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Don't Be Gratuitous! Giving Cough Syrup for Children with Asthma

Updated on April 23, 2012

When a child is sick, parents usually give a good cough medicine given by a physician or who directly purchased their own. Be careful if your child suffers from asthma, because there are certain cough medicine that actually trigger a recurrence of asthma.

Coughing is reaction of the body, attempt to remove a foreign object or mucus from the lungs and upper respiratory tract. Sometimes a cough is just a reaction to an inflamed throat channel or due to other causes.

Drugs that commonly cause asthma in children is getting worse is the cough-suppressing drugs such as dextromethorphan or codeine that serves to suppress cough. But if children with asthma were given this drug, there is mucus in the body can not get out so that children will increasingly congested due to the accumulated mucus.

Asthma is a disease caused by blockage of the airway narrowing, especially in the lungs. This blockage can occur because the airways swell, causing constriction or by accumulation of mucus in the airways.

Complaints cough that felt by children, can be worsened by excessive mucus production due to allergies. Things to know is if there are allergens that enter the body, the body parts of the respiratory tract to remove mucus. So that the children who have asthma can exacerbate respiratory tract obstruction.

In addition to cough medicines containing dextromethorphan or codeine, cough medicines for adults which contain glyceryl guaikolat also should not be given to children with asthma. This is because the drug could stimulate coughing and lead to aspiration or the entry of mucus into the lungs.

Asthma that occur either in children or adults to make that person is tortured, as a result of narrowing that occurs in the body's oxygen intake is reduced. This causes the child to feel shortness of breath and is one of the most common disease in infants and children.

For parents whose children have a history of asthma should be more careful in providing any kind of drug. Avoid drugs that contain allergens for asthma and pay attention contra indication of any drugs given to children.


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    • whoisbid profile image

      whoisbid 5 years ago

      appreciate your great advice

    • jacqui2011 profile image

      jacqui2011 6 years ago from Leicester, United Kingdom

      Some great advice here for adult and child asthma sufferers. I have bookmarked to show my brother as my neice has asthma. Voted up and useful.

    • WriterDJ profile image

      WriterDJ 6 years ago

      Thanks leann2800, your comment enrich the hub

    • profile image

      leann2800 6 years ago

      Voted up and useful. My son and I both have asthma. But, we have different triggers. We also have different cough syrups which trigger our asthma. Neither of us tolerate guafesin. Guafesin will have us both in a hosptial. we would never quit coughing. But, his asthma is calmed with codeine based cough medicines. Mine is not. But, it does not trigger it either for me. It is just useless really. But, I think you bring out a good point. People watch cough medicines for heart problems but rarely notice for asthma (even some doctors) and they should.

    • WriterDJ profile image

      WriterDJ 6 years ago

      You are right whoisbid, due to lack of information. Some thing would be good if use properly, but could be contradictive although that is a medicine.

    • whoisbid profile image

      whoisbid 6 years ago

      Good Advice.. I think that people can feel when they have taken something that is screwing them up, even if the label says it is helping them

    • WriterDJ profile image

      WriterDJ 6 years ago

      Thanks to you too vocalcoach, all parents should aware this

    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 6 years ago from Nashville Tn.

      Wonderful information that every parent should read! Up and useful! And thanks for the follow :) vocalcoach

    • WriterDJ profile image

      WriterDJ 6 years ago

      Hello dallas93444, thanks for stopping by

    • dallas93444 profile image

      Dallas W Thompson 6 years ago from Bakersfield, CA

      Great comments! Flag up and useful!