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Double Messages: Am I crazy?

Updated on July 14, 2009

love me go away

How would anyone know what is expected when the other persons constantly changes what they want?  Or they are passive aggressive and leave it to you to sit and  ponder the message.? Doesn't it make you angry when he pulls that on you?

Besides, why should you have to always be expected to figure out what he wants?. More importantly, what do you want? We can't be expected to know what's in someones heart unless they let us know in some way what it is.

My god, tap it out in Morse code, use semaphores, a pipe organ, beat it on African drums, dance the Watusi, sing Bach's Ode to Joy, but for Christ's sake, what are you trying to say? Ask him what's up dude? If he don't know, I bet lots of other dudes would be happy to take you out and show some real interest in you.

I have little patience for these little boy types who need constant reassurance that they are number one, yet can't give their mate the time of day. God, aren't you worn out from his head games? Let me see, I bet his mom or his dad are exactly the same way. Everyone has to guess what is going on in the household..

SWe alll have our own reasons for getting into a relationship. Have you ever sat down and wrote in a journal what it is you love about this guy?  Be honest.  In another column, put down your dislikes. This might surprise you when you are finished.

I want to say dump this guy, but that is not up to me to decide. If I was your brother, I would be so pissed.  You have a lot of feelings that you have had to lock away.  Maybe you could write about how it makes you feel when you feel like people are ignoring you or hurting your feelings.  We are not placed here to be a door mat for everyone else. Give yourself some time, if you don't see it going anywhere, think about changing your life around a little.

Feel free to use Hub Pages. There are a lot of caring people who can be very powerful when they hold hands with some other hubbers.  Good luck.  Keep writing.


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