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Does Dr. Scholl's Custom Fit Footmapping Machine Work?

Updated on December 3, 2015

Footmapping Machines in Local Stores

Dr. Scholl's now has kiosks in stores so you can have a machine recommend the correct custom insoles for your shoes. What you do is take your shoes off and stand on the platform. The machines are located primarily in select Wal-Mart stores and CVS pharmacies. This machine will take readings of your feet and how you stand. It will identify any problems (such as over- or under-pronation) to make a recommendation for you. The orthotic recommendation will let you know which of the products on display will suit your needs best.

Orthotics help correct problems related to your feet. If you are flat-footed, it is likely you "over-pronate" which means you need added support in the arch area. This does not mean you need a high-arched shoe, but the opposite. You need support and resistance to prevent rolling your foot in the wrong direction. People who "under-pronate" have high arches and roll their ankles outward.

This new innovative machine is designed for public easy access to custom products. Normally, these machines require the assistance of a sales associate in better running shoe stores. Custom orthtotics can replace your current insoles.

This site was started for people to post their experiences with products for other shoppers. As a customer myself, I often research products online and like to hear what other people say about it. This site is not affiliated with Dr. Scholl's.

Dr. Scholl's Machine Locations & Product Choices

Dr. Scholls site for locations of these machines in the United States.

You will see a box in the right-hand corner to search by zip code. Many of them are located in Wal-Mart stores in the pharmacy area. These machines include displays with products in each store.

For Canadian locations try Dr. Scholl's Canada.

I tested out the machine and was impressed by how it measured. You have to take a couple different measurements (one standing with both feet, and standing on each individual foot). The screen gives you a visual read of the pressure map of your foot and provides an orthotic product recommendation from their assortment for your individual needs. I had a high arch and low pressure on my foot and I was recommended the lowest number style.

The orthotic styles have numbers and the low number is for high arches and the highest number is for people with flat feet and need the most pronation control. I don't think this machine will tell you if you don't need an extra orthotic for support. It would never hurt you to have it especially if you are on your feet all day, so it appears they have models for people with neutral foot positions as well. It must be selling well; I saw a few of the orthotics were out of stock already.

The cost of orthotics at the station is $50 and there are 14 different support types. It may seem like a lot compared to other Dr. Scholl's products, but is significantly less expensive than other custom orthotics. You can get custom orthotics from a doctor or service for $200 to $500 and they are personalized for your individual feet. These reasonably-priced alternatives do work for many people and if you have concerns about your needs, check with your doctor.

Common Foot Problems Orthotics Can Help

Other Brands of Store Orthotics

If you are not interested in custom orthotics are just looking for basic cushion or support, Dr. Scholl's makes several lines of insoles. These can be cut to size for your exact shoe and come in men's or women's. Types include: Back Pain Relief, Tri-Comfort, Adjustable Arch pain relief and many more. These can be less then $20 and good if you need insoles for only one pair of shoes. Insoles can be a good way to get more miles out of running shoes, also. Many running shoes you think need replacing may just need new insoles.

Other orthotics in local retail locations include The Walking Company with over 200 retail locations and prices ranging from $44.95 to $79.95 for premium quality products with six-month warranties. If you have continuing knee of foot problems or require durable and serious support then I would recommend shopping around better shoe retail stores like The Walking Company or even medical supply stores whose inventory include several sizes and styles. Sometimes custom orthotics from a doctor's office are the most expensive option, but are a positive solution for individuals with back or spine misalignment or those with support needs a store brand can't satisfy.

Customer Comments and Returns

I have heard from people who have made a purchase that the insoles need to be worn a couple of times a week and take some breaking-in. Check the return policy of the store when you make the purchase but give them a chance to break in if they are uncomfortable for you. Also, wear them as a replacement insole to your current shoe instead of placing them on top of your current insoles.

You May Be Wearing the Wrong Shoe

If you have flat feet or high arches there are some types of shoes you should avoid. Filp flops, the incorrect type of athletic shoes and high heels may not be appropriate for your feet. If you have a flat foot I would advise finding an athletic shoe designed for 'stability'. Those with high arches need cushion. I sold running shoes for a couple of years and the type of shoe you wear can make or break your athletic performance or just hurt your feet and knees in general.

If you want to continue learning, please visit my shoe guide. If you are on your feet during the day and need the additional support, wearing a supportive athletic shoe if perfectly fine even if you are not participating in athletic activities.


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    • profile image

      Kathleen Aissen 2 years ago

      what cvs in miami fl has dr scholls foot machine

    • profile image

      Samantha 2 years ago

      Is there a Kiosk that is not in a Walmart? I live in Tucson, Arizona and I cannot seem to find one.

