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Doing Chores can Extend Life from 5 to 10 years

Updated on November 3, 2011

doing chores

doing chores
doing chores

Doing chores?

Look around and see how many people are having regular exercise? I’m afraid just a small number of them do. Many people are reluctant to spend time doing exercise is because they are too busy to have time. In fact, they think their body is in good condition and they can cope with it. If you are too busy with work, you are advised to do more chores becaue doing chores is in fact a kind of exercise.

How doing chores can excercise you?

Walk 4000 steps
Walk 4000 steps a day is enough for one day. Don’t be scared by the number because cooking, washing clothes, sweeping floors can be regarded as a walking exercise. Even if you have too little time to go to fitness center, sweeping floors can be a kind of exercise. For exmple, sweeping floors for 8 minutes is equal to walking 1000 steps.
Often doing chores can extend life 5 to 10 years
Expert of Harvard university has done the research to study the relationship between chores and the health and made a list of energy needed to do specific chore: sweeping floors for 15 minutes cost 180 calories. Washing clothes with hand for 1 hour can burn 190 calories. Ironing clothes for 45 minutes burns up 180 calories; cleaning windows for 30 minutes burns up 150 calories; Using vacuum cleaner to clean for 30 minutes can burns up 120 calories. Washing dishes for 15 minutes burns up 45 calories; cleaning houses for 10 minutes burns up 30 calories of fat etc.
Do you know if you burn 2000 calories of heat through doing chores in every week can reduce the chances of having deadly cardiovascular diseases by 75%. The logevity can extend from 5 to 10 years. It also explains why women have higher rate of longevity than men.
Wash rice using right and left hand in turn
If you want to have good excercsie while doing chores, you should master some tricks. For example, using right and left hand in turn when washing rice to move the shoulder part. Doing chores in standing position while moving legs right, left, up and down. Doing chores in sitting position while shrugging shoulders and necks.
When you take out garbage, exercise legs when ascending and descending stairs.
If you are doing chores in bad mood, you’d better stop
It is suggested that when you are doing chores, you should be happy. The researchers found on middle aged women who do two hours of gardening work and walking is lively and not easy to get fat. Doing chores with good mood is better then doing it with complaints.


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