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Dr. Dukan Diet - A Detailed Profile on the Dukan Diet.

Updated on March 22, 2015

Dr Dukan diet is a diet plan which originated in France. It's a diet plan based on protein and was designed by Dr. Pierre Dukan who is a French doctor. Up to date, Dukan has sold more than 7 million copies all over the world since the year it was published (in 2000).


The main aim of Dukan diet plan is losing weight and Dr Dukan claims that by using this plan you can lose up to 10pounds within the first week after starting to use it and as you continue with the plan you continue losing 2 to 4 pounds each week till you reach the goal which you had set. While you under the program you can eat as much as you want (only foods which are approved in the program) and if you strictly follow the guidelines given, you won't regain the weight lost.

Theory Behind the Dukan Diet.

Keeping your calories on check is not crucial in losing weight, however, what you are required to watch is your protein levels which is the weight loss powerhouse. It fills, requires time and a lot of work for it to be digested by the body plus it contains low calorie levels per gram when compared to heavy carbohydrate foods. When you take a diet having high protein levels with low levels of carbohydrate and fat, losing weight becomes easier and fast. This is so because when you limit carbohydrate and fat intake, it forces the body to look for alternative source(s) of fuel which is the fat stored in the fat cells.

How does Dr Dukan Diet work?

For you to successfully use the Dukan diet plan you have to prepare yourself for many strict rules. All the 4 phases of Dukan diet has a number of what to do and not what to do. Even the slightest or simplest mistake is considered to be very destructive. Below are the four phases of Dukan diet and what is expected in each phase.

Phase 1: Attack

During this phase you can eat all you want without any limitations. In this phase you can eat pork, lean meat, veal or venison; organ meat such as the liver and tongue can be eaten; eggs; any poultry meat; fish; shell-fish; vegetable proteins such as seitan and tofu; no-fat dairy products; non-calorie drinks (like diet soda); water and 1&1/2 tablespoon of oat bran is also required to be taken during phase 1. You can add spices or herbs in the meals so as to avoid monopoly when eating some of these foods. In case you crave any other foods other than the ones listed in phase 1, please don't eat because Dr. Dukan warns that eating any other foods which have not been listed is just like using a needle to puncture a balloon. Attack phase only lasts for 10 days and this will greatly depend on how much weight you need to lose. For dieters who need to lose between 20 to 40 pounds their attack phase can last for only 5 days. During the Attack phase, one can lose between 4 to 7 pounds.

Phase 2: Cruise

In the second phase, you are expected to add into your diet any vegetable which you can consume. Vegetables which Dr. Dukan recommends should contain no starch such as cucumbers, peppers, mushrooms, salad greens and zucchini. Dr. Dukan also recommends alternating 'pure protein' taken during the attack phase with proteins plus vegetable. Alternatively you can have 5 days of eating 'pure protein' then alternate it with 5 days of eating protein plus vegetables. When having protein plus vegetables, it is recommended to use 2 spoonfuls of the oat bran instead. During the cruise phase, Dr. Dukan says you will lose 2 to 4 pounds of weight each week. However, you can continue alternating till you reach your phase 2 goal.

Phase 3: Consolidation

Now at this phase, what it is mainly expected of you is to try very hard to keep off the pounds already lost because at this stage a person is vulnerable to regaining the weight he/ she had lost. The only option here is the "transition" phase which lasts 5 days for each pound lost. This means that dieters who have successfully lost 20 - 40 pounds should stay in consolidation for a period between 100 - 200 days. You are still only expected to eat what you have been eating in the other two previous phases but the only difference is, you can mix them as you wish. On each day, you will also include a fruit, 2 slices of whole grain bread, and one & a half ounces of cheese. You are also allowed to include 2 starch foods servings (such as pasta or quinoa), 3 specific protein fulfillment (like cooked ham, roasted pork of even the leg of a lamb) and 1 or 2 "celebration meals" whereby you are allowed to eat whatever you like as long as you don't make it a habit. Using 2 tablespoons of oat bran daily still remains in your diet. You are also required to have pure protein diet just like in the Attack phase at least once a week.

Phase 4: Permanent Stabilization

Once you have successfully reached the fourth phase then you can enjoy the freedom of eating whatever you like within 6 days of the week as long as you don't forget the teachings you learned from the consolidation phase. At this stage, taking 3 tablespoons of oat bran will now be mandatory. On the seventh day, you can enjoy pure protein diet just like you did during the Attack phase. This is the phase which is meant to stay for a lifetime just like its name suggests.

What to do and what not do when following Dr Dukan diet.

1) What to do; Ensure that you consume a lot of proteins during the first phase period and on instances when you are expected to consume pure protein. Also eat oat bran as its recommended because it plays an important role in making you feel full, it reduces the levels of cholesterol and it slows down the absorption rate of fat and sugar.

2) What not to do; Make sure you don't stray from any rules which you are expected to follow.

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Dr. Dukan Diet

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