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Drain The Sour And Refill With Sweetness

Updated on April 26, 2012

Lose the Bad and Energize with the Good

I believe that a component that is necessary for us to reach spiritual elnlightenment where peace is the main dominating factor within the mind is the emptying process of the things that limit us or give us a sour feeling. We should look at ourselves as though we are a basin comprised of our mind, body and spirit. Within this basin we hold all of our memories & thoughts, conditioned patterns and routines within the limitations that we have set forth unto ourselves. I believe that we must all take a close look at ourselves and empty our basins of anything that binds us up in a negative fashion. If what we hold within our basin does not serve us in a positive fashion, I believe that we should pull the plug and drain all of the unnecessary things that pull us down within our lives.
Pull the plug on anything that serves you of no valuable purpose. Drain the memories of the past that bind you in sadness and regret. We are only human and we all make mistakes. No one is perfect and within all the mistakes that we make there is an unlying message to be learned. There is no point for any of us to hold on to memories that sadden the sweetness of our soul. There is no point reliving those situations from our yester years that make us shed many tears. Why do we hurt ourselves so? Why do some hold on to those anchoring chains within depressing and negative thoughts from years gone past? Do some feel guity if they let those negative feelings go? We must pull the plug in order to refill with sweeter thoughts and build new memories that are united with the heart and goodness.
The first step I believe in the draining process is to forgive yourself of any wrong doings that have occured in your past. Say you are sorry to yourself and really mean it. Ask for forgiveness from the Source of creation that you hold within yourself. Drain the sadness and cry it out if you have to. Learn from the negative experiences and move on. Let nothing sour your sweetness as we are meant to walk a Happy Road everyday. I believe that as long as we learn the valuable lesson within any negative circumstance and do not repeat the situation that caused us grief then we are stepping outward in the right direction. So lossen the chains that bind you and free yourself in order to take on a fresh perspective. A new perspective, a new beginning you could say like a rebirth.
Once you have emptied yourself of all the negativity within yourself which could take a bit of time but well worth it for the reward is a peaceful existance within this amazing world that we live. So now, the bad is gone and its time to refill yourself with sweeter things. Its time to build a string of happy thoughts one upon the other until you have built a chain of goodness. Be aware within your now pure existance to what you let in. Be conscious of any sour thoughts, actions, reactions that take place within your realm of being for we do not want to refill ourselves with anything sour. So, when we are fully aware and learn to control our thoughts, then our inner realm with relfect a more positive environment and this positive envirnonment within will be reflected in our outer world. Our outer world I believe is a reflection of our inner world, so the more peaceful we are inside the more peaceful things will be outside. When things are peaceful on the outside, you can draw from this to add within yourself on the inside, kind like one works off the other in an union per say.
The union that we hold between our inner world and outer world should exude love, peace, joy and kindness along with a deep sense for the love that we have for ourselves and the light within us. When we have faith and believe in ourselves and the light within ourelves anything is achievable. When we align with all that is good we are supporting the nature of the light within which is our true nature. Our true nature is one that aligns with love, happiness, kindness, joy and a host of other positive qualties. When we live within positivity, our lives become more balanced. Our emotions are a clear indicator as to whether we are aligned properly or not. Please, try to be consious of your state of mind through the guidance system of your emotions. If you are feeling a little off, exchange the current thought for a better one. Drain the bad and refill with the good. Be conscious as to the fuel that enters into you, the better the fuel the better the power within ourselves for we will operate more efficiently and effectiviely.
So many live their lives anchored with soured thoughts from the past that traps them sometimes forever and the pain can be seen clearly on them. Those that carry this disruptive pain within themselves age as the depressing thoughts suck the vitality out of them bit by bit as each day goes on. Not only do the people that carry these depressing thoughts within themselves hurt themselves, they hurt those around them. People that live a life of sadness show the sadness and pull others into their vortex of depression. If others aren't aware, their attitude will mirror to the one that is sour. These people will suck the energy and vitality out of those who otherwise live in a happy realm. The depletion of positive energy from the happy souls with fuel the sour soul, you see. There are many sour souls that walk the face of this Earth and you must be weary and on guard for if you are not, you will pray the price as your positive energy will become depleted and the sour soul will walk away strong for they feed on the positive energy of others.
Be aware and on guard for the sour souls that walk within your realm. Put up a barrier in order to protect yourself from the stream of negativity that can infect you. Exhibit and put forth all of your high vibratory positive energy in order to overtake the negativity energy that is in front of you. The positive and high vibration will overtake and reign above the lower vibratory energy. We should not cower from these negative energy suckers, we must rise above them and show them the light of happiness, joy and pure bliss in order to keep ourselves elevated in a high vibration where our lives are filled with optimism and positivity always.
The sour souls that walk sad and baron roads can be spotted instantly. You can feel the vibe from them which is one that exudes negativity. Your intuition will tell give you the sense that this person is one to be weary of for some reason. I know from past experience that I have shaken the hands of certain people and a terrible feeling will go through my hand, up my arm and into my body. I can feel the negative vibration instantly and I am then, from that moment on, on guard, monitoring what my body is telling me as I disect and monitor the sour soul who I am in an encounter with. I listen to the signals and queues that are within myself and I trust fully in my intuitive senses for they have never let me down....ever!
We must have empathy for those who walk the Sour Road for they know not what they do. They live within a world that exudes something opposite of their true nature, I believe. For if they were in line with their true nature, they would not feel the way that they do. I hope for those who walk the Sour Road that one day they take a different path. For, if they stay on the same path as they are currently on, their lives will stay the same, you see......when nothing changes inward within oneself......nothing will change outward. The battle they fight within themselves....shows outwardly on themselves and are shown clearly through their body language, conversing words and their health, appearance and energy levels.
So in closing....empty the sour and refill with sweetness.....block the sour from entering and put forth the sweetness in abundance. Like good will prevail over evil....sweet will prevail over sour. I wish for all to walk the road of Sweetness each and everyday of their lives in order to experience the full experience of life. Never let anyone sour the sweetness of your soul as it's just not worth it. Don't let anyone ruin your day....its just not worth it. When you stand within a peaceful realm of existance, nothing negative can penetrate it for it is a strong existance....very strong!



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