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Double Gum hemp Seeds

Updated on May 26, 2016

Classic (not modified) marijuana Seeds

Mild / Continental

Compact size plant

Blooming 45 to 50 days

Harvest: solid

80% Indica

Taste is one of the distinctive traits of this remarkable hemp strain. At her finest, Double Gum tastes and smells like bubble-gum, reminiscent of childhood. Her powerful punch will simply amaze you. The seeds produce robust but flexible plants that are ideal for greenhouse, in-and outdoor growing. In order to thrive outdoors, the plant requires warmer atmospheric conditions. What makes this strain easy to develop and look after is its Indica type vegetation. Double Gum female plants develop a big central bud. The plant also produces individual buds which also have the ability to branch out. It is highly recommended that these branches be carefully looked into and treated as potential mother plants capable of delivering solid yields.


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