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Don't Let The Demons Of Alcohol Addiction Take You Down

Updated on July 30, 2013

Stop drinking alcohol while you are ahead. Don't let the demons of alcohol addiction take you down. Get the demons out of your life once and for all and forever. Live that life of sobriety like God intended you to live and not self destroy yourself with alcohol and drugs.

We all have one life to live so why do we abuse our bodies and destroy our minds and ruin perfect families along the way, not to say taking that chance of an early grave.

Man, I wish I would of stopped drinking alcohol years ago if I knew then what I know now about just how great sobriety is.

I don't have to tell you how these demons of alcohol can destroy your life and the ones you love and care about on the way. We the alcoholic are not the only ones suffering with this addiction to alcohol. We are taking down our family right along with us and the sad part of it all is that we the alcoholic don't even see it or what happening around us. We are to tied up in our addiction and the alcohol comes first in most alcoholics lives. Everything else is secondary. Sad to say, but very true and I am proof of that.

We are all blinded by our addictions. We are destroying things that mean the world to us and we are too weak to say goodbye to the one thing that will take us down in the end and you can count on that.


In order to live a life of sobriety we must be stronger than the demons the lurk inside every alcoholic's life.

I have to say when I started to drink alcohol as a fun time and an experiment I had no idea just how addicting alcohol was. All I knew was it made me get silly and most of the time stoned drunk and then alcohol and the demons gave me a big surprise each morning when my head felt like it was going to blow off.

These demons are not out to make you have fun. They are out to seek and destroy anyone that is week enough to let it happen. The alcohol demons do not discriminate by any means. They don't care how old you are or what race you are. They don't care if you are a young child, an adult, a male or female.

If you let these demons of alcohol into your life, you are going to have a hell of a time getting rid of them. Even if you decide stop drinking alcohol and do it with success, the demons will still be inside you just waiting for you to mess up and take that first drink and then bang, relapse time.

As far as my life of alcohol addiction, I will always be an alcoholic. I made the name for myself and now even being sober I will carry that name till the end of time and I say this because I know if I were to take one sip of alcohol I would be right back to drinking alcohol everyday.


Don't let the demons take you down. Stay strong for yourself and others that love and care for you. If you are an alcoholic and decide to come clean and quit drinking, you will be very surprised just how your life will change all for the better.

You will appreciate what you have and be happy for once. You will have that weight off your shoulder or should I say, the monkey off your back, meaning your alcohol demons.

You will start to heal and feel so much more healthier and happier. Try out sobriety, you might enjoy it!


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    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 5 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      danielabram- Yes when I finally decided to stop drinking I prayed to God to help me stay strong. I wrote a hub called "a life changing whisper in which will explain what happen that lonely night in my garage. Thanks for reading and your comment .

      healthylife2 -You are so right. Once away from the poison I feel like a 100o bucks. best thing I could ever had done in my life. Thank you for your kind words as well.

    • healthylife2 profile image

      Healthy Life 5 years ago from Connecticut, USA

      It's only after you get rid of the addiction that you realize how much healthier you feel and that life is better without it. Great hub...stay strong!

    • profile image

      danielabram 5 years ago

      I'm curious, have you found religion to help stop alcohol addiction?