    • profile image

      Jackie 2 years ago

      I tested my foot on the Kiosks and left foot was 440 and right foot was perfect. I just purchased a pair of 440 and should I only wear the left insert or should I wear both foot with 440. Thanks Jacqueline

    • profile image

      deka21 4 years ago


      Used the machine today to see if I could get some relief for what I believed to be plantar faciatis and cannot believe the difference the insoles made just putting them into my shoes and walking out of the store (not limping as I had been going in). Amazing.

    • profile image

      Michael Vaughan 4 years ago

      This machine is a total rip off. The machine doesn't allow you time to line up on the middle of the graph, the machine also gave me 2 different inserts sizes to buy. I will go to a real doctor because messing with your spine and feet of something that can cause damage later on. These machines should be taken out all the stores.

    • profile image

      christina 4 years ago

      I got a 110 and 310 which 1 is the right 1 for me my fiancé got 130 and 310 which is right for him

    • profile image

      Suz :-) 4 years ago

      This is my 5th pair. I have had 2 surgeries due to Acute Capulitis. Feet inflammed and swelling and pain. 5 years now and tried everything including the custom made @200.00 a pair form the orthopedic podiatrist. I am part time in a wheelchair and when I bought these (cf-310) I haven't had to use the wheelchair. Dr.Scholl's gave me my life back. I am not 100 percent pain free but my pain was 10 and now 1 to 2 :-) I am trully grateful to Dr.Scholl's and saving money by not buying the custom one's from the podiatrist.

      THANK YOU DR.SCHOLL'S xoxoxo

    • profile image

      Danny 5 years ago

      I had a swollen Achilles tendon and my doctor gave me a one week off and order an X-ray been done on my left foot. I was given 800 mg of Ibuprofen to take 3 times a day and the swelling were gone but not the pain after resting for 7 days. X-ray results did say just Mild Osteophytosis or bone spurs. I am supposed to work the next day even though I am still with pain and still limping when walking. I tried the Dr Scholls Footmapping custom fit orthotic device and it gave me CF330. I bought it and was skeptical at first. I place them in both sole of my dress shoes and slid both my feet. That is the most wonderful feeling I had, not having any pain and walking normally. It is the first day yet so I would give another feedback after a week or two.

    • profile image

      Deanna 5 years ago

      I received an injury to my foot several years ago that has caused continuous problems including a severe sharp pain. I purchased the Custom Fit Orthotics a year ago and will be buying a new pair in a little while because they worked amazing.

    • profile image

      Doug 5 years ago

      You must be consistent with foot placement on the machine. Aligning the heels at the exact same location each time a measurement is taken is critical to accuracy and repeatability. Apparently, there are a lot of people that want to blame the machine for variable results rather then not properlly following the guides. I have noticed, however, that some of the kiosks no longer are requiring that the heel be aligned at the footplace so maybe Dr Scholls are made a software adjustment to counter improper foot placements.

    • profile image

      Gene 5 years ago

      I bought 420 a year ago. How long do they last before you need a new pair? I just re-tested and the machine recommended 320. Now I don't know which I need. What is the difference between 420 and 320?

    • profile image

      Frank J Corridori 5 years ago

      what stres in the worceer area has the machin that measures feet for dr. scxholls insertsthank you

    • profile image

      Jackae 5 years ago

      They are great tried twice got same results! High pressure n low arches 420

    • profile image

      Tonya. 5 years ago

      i went to a foot specialist about a year ago, he said i had very high arches. I went to a local store and stood on the foot mapping machine. I had three different result and only one said i had high arches. It was disappointing i was counting on these to work. I am starting a factory job and already i can barley walk from a eight hour job. I purchased the insole anyways and it didn't do anything to help my body. i don't recommend anyone to buy insole from the machine.

    • profile image

      waldo 5 years ago

      I did 4 tries and 4 different results came up..320, 330, 430, & 440. went to the running sports store and bought some powerwhatever insoles instead for $32. we

      ll see, it's for my plantar fasciitis anyway.

    • profile image

      susan 5 years ago

      love the pro arthritis inserts! immediate relief from hip and knee pain..

    • profile image

      Amber Mourglea 5 years ago

      I just purchased a pair, yesterday. I have low arches and the inserts feel good in my shoes. I have a job where I stand, all day, and about 4 hours or so, in my arches were killing me. Does anyone know how long it will be until my feet are used to them?? I know there is a break in period...just wondering about how long it would be. As I go back to my new job, Monday.

      Other than that, I feel good. My back and knees aren't bothering me like they did the day before I bought these. I am impressed, so far.

    • profile image

      pat 5 years ago

      went to a walmart in west berlin, nj - tried the machine 3X and each time I received a different support number - needless to say, I left without buying anything!

    • profile image

      janice mckinnon 5 years ago

      I purchased a pair of Dr Scholls Footmapping custom fit orthotic inserts at my Wallmart here in Palm Coast FL. They are not what I expected and I would like to return them. Your instructions say send upc code along with receipt. Don't you want the inserts also? Please advize.

    • profile image

      ann Walker 5 years ago

      I would like to know what do I need to fit inside my shoes because they are too big.

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