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Dr. Wakefield Vindicated?: Q/A Raises More Questions About Vaccinations and Its Link to Autism

Updated on April 24, 2020
abbykorinnelee profile image

Bachelors Degree in Organizational Behavioral Psychology with a background in Autism, Mental Health, Business Psychology. Sales Management

Wakefield v Anderson Cooper Regarding Autism and Vaccine Link

An intense debate had aired between Anderson Cooper and Dr Andrew Wakefield regarding the declaration recently that Dr. Wakefield's report from 1998; linking the MMR vaccine to regressive autism was " an elaborate fraud". Mr Cooper did some background on Dr Wakefield's study of 12 children linking vaccines and autism and the British Medical Journal just recently stated it was fraudulent. Despite however, the huge uproar it may have caused in the scientific community; Wakefield's own peers. It didn't affect the dedicated people that support him.

Jenny McCarthy is an advocate that spreads information across the country citing Dr Wakefield's findings. She claims, as many others, that the MMR vaccine "triggered" her son's autism ( CDC on an interview on CNN the Chief herself states that their may be a  definite link between predisposed genetic mitochondrial dysfunction and the vaccine acts a trigger. ) The multi-live viruses are also a trigger but Jenny McCarthy stands in her conviction that the vaccines play the largest role in "triggering" autism.


Lawmakers also latched onto Wakefield's findings as Congressman Dan Burton believes his grandson's autism was caused by vaccines. He had scientists from around the world speak in front of his committee saying that its a major cause due to the mercury content ( 2008 ).

Mr Cooper stated that the mercury was removed from MOST of the vaccines by 2001; yet the rates still climbed. ( They never took into account the registering of all cases of autism )

In 2004; 10 of the 12 co-authors removed their names from Wakefield's paper published in the Lancet. It was retracted by the BMJ because of the problems in its methods. A few months later Dr Wakefield lost his medical license to practice medicine in the UK. Editors of the BMJ calling it an "elaborate fraud" that's done lasting damage to both the United States and the UK due to parents refusing to vaccinate their children.

Now their have been measles outbreaks in states like California and Wisconsin.

The U.S. has seen the most cases of whooping cough since 1947. 10 infants died in California as a result.

Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey in February of 2010 stated:


Republican Dan Burton of Indiana in June of 2002 stated:


Deere, the investigative journalist that spent seven years investigating "bogus" data said that Wakefield altered patients facts on medical history and exploited a scared mothers for financial gain. Supported through the investigation, mind you, by British Pharmaceutical Industries "exclusively funded" which when Wakefield told Mr Cooper he yet again, cut him off so he couldn't say anything. Wakefield calls it a "ruthless pragmatic attempt to crush any investigation into valid vaccine safety concerns." Wakefield stated that the patients parents were indeed not interviewed and "if he is concerned of the truth he can read the truth in there."

Never was I so appalled at the display of Anderson Cooper as interrupting the answers to his own questions. Dr Wakefield was very agitated and was stuttering and did try to talk over Cooper but I don't attest the behavior to lying either; like I normally would due to the lack of unprofessional interviewing tactics of a much respect journalist. I like Anderson Cooper and I was really shocked at the display. I think that McCarthy may be right; the media is on some wierd campaign to fry Doctor Wakefield for this report. One that has been replicated, not by himself maybe, but by many different countries.

Dr Wakefield Autism Advocate


Interview with Parent 11 Regarding Deere Interview

When Deere introduced himself to request an interview with one of the parents on the 12 children panel of Dr Wakefield's study just recently retracted from the British Medical Journal; he gave his name as Brian Lawrence. A distrustful start as the parent didn't find out his true identity until days after the meeting. She described the interview as "distressing". Parents sent a letter and one emailed from out of the country that the allegations were false. They sent the letter to the GMC 22nd December 2008 and said they were referred in the proper manner for gastrointestinal problems.

Many parents had been to several different doctors but Wakefield's team was the first to do a comprehensive evaluation. They were always fully aware of what was being done and the children were never in distress. They greatly improved and are pain free.

They followed the GMC hearings very distressed because they never were given an opportunity to refute allegations and were excluded from giving evidence supporting Dr Wakefield.

Dr. Wakefield Advocating for More Research

Questions and Answers: Susan Hyman M.D; an Associate Professor Pediatrics Dvision of Neurodevelopmental and Behavioral Pediatrics

On January 6, 2011 the Washington Post online website discusses the study of Dr Wakefield's and that it was found to be a fraud. Hosting the live question and answer spot is Susan Hyman MD and the associate professor of pediatrics and division chief of neurodevelopmental and behavioral pediatrics at golisano children's hospital at the University of Rochester Medical Center.

Through Q and A Susan Hyman explained Brian Deer Is the person who wrote an editorial on their opinions of the multiple sources of information he obtained. It is very important for families of children with Autism to Examine Therapies based on Scientific evidence that is why the current controversy is so important.

