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Don’t Let People Parasite Your Energy

Updated on March 30, 2013

Don’t Let People Parasite Your Energy

Ideally we would live in a world of perfect harmony and balance. But the truth is we do not. People tend to have an innate desire to want to take more or consume more than they actually need to.

This is not because people are inherently bad; it’s more a malfunction of the mind.

We have all seen how people can become hoarders of all types of things. From money, to animals, to objects and other collectables, hoarders get a sense of inner satisfaction by collecting more and more stuff.

This hoarding need is created by the Reptilian brain whose main purpose in life is survival. The reptilian brain thinks that the more of something it has the greater the chance of its survival.

You have probably heard of someone who is described as being cold blooded or reptilian in nature.

Whenever someone is described this way it is because they are primarily operating from the reptilian brain.

I have not heard of any cure for the reptilian brain, but one thing we can do is use our power of observation and see if we are operating under the guise of the Reppy Brain.

One method I use whenever I feel the reptilian brain showing itself is to take a deep breath and count to ten before reacting to life and life’s circumstances.

Granted, this is not a cure-all but it can help to keep you from getting all worked up.

Okay, so you’re probably wondering what the reptilian brain has to do with people parasiting off you. Great question and I have an answer.

The reptilian brain only knows of lack, and it will do whatever it can to make sure it does not have to use its own resources. It would much rather keep its own energy and use someone else’s.

Do you know someone who seems to always take, take, and take without giving anything back in return? Yes, these people are parasites. Just as a parasite in the body takes from the host without giving anything in return, so does a human parasite.

Parasites often leave their victims drained in one way or another. Whether they drain their host energetically or financially, they are taking away essential life force none the less.

How to know if you are around an energetic vampire

Each person is supposed to exist off his or her own life energy, happily and autonomously. However, many, if not the majority of people give away a part of their energy to others. This is okay if you are in control of the scenario. But, often one is not in control, while others basically manipulate your energy field in certain approaches to extort energy in a stealth way. This is the process known as energetic vampirism.

Like I said before, feeling drained or disoriented after being around someone or someplace is a likely indicator that you are being energetically zapped.

Unfortunately our lives are not set up to allow for ample time to really know how you feel. What I mean is that the way you feel is an indicator of your emotional health. Right now, how do you feel?

Are you calm and centered? Are you tired and listless?

Basically, you should be checking in on your energy levels every day. The secret here is to keep your natural energy levels high. One easy way to do this is to alter your diet.

I recommend you eat a whole, healthy diet eliminating processed foods as much as you can. I would also recommend you cut sugar out of your diet completely too.

Processed food as well as sugar will drastically lower your energy levels.

Feeling drained could also be the sign that you are merely dehydrated. Be sure to drink about a gallon of water a day to keep your body hydrated and running at full capacity.

Another energy drainer could be real parasites in the stomach and intestines. Check with your doctor and have them run a few tests on you to be absolutely sure.

Either way, each and every one of us has the capacity to survive off of our own energy field. There is no need for you to give your energy away to another except in circumstances like taking care of a baby or an elderly person.

Other than those two scenarios there is really no need to allow your personal energy to be parasite away from you.

Remember; always check in on how you feel after spending time around certain people and places to see if you are being charged up, or if you are being energetically drained.


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