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Don't Forget to Rinse Your Mouth After Using an Asthma Spray

Updated on November 6, 2015

Asthma is hard to cure, but can be controlled with medications containing powder steroid spray. Do not forget to rinse with boiled water after a spray into the mouth, because if you forget to rinse the medicine it will only aggravate asthma.

Residual steroid left in the mouth can trigger the growth of fungi. If not rinsed, the fungus has become a trigger of asthma. Medications for asthma spray that contains steroids are controlled drugs that must be used at all times so asthma attacks do not recur. There are only two products on the market, ie. Symbicort (R) made by AstraZeneca and Seretide (R) made by GSK.

Asthma controller medication is given because it is basically difficult or even asthma can not be cured, but can be controlled. Giving controller medicine regularly will prevent relapse and maintain normal lung function, so that people with asthma can move like a normal healthy person.

Asthma controller medication is a drug intended to prevent recurrence. Whereas in case of attack, the type of drug used is a salve medicine (reliever). Medicinal salve used only once in an emergency in the event of an asthma attack.

In contrast to drug control, drug salve does not contain steroids, so no need to rinse after use. To remember, drugs salve not to be consumed every day because only the symptoms and not cure the inflammation that triggers asthma attacks.

Inflammation triggered by hypersensitivity of cells in the respiratory tract resulted in narrowing of the airway. In acute attacks, narrowing the lead to shortness of breath, wheezing or a wheezing sound and breathless.


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    • WriterDJ profile image

      WriterDJ 6 years ago

      Thanks sunitibahl9 for stopping by, please come again :)

    • sunitibahl9 profile image

      SBHK 6 years ago from India

      great hub highly informational

    • WriterDJ profile image

      WriterDJ 6 years ago

      Hello Connie, thank you for your offer. Let's share, to share things that are useful for people who need.

      No, I don't know about policosanol, nice information to know!

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      Connie 6 years ago

      DJ, Thanks for following my Hubpages article. Hope you will link to my website I will be linking to yours.

      Did you know that Policosanol can lower your blood pressure and cholesterol? It also prevents heart attacks, strokes and tooth decay. It is made from natural sugar cane, is real cheap to purchase, only takes 15 mg. a day and it really works!

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      WriterDJ 6 years ago

      Hello AliciaC, good to hear you do the same. Thank you for coming by, reading and commenting

    • AliciaC profile image

      Linda Crampton 6 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

      Your hub is a good reminder to rinse the mouth after using an asthma inhaler. I use Symbicort, but luckily I've never had a fungal infection since I always rinse my mouth after using the inhaler.