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Doing Yoga at the Gym

Updated on March 10, 2016

Yoga at CrossFit

CrossFit has become very popular, to some it brings wide-eyes filled with aspirations, to others the word causes them to hide in the candy store. When you think of CrossFit what comes to your mind? To me it has always been the ripped muscles, women that can lift twice as much as the college football team, and people pushing giant tires while running around a building. I didn't think that CrossFit could also have something as peaceful as yoga. It was my Winter break and my family was spending it in Utah. My aunt is a CrossFit trainer and she invited me and my sister to one of her friends classes and then to their yoga class afterwards. I was scared. I wasn't going to go, then five minutes before we had to go I put on my Basketball shorts and tennis shoes joined them. The CrossFit place was small and cozy, and the trainer customized the workouts for my sister and me, so that we were sufficiently challenged, yet could make it through the workout. Then came yoga!


Crossfit Yoga?

The lights in the room were replaced with multiple lamps, which diminished the amount of previous light considerably. We made a U-shape around our instructor. The fan was going and a cooling breeze removed the stain leftover air. She introduced herself to us right away and made sure that we felt comfortable, and reminded us that yoga is a personal journey and not to force yourself into any positions. She then went to talk with all of her other students. Asking about the workouts they did and where they felt tight. Class started, our instructor went to her mat and describe the layout of the practice. Then in the spirit of the season since it was December 25, we got to listen to instrumental Christmas music. The sequence was what she called The Twelve Days of Christmas. Since I was new to yoga at the time I lost my balance quite a bit, but I never felt embarrassed.

Purple man doing a shavasana

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During the shavasana, she walked us through where to bring our awareness by using our breath and exhaling all the negative energy and inhaling positive energy. The music was really calming and then we had this moment of peace and quite. She then stopped talking and she walked around the room, she gave each individual a quick shoulder massage with lavender essential oils. I sit at a computer for long periods of time completing school work and messing around on social media and my shoulder muscles are always super tight, until I started yoga. This massage felt like heaven, though I don't know if all CrossFit instructors add this little routine to their practice, so maybe I just got lucky. I think it is worth checking out CrossFit Yoga.

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The YMCA is known for it's wide spread and it's variety of group classes. So I decided to take my yoga addiction to YMCA, the instructors are wonderful I have had three different ones. They have all come up to me and given me tips and introduced themselves to me. Though depending on your teacher you can get a extremely different musical background, and they also offer different tips. I also found that it is nice to go to the YMCA because you can jump around from teacher to teacher. Each teacher has something new to bring to the table. Though for someone who wants to get really serious about yoga and wants to do it with the same person more than just once a week, I wouldn't suggest the YMCA. The YMCA is not the place where your going to learn Acro-yoga but it is a good place to start your yoga journey. Another problem so far is that you don't really have a lot of yoga choices, Unless your YMCA has hot yoga or power and my YMCA is holding out on me. So many people believe that Yoga is just moving from down-dog to up-dog, while breathing in an out. Yoga is so much more and there are so many different types. Yoga can fit any lifestyle, it's not just a 80 year old who lives alone in the mountains, or for that girl who has been taking gymnastics her entire life. It is for everyone, so whether your at the YCMA, CrossFit, a studio or even in your own home, give yoga a try.

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Some of the Types of Yoga

Hatha Yoga is known as basic yoga.

Power Yoga is really good for building strength and flexibility.

Hot Yoga is in a warm room and this helps flexibility in the joints.

Anusara Yoga is about opening the heart and finding peace.

Vinyasa Yoga mainly focuses on the connect movement to breath


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