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Donate a Big Berkey to the Red Cross or your local emergency agency

Updated on October 17, 2011

Water is one of the most important things that a group or a person can have. Water sustains life, and lots of things about life - such as food, sanitation, and others, come directly from water. Therefore, clean water is essential to survival, all around the world. There are lots of people who don't' have access to clean water - where you live, and also far away from home. These people don't have a chance to go to the store and buy a water filter to use, they don't even have access to bottled water. Bottled water, even when it does arrive, might not be as safe and secure as most people think. In fact, bottled water can be very dangerous because it can contain toxins and chemicals, and can end up doing much more harm than good.

Even in the United States, bottled water is often not even checked by the FDA. If it is sold and bottled in the same state, it is not under the FDA's guidelines, and therefore, the water can contain just about anything. The only way to prove that you have safe and clean water is to use a system like Big Berkey water filters in order to know for sure that your water is safe.

However, even if you have a Big Berkey water filter, or access to one, this doesn't mean that everyone does. In fact, millions of people have no choice but to drink dirty water, because it is all that they have. You can help by donating a Big Berkey water filter to the Red Cross, or even to your local emergency agency. This can help provide thousands of people with fresh and clean water.

Big Berkey portable water filters are excellent for the Red Cross, and for emergency agencies as well. In situations where there is no form of clean water, such as underdeveloped nations, the Big Berkey water filter can be used with the water that is already there. It works right from the current set up, which means that they don't have to install anything else to use it. It also sets up quickly and easily, meaning that in towns that need assistance, water can be brought from lakes and streams nearby and purified so that it can be used.

The Red Cross often uses these types of filters, and aid and relief agencies around the world have used them for years in order to provide fresh and clean water. If you donate a Big Berkey water filter, you might even know personally of its use. The Red Cross and other emergency agencies need it in your home town too, to provide families who have lost their homes or who have no homes with clean water that they can depend on.

Big Berkey is the best water filter that a Red Cross or emergency aid organization could hope for. It is compact and portable water purifier, which means that they can take it anywhere. It can be used in small villages and towns, and moved to big cities during emergencies, where lots of water is needed. It's easy to set up, and doesn't require any additional plumbing to be installed.

Also, for aid groups as well as for families, the Big Berkey water filter system is economical. It runs on gravity, which means that you wont' have to replace any faulty pumps or buy expensive parts. And if you take care of it and clean the filters regularly, it can provide up to 60,000 gallons of water on a single set of filters, which means that you won't have to change them very often. When aid groups are using the Big Berkey water filter system, they can provide up to 24 gallons or more of fresh and clean water each day.

The Red Cross and other emergency agencies work each day with people who need their help. You can help too, even if you don't have the time to volunteer. The people who are being helped by these agencies are often the very young and the very old, who are most susceptible to the dangers of contaminated bottled water. They are also the sick, such as people with HIV and AIDS, who are also in danger of become sicker or even dying due to unsafe bottled water. You can make a difference, and you can help, simply by donating a Big Berkey water filter to one of these organizations.


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    • profile image

      beths nutrition 

      10 years ago

      Fascinating. I'll have to talk to my local office about how I should donate one. I'm a big fan of clean water projects around the world, because I know it's so important. In places like rural AFrica, they don't exactly have large municipal systems getting out the water. A bad water source could be really bad for a village unless they ran it through a good filter like this first. And I've heard that the Red Cross is helping people out in Iowa...I wonder if their living situations mean they'd need water filters too.

      Thanks for the idea!


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