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Don't Diet! Change your lifestyle...

Updated on March 13, 2012

Many people say “What do you know about dieting or loosing weight”? Well, let me tell you after having a child and getting older, I know it's not as simple as a diet. I am not by far a health expert but I'm going to give you a few tips of what I truly believe can help many people. First be realistic. If you love sweets and breads, are you really going to quit completely? NO and why should you unless you are seriously harming your health. (only if the doc says so) What are the solutions you may say...?

Here are mine. I want a milkshake- grab yogurt or go to get a fat free milkshake. Use low fat or fat free milk if you make your own. Cut back realistically. Minimize as much unnecessary fat as possible. Let's say you want brownies, use a better sweetener like splenda. Ok so maybe splenda isn't for everyone, use another type. Again, cut back where you can. Next, drink water!!!! If you don't like the taste then buy flavors to add to it. Drink juice but don't drink sodas. Not even diet drinks. Go buy juices low in sugars. Juices are better than sodas by far. You will get nutrition. Some juices may have some negatives to it (say a little sugar), but again... it does carry nutritional value whereas sodas don't.

Now, I know you all have heard this before but eat 1 roll and not 2. When you make a plate of food, don't go back for seconds. Make one plate and that is it. Don't get bigger portions just because you know you will only get 1 helping either. Now, drink a glass of water before you eat. This will help you feel fuller at the table. When you do decide to eat; eat slowly. Think about it. Think about how your body is getting nutrition and that is why you are eating. Not for plain enjoyment. That is why a lot of us overeat. We don't recognize that, we fail to remember the real reason for eating.

After eating if you are hungry still then give it a few minutes and get some fruit. An apple or banana or even a veggie. Carrots or celery. You don't like celery that much? Add peanut butter. Don't like apples? Add fat free caramel. I know some may not agree with this. I find these things help me. Hopefully it is reasonable enough for some of you and you will find yourself finding more ways to help yourself stick to something long term rather than Dieting!


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    • supershopperlady profile image

      supershopperlady 5 years ago from Fort Lauderdale

      These are all valid points. Whatever program a person selects to watch their calorie intake requires counting calories and/or logging what is being eaten. The old fat free diet resulted in weight gain when there was no method for controlling the amount of food eaten.