profile image

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing.Some eat, smoke, drink or use drugs when stress, I write.

No one can always make the right decision. As a matter of fact, it is hard to be sure the decision you are making is the right choice. However, it is of the essence not to question a decision once you make it. Good decisions come from experience and experience comes from bad decisions.” ~Unknown. When we make a decision, it helps to know details before deciding on a conclusion.

Before you make a decision about something, gather all the information and details. Knowing all the information could mean the broader part of making a decision; especially if you are the type of person who over-think things and allows your mind to takes over. In the same way, that a pilot steers a plane from one place to the next, we must similarly develop by setting the same course of action.

For the ample reason that we should plan to stop entertaining the idea of making a wrong decision, for the interconnected reason that life is a hard hat zone; we are eternally under construction. When we come to that reality, we can rise above by corresponding in the same way when we struggle with making decisions and second guess our self.

Do you find yourself questioning your decisions on different occasions - Especially when it comes to life’s important decisions?

Do you sometimes wonder why am I changing my mind when I know that I am capable of making my own choices?

Do you find yourself feeling ‘I am sure’ in one moment and the very next moment you find yourself wondering ‘am I really sure’?

Do you know there are dual parts to each of us - who we really are, and who we are in our indistinct intentions?

Do you know second guessing comes when we allow the less significant part of us to lead—the one that affects everything—it is afraid of the greater segregate that is shaping a new way?

Do you know we will never know how our choices will affect us - we have no way of knowing how the aftermath of making a decision can affect us?

Do you know decision could mean the considerable part of you need the most help the minute you decide to make a decision to deal with what comes next?

Do you know we have to be able to make a decision to not second guess ourselves – which what teach us how to generate boundaries, or make sure we live our life without other’s disapproval?

Do you find yourself having a conversation with yourself as if you are speaking with another person?

Do you sometimes feel thrilled to wake up one morning and the next morning hate to get out of your bed?

Do you start a major task that generally takes you ten to fifteen minutes to finish, but now you find it hard to complete, or you keep on wondering whether I am doing this correctly?

Do you allow petty things or selfish people to annoy you when normally you are calm and compassionate?

Do you find yourself doing or sharing ideas with others that are usually unlike you?

Do you find yourself smiling during the day for big reasons just to want to frown a little later the very same day without any reason?

Do you find hurting yourself most of the time thinking of troubled pasts when you should have come out of it by now and enjoy the life to its fullest?

Do you find yourself using excess energy to try to fight battles not worth fighting when typically you know how to pick and choose?

Do you know a very dependable person for whom you care for in this world and trust enough to reach out to temporary? To whom you can easily express that you require help in making decisions.

If your answer is in affirmative to most of these thoughts, then allow me to share with you. You are at a point in your life where you are unaware of your own strength, or some phases of your life have stolen your strength.

Did you know we can figure out our strengths, and you will begin feeling at ease with making a decision again? Life can be a hard hat zone area that always keep us under construction.

Did you know we have to make peace with the hard areas? Life will give you a second chance if you in a state of evolution.

Did you know if we take out the time to reach the right loved one of our life? They will render you the requisite guidance and will enable you to get back on track and be aware of your own mental strengths.

I know this much because I had some of these thoughts I had to reach out to my beloved person to get back that lost strength of mine. Now I know my own strength, I can make decision no more second guessing.

Do you believe people should stop second guessing themselves and make decisions with confidence?

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© 2015 Pam Morris


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