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Don't Forget to Take Care of Yourself

Updated on April 1, 2016

Natural Protectors

      One of my own drawings
One of my own drawings

As a wife of 14 years, a mother of four beautiful children and a full time retail store manager, trust me when I say trying to find time for myself has always been a challenge but I also know how important it is. My husband, my children and my staff enjoy being around me much more when I'm not overly stressed. It has taken me a long time to figure out the tricks that work for me to balance everything and I do believe that for everyone it's a little different, but as women I think that many of us find it very easy to fall into the routine of doing everything for everybody, then get overwhelmed with having to do everything for everyone. Lol!

No matter what routine works out best for different people, I've learned that there are some basic key points that can be beneficial for every woman. Who doesn't want to be less stressed and enjoy life a little more? So, in this little article, hopefully as readers you will find some little tips to help you enjoy day to day life a little more and be able to breathe a little easier.

Quiet Time

One of the easiest steps I have found to regroup my thoughts on a regular basis is just to have some regular quiet time. Rather it be by just relaxing in a bath, reading in a quiet room or even just a few minutes in the car before you begin running your errands or going into work. No matter how or where, the important thing is just to have it be quiet for even just a few minutes to be able to breathe and organize your thoughts. Sometimes it's good to be able to enjoy silence.

Hobby Time

Find something you enjoy to do and do it! It could be something as easy as sitting on your porch and listening to the birds or it could be going out for a girls night and just letting yourself have some fun. For me, I truly enjoy drawing or writing while listening to music. Music has always been inspiring for me and sometimes I just let my pencil or brush flow with the music. Now, I do want to say that there are some hobbies that can become obsessive and more stressful, so just remember that whatever the hobby you prefer, it is to help you relax, not to add more stress to your life.


I have found that during more stressful times than others, being able to rationally prioritize my stresses and by looking at which one are more serious and lay out plans to solve those first, I feel much more confident knowing that I will be able to tackle these issues. Then the lesser stresses seem just as that, not so bad. After you do this for a while, when a bigger stress does pop up, you will feel much better about yourself and knowing that you can figure it out. Therefore, not getting as stressed in the first place because " you got this".

Love You!

Most importantly, none of us are perfect and we all need a little pat on the back every now and then. Remember, the happier you are with yourself, the happier you will make those around you. It may be your children looking forward to spend time with you or your husband loving to hear about your day or just people in general truly enjoying being around you, because positivity is contagious! It is great to be there for everyone around you, but NEVER forget to do the same for yourself. You deserve it!

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