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Dr. Gillian McKeith The Weight Loss Guru From Scotland

Updated on February 12, 2013

She is a Nutritional Counseler to Royalty, and People From All Walks of Life

You wouldn't catch Gil sneaking to her fridge in the middle of night, unless it something healthy.
You wouldn't catch Gil sneaking to her fridge in the middle of night, unless it something healthy.
Lucky for all of us, Gillian's Diet of Abundance include a whole lot more to eat than just carrots.
Lucky for all of us, Gillian's Diet of Abundance include a whole lot more to eat than just carrots.
You can eat an abundance the right foods and be thin to.
You can eat an abundance the right foods and be thin to.

We all need a diet drill sergeant.

I first saw Dr. Gillian McKeith back in February 2008 on her health and nutrition program titled You Are What You Eat which airs on BBC. Since I was going through a few health issues of my own at the time, I was very interested in how Dr. Gillian helped her patients overcome their own health issues. I had problems with food allergies and other digestion related issues; therefore, I found the information on her program to be very valuable. Thanks, to her program protocol, I even had my doctor perform a test on me similar to the one she has all her patients do, and thanks to that, I have been able to get well from a host of health problems.

I have purchased and read her book, You Are What You Eat. This book is fantastic, it doesn’t only help with weight loss, it is also a great guide on how to cure different ailments by eating the right foods, using certain herbs and healing teas. Her book gives a very accurate definition of what is considered bad food and good food. She also gives a detailed explanation of the composition of foods that create havoc for your body. Dr. McKeith further illustrates her point through the case studies of her patients. The book has a wonderful section on how the body is affected by nutritional deficiencies. She also teaches how to food combine and do an effective detoxification.

In her program, You Are What You Eat she chronicles each case study by describing the shape in which the patient came to her. She gives a dramatic description of that patient’s eating habits by placing a weeks worth of food choices made by that patient on a long table. After showing this table full of horrible food, she shows in an often descriptive and even graphic way what that food is doing to them. She also encourages her patients to change their exercise habits. She transforms their lives through her eight week program of eating an abundance of healthy foods and moderate exercise. The results are nothing short of astonishing, all of her patients shed many unwanted pounds, and they are relieved of their ongoing health ailments. This is only the beginning for all of the participants on her show, because health is a life long journey.

I have tried many of the different advices described in her book, You Are What You Eat, and it does work. I remember having a great deal of difficulty shedding some pounds last June. Thanks to reading her book in the wee hours of the morning, I found the section on food combining. I got up the next morning, and tried combining my meals the way she instructs in her book and the pounds just started to melt of. I also noticed that when you food combine, even when you decide to eat more, you do not gain back the weight as quickly. I also tried several of her twenty super quick tips, and was very happy with the results, I had more energy than ever before and I was sleeping very well at night as well.

Dr. Gillian McKeith has published many other excellent books as well; these include Gillian McKeith Boot Camp Diet, Gillian McKeith Food Bible, and You Are What You Eat Cookbook, as well as a Walking Workout and several other excellent books. She also has her own line of fruit and snack bars and juices. If you want to know more Dr. McKeith’s nutritional plans, and where to obtain her books and products go to and find a way to better and leaner you for 2010 because it is true, “you really are what you eat.”


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