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Dr Scholls Fitness Walker

Updated on April 30, 2012
Dr. Scholl's Fitness Walker Toning Shoes
Dr. Scholl's Fitness Walker Toning Shoes

Scholl Toning Shoes

When it comes to healthy feet, Dr. Scholls is a name to be trusted.

No company puts more effort in to getting your feet in perfect shape, with an extensive range of foot care products and a wide range of healthy lifestyle shoes to get your feet in perfect shape. If you have foot pain, bunions, corns, calluses, hammer toes or need orthotics, you can be sure of Scholl to have a range of treatments to choose from.

Get the feet right, and the rest of the body looks after itself, and that is certainly true with Dr. Scholl Fitness Walker toning shoes. The rocker bottom tone shoes correct the posture, stimulate the blood circulation and ease muscle tension and joint pain - all in addition to firming up the lower body.

As you would expect from Dr. Scholl you get great foot care benefits too. The Scholl Fitness Walker features a massage gel insole to help ease the tension from tired feet and gets you feeling better throughout your body.

Forefoot flex grooves or a natural feel when walking
Forefoot flex grooves or a natural feel when walking

Dr. Scholls Fitness Walker Toning Shoes

Dr. Scholl's toning shoes use a rocker bottom design to get the muscles working harder with each step. The rocker bottom creates an unstable base underfoot, and the instabilities trigger increased muscle activity throughout the lower body, in particular in the calves, thighs and buttocks.

The rounded sole gets the feet rolling smoothly from heel to toe, and the shock waves from walking are properly dampened by the gel insert and underfoot EVA foam rubber. The exaggerated roll helps to condition the feet, whilst the forces acting on the joints are greatly reduced. As the posture is corrected, the spine becomes straighter, the shoulders roll back, and tension is eased throughout the body.

When you stand up straight, the body can work efficiently, breathing becomes easier, and you feel much better in yourself as a result. Not a bad set of benefits it has to be said.

Dr. Scholls Anatomy Lesson

Where the comfort comes from
Where the comfort comes from

Scholl Toning Shoes Designs & Features

  • Highly breathable mesh uppers to let heat and steam escape
  • Dr. Scholl's® Massaging Gel insert
  • Rocker bottom design with rubber outsole for traction
  • Forefoot outsole grooves for a natural flex when walking
  • Padded collar and tongue to prevent abrasion
  • Reflective treatment on the leather for safety
  • Aegis anti-microbial treatment to prevent odour
  • Dri-Lex(R) moisture wicking lining to keep the feet dry
  • Protective toe and heel bumpers to increase the lifespan of the shoes
  • Supportive Stability Bridge (Interval Only)

Scholl Fitness Walker Inspire

Dr. Scholl's Fitness Walker Inspire is a lightweight toning shoe ideal for walking and casual wear, rather than running or jogging.

Scholl Fitness Walker Inspire
Scholl Fitness Walker Inspire

Scholl Fitness Walker Interval

The Scholl Fitness Walker Interval is the latest release, which features improved stability thanks to the addition of a supportive stability bridge to help keep the shoes stable as you pick up the pace. The stability bridge helps to prevent lateral movement without decreasing the dorsiflexion from heel to toe.

Scholl Fitness Walker Interval
Scholl Fitness Walker Interval

Buy Dr. Scholls Toning Shoes online

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