Peer reviewed scientific literature (medical and scientific journals) depend on both editors and volunteer scientists to review the study's submitted for accurate interpretation and ethical conduct. About 10 % of autistic individuals have an underlying predisposed genetic trait for Autism that can not be identified using current test methods.

A very interesting fact that a question was asked had to do with whether gender and ethnicity accounted for a drastic rise in diagnosed cases of Autism. Another one asking if Vaccines are not linked to Autism; he isn't a believer it is either, then why such the drastic rise in cases diagnosed? Regurgitated information is given as the reason as it does on all vaccines are safe side. They repeated its primarily genetics but in the same interview she states they are only 10 percent that are predisposed for an underlying genetic trait. 20 years ago this person has the belief that ADHD was over-diagnosed and mostly in boys and with Autism it seemed that it was the same things. That gender and ethnicity labels were more of a factor than medical contributions.

To account for the 1000 percent increase in thirty years of autism diagnosis to 1 in 110/1-70 boys and 1 in 88 military dependents the extreme increase is due to improved awareness and awareness availability of services or a "POSSIBLE" prevalence is actually increasing.

I do agree with Susan Hyman that the DSM IV published distinct criteria for ADHD and ADD and Autism to prevent the accidental frequent misdiagnosis of the two disorders.

If a study is funded through the National Institute of Health some are required to make data available for outside analysis. Reasoning behind peer review by scientists they are unaware if the identities of them; and its supposed to validate accurate information. But that didn't explain WHY WE AS THE PUBLIC can access only one side of the argument but stand on the the CDC side. CDC is asking us to just think for us.

I have to interject on this issue asking my own question; that someone is more than welcome to send a comment or message to answer it. My question is Why not all the data has to be available for the public to access for analysis? Are we not intelligent enough? I understood a lot of the information in the studies and I have been to college and I have been rational, I have no preset notion of what I wanted to be the outcome, I have wanted to do articles in depth on both sides; but I refuse to sit and write the CDC says its safe because five scientists the CDC hired looked at data that none of us can see and then feel comfortable following them. They are asking to think for us...more like demanding as this issue is really huge. They are putting words into mouths of Jenny McCarthy, Dr Wakefield, the parents in the study, Jim Carrey and Robert F Kennedy. NONE OF THEM are anti-vaccine..."SOME kids are TRIGGERED BY Vaccinations."

Another thing is that whenever she is asked a question that is not on her "side of the fense" and I have seen the representatives from the CDC do the same thing as well , they talk around the question; they don't answer it in even a half informational way. So if you aren't going to provide all your data, and you aren't going to diretly answer the question then what are we supposed to think? CDC that is your cue; tell me what to think......



Wakefield Can Not Sue State of Texas for Defamation

Back in 2010 Wakefield had been discredited and they revoked his medical license over the study that showed a possible link to the MMR vaccine to gastrointestinal disease that was found in children with Autism. It was ruled in 2014 that he can't sue a British magazine for defamation where the editor and journalist resides in the state of Texas. The decision stated that he can't sue because the ties weren't strong enough to the state. They also lack jurisdiction because he doesn't have strong enough ties to have access to the Austin courts. The state has no jurisdiction over the magazine.

“The publications concerned Wakefield’s conduct and activities that occurred in England, and Texas is never mentioned in any of the articles,” Field wrote.

“We disagree with this decision, which denies Dr. Wakefield his day in court,” Parrish said. “It is important to note that this decision is on procedural and jurisdictional issues and in no ways addresses the merits of Dr. Wakefield’s claims.

© 2011 Abigayle Rourk


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    • abbykorinnelee profile imageAUTHOR

      Abigayle Rourk 

      11 months ago from Ripon, Wisconsin

      I believe that the vaccine schedule increases because they need to profit. It’s weakened our natural immune systems and it has created a metal toxicity within our bodies.

    • Bible Flock Box profile image

      Bible Flock Box 

      6 years ago

      I don't believe vaccines work. I wrote a hub about it, entitled, "10 Facts that Vaccine Companies Don't Want You to Know".

    • abbykorinnelee profile imageAUTHOR

      Abigayle Rourk 

      8 years ago from Ripon, Wisconsin

      It didn't to me either. It still doesn't. I read a lot during this because all I knew was how to learn to raise an Autistic child and never thought about what caused it before. I think I wrote another one about how there is a great theory and one I agree with, on how so many envionmental factors play a huge role. Living close to freeways, the use of pesticides, vaccines, contaminated water supplies, and things like our diet and eating processed foods and all. It made sense to me because we lived on a Naval base that leased out its massive land to local farmers and one of the fields was right behind our on base house. They sprayed so much pesticdies that we litterally had a film on our car. The pesticides even eroded the lenses on my glasses. We lived off a main highway. We were instructed not to drink the water from the tap so we had bottled water but we made infant fomula from the water, cooked with it and made tea and koolaide with it. Add in the spike in how many vaccines the kids were supposed to get,. I started to read up on the toxicity idea too. It could have been the vacciens thmesleves wasn't enough heavy metals to harm a kid but there is even mercury or alumininum I can't remember, in makeup! So comgine all of that together and it makes sense as to why my son had Autism. He was the only child that was concieved (found out I was pregnant three days after septemeber 11th), carried to term there, and raised 2.5 years and got all his vaccinations there too. He is the only one out of the four that has Autism.

