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Dream Analysis of Pigs - Meaning of Pigs in Dreams

Updated on September 9, 2014

It's unusual to see the pigs in dreams, so any such dream is very hard to analyze. Ultimately, only the dreamer knows how to link any creature from his dream to his real-life situation. Any creature we see in a dream has symbolic meaning, and we can look at what other cultures and religions say, but it's up to us to figure out how they relate to our life.

What does it mean to dream about pigs?
What does it mean to dream about pigs?

Keep a Dream Journal and Remember Your Dreams

To understand your dreams, the first thing you need to do is remember the dream. This can be difficult, as we don't remember most of our dreams. As soon as you wake up, write in a dream journal that you keep by your bed. Record every bit of your dream you can remember, as every detail in a dream is helpful.

Pigs as a Sign of Bad Luck in Culture or Religion

In some Christian art folklore, Satan is portrayed as having cloven hooves, snout, or curly tail like a pig.
In some Christian art folklore, Satan is portrayed as having cloven hooves, snout, or curly tail like a pig.

Are pigs a sign of good or bad luck? It depends on who you ask.

Some cultures associate pigs with laziness, uncleanliness, gluttony, and greed. Others see pigs in dreams as bad luck or a bad omen. In Islam and Judaism, pigs are seen as unclean and eating pork a sin. While most Christians eat pork, some, like Seventh-Day Adventists, prohibit it. Some old European cultures saw pigs on boats as bad luck, and fishermen in England prohibited them on boats.

In some Christian folklore, the Devil has many pig-like features, such as his cloven hooves. In Lord of the Flies, the pig is a recurring motif representing aggression, madness, and savagery.

Pigs as a Sign of Good Luck or Fortune

Pigs represent abundance, and many cultures see them as foretelling good fortune.
Pigs represent abundance, and many cultures see them as foretelling good fortune.

However, in other cultures like Korea, a dream about pigs is a great omen suggesting that good fortune is on the way, usually in the form of money. In the Chinese zodiac, which assigns animal symbols to each year, the pig is also good luck. Some European cultures see pigs as lucky as well: in Germany, marzipan pigs—Glücksschwein—are a popular gift for the New Year, signifying good luck. In all of these instances, pigs are associated with abundance and good fortune.

As you can see, there are many ways to interpret what pigs in a dream may mean. You may find that a cultural or religious interpretation of pigs may be limiting. If so, read on for psychological interpretations of pigs in dreams.

Pigs as a Symbol of Fertility

Are you pregnant or trying to conceive? If so, expect to dream about pigs.
Are you pregnant or trying to conceive? If so, expect to dream about pigs.

Pigs are an ancient symbol of fertility. The ancient Egyptians and Celts both revered sows as representative of the qualities of motherhood: protection, abundance, life, and fertility. In ancient Greek mythology, Demeter, the goddess of fertility and the earth, kept a pig by her side.

As a symbol of abundance, the pig doesn't only represent money. Pigs can also indicate good fortune in the form of pregnancy and childbirth.

Cultural and Psychological Meanings of Pigs in Dream

The meaning of pigs in your dream will likely be a combination of the culture you come from and your individual psychological circumstances. Some psychologists say dreams are how our unconscious mind tries to be understood by our waking mind, and our minds produce symbols that we understand because of our cultural understanding of those symbols. Some examples of what your unconscious mind is trying to say when you have a dream about pigs:

  • For many, pigs represent ignorance, chauvinism, and gluttony. Perhaps a dragging relationship or burden in your life will be represented as a pig.
  • Some psychic events can be connected with pigs. For example, because of the association between pigs and gluttony, you may associate the pig with a lack of control. A pig may represent any future event that you have no control over.
  • Large appetites and lust are also associated with pigs. Though you may not notice it from your health, your subconscious mind's appetite and lust is different from physical needs. A pig in your dream might point to a deep unrealized need or desire.
  • Pigs are sometimes seen as ignorant and brutal beasts. Some of our worst habits and characteristics are shown by the pigs in dreams.

A psychologist can help you interpret your dreams about pigs.
A psychologist can help you interpret your dreams about pigs.

How to Avoid Nightmares About Pigs

Ultimately, dream interpretation is very personal. You might have a very specific association with pigs from your own life. Pigs are often associated with visions of slaughterhouses, filth, squealing, and sacrifice, and therefore lend themselves to nightmares.

In order to avoid having bad dreams about pigs, you need to figure out what anxieties or bad memories are causing you to have these nightmares in the first place. See if any of the below applies to you, and then work on it to avoid seeing beasts like pigs in your dreams.

  • Life often gives you financial, relationship, and other types of burdens. An overwhelming office workload, for example, contributes one's burden. So make sure you take time out for yourself and take a break from the things you care for in your life.
  • Are you ignoring anything? Relationship? Money problems? Family? If yes, take your dreams as a sign to improve on it.
  • Watching too much horror, psychological thrillers, or dark anime? If so, take a break.
  • By any chance are you overdoing physical contact with someone in any way? Work on that, too.

There are many other ways to interpret dreams about pigs, but it's up to you to relate those dreams with your real life and deal with the issues that haunt you.

What Do Your Dreams About Pigs Mean?

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    • profile image

      marlyn morgan 

      4 months ago

      Perhaps a dragging relationship or burden in your life will be represented as a pig. Too true ! Ive just linked an old dream I once had with the dream I dreamt last night. In both dreams there was a prince archetype and king/queen watching on; a cave/swamp/cellar which represents the feminine that men escape to sometimes through drink; and some sort of animal eating the prince. My first dream was a salamander with pointy teeth rising from the swamp after a leuitenant, last night it was a cellar full of pigs eating the bad boy I once loved alive !!!!! On both occasions I had got fed up with my relationship with a partner who had become a burden, and finished with them. My psyche was eating them alive. Yuk ! incorporating them? Transmuting them? Like a chrysalis. Growing up dream?

    • profile image


      5 months ago

      This was part of my nightmare anyways i saw pig head had a hanging rope around the neck and right next to him waas a giant gap in the ground and i actidentlly fell down a mountin side and pushed the pig down and i remember thinkin nooo i killed the pig and then i waited for any noises and after 30 secs i heard the most sadest loudest painfullest pig squeal ive ever heard ..... Does anyone know what it means? :(

    • profile image

      Muskaan taqdees 

      10 months ago

      I was beating pigs with a broom stick so that they cannot enter my home what does it mean please answer me I am getting worried about this dream and I believe that pigs are bad omen

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      I had dreamt about pig's (baby) are drinking in a massive line of truck with water in it.What does that mean?

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      What does it meamTo dream of a white pig

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      A little cute pig jumping wen i walking on the road nd chased me in my dream... I won't think dreaming pigs are bad omen. As em a lover of nature i love pigs becuz it helps in biodiversity there IQ are more than a man. most I read pigs are unclean but pigs are cleaner than any animal including man. Even though they eat ugly things they wanted to stay in cleany place.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      My Dream is about a package of Pig Feet, I haven't read things on the Dream, that is related to my dream.


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