      Add to this right? My fourth son started regressing and had gotten sick like my first one did when he got his first round of MMR when he also go the was so drastic my other son's psychologist noticed and wanted to screen him for autism and we discussed the vaccines and we thought to stop them and delay them until we knew what was going on. I didn't give him another vaccines until he started pre-school several years later and got him caught up and after eight months of regressing all of a sudden he bounced back.

      Could you imagine if the government had to say (Sorry we didn't realize that the combination of all of this has given us this epidemic?" That it was an oversight on their part (which I think they do know) and the financial ramifications of admitting that? To pay all those families because we feel forced to vaccinate? I don't know but I am careful now and follow a vaccination schedule that gives all my kids their shots but not all at once. I space them out and I log the reactions and only vaccine my autistic son didn't get was the second round of chicken pox because its not mandatory and it would have been traumatizing for him.

    • TNSabrina profile image


      8 years ago

      Oh wow, so she actually admitted it and then tried to backtrack. I don’t have much knowledge on autism or its presumed causes, but I typed into Google the keywords “vaccines or genes autism”, and one of the top articles stated that there is very little effort to objectively pursue the autism-vaccination connection. It also stated how the gene theory doesn’t explain how healthy babies become autistic after undergoing part of an intense series of vaccinations. I read a few other articles briefly and it appears that they have yet to discover the actual cause and if genes are responsible by themselves. They have changed their gene theory from a single gene to mutated genes, and then discredit vaccinations altogether. It doesn’t make much sense to me.

    • abbykorinnelee profile imageAUTHOR

      Abigayle Rourk 

      8 years ago from Ripon, Wisconsin

      You know what got me through this entire thing is why not let the public access the studies? Someone asked the guy in charge of the CDC when Jenny McCarthys followers were there and he said that mom's like me who think like she does are "hysterical" and "only want to find someone or something to blame instead of that its actually our fault because its our genes" and hat we didn't need to see them ourselves because it was done the correct way in procedures and we basically are supposed to believe whatever they say. THAN the women that was speaking for the CDC, who had been saying there is no link for vaccines and autism and that it was genetics, slipped in an interview I was watching with I think it was Anderson Cooper and she said that "VACCINES ACT AS A TRIGGER FOR GENETIC PRE-DISPOSITION FOR AUTISM but that they could have gotten the autism anyway. Than she realized what she said and tried to talk around it.

    • TNSabrina profile image


      8 years ago

      Did your son have that deadly reaction after having the vaccinations? If so, then something does not feel right about that. Do you know if other people have picked up this study in wake of them trying to disclaim Dr. Wakefield? I cannot believe that doctors would follow suit in discrediting a fellow doctor even knowing that nothing in science is 100% certain and is constantly changing as people discover more. Everything that has been discovered was probably argued over by scientists, doctors, and other professionals. It seems they would be open to at least the possibility that vaccinations could trigger predispositioned children, and at the very least start posting warnings. They post warnings on medicines all the time.

    • abbykorinnelee profile imageAUTHOR

      Abigayle Rourk 

      8 years ago from Ripon, Wisconsin

      I started doing research because I was going to play devil's advocate and argue both sides on equal footing. I have access too the library at school online and I can get the peer reviewed work and the valid studies so I didn't have to just try and decipher fairly the local media...I used both and I tell you what there was nothing and even when there was they had their stories so sideways that it was obvious they were lying. They actually didn't give Autism that much for funding for research at that time, in fact out of every childhood ailment or disorder they were among the lowest but yet had the biggest increase in diagnosed cases. The CDC actually tried to state it was a 3000 percent increase due to our diagnostic critera now a days. I call BS on that one. I actually had watched my son regress and didn't put two and two together until I looked at all of this...I even pulled out his medical recrds and his doctor's visit well baby's. Hie ER paperwork. He had a reaction that almost killed him had we not taken him in time seven days after the two rounds and they never reported it to teh vaccine injury.

      I even found othe rstudies recently confirming Hepatitis vaccines were found to have a causation. The thing is they are so buried inside the system for the library that its hard to find time to find enough of them to be able to go vocal. I am glad that you were able to read it.

    • TNSabrina profile image


      8 years ago

      I think it is possible that the vaccines can trigger autism and it may be one of those things were the higher ups are willing to sacrifice a few for the majority. The media does twist things and often are more worried about top stories than the truth. Everyone has to use critical thinking when watching any type of propaganda. I think there needs to be more studies done and they need to be done by someone other than CDC. I don’t understand why the data isn’t available to the public. This makes me very suspicious. It seems they would want to prove their point with sound and valid evidence. Talk is cheap. I want to see their reports myself.


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