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Dream Ejecting

Updated on August 25, 2011

What Is Dream Ejecting?

Dream Ejecting is a method used to regain control and/or change the contents of a dream. It increases a dreamer’s lucidity by removing the visual of their dream and replacing it with a visual of their actual surroundings without ever completely waking up.

How Does Dream Ejecting Work?

While having a lucid dream, if the dreamer desires to edit or completely end their dream, the first thing the dreamer would have to do is open their eyes. Once open the dreamer would see their actual surroundings, increasing lucidity. This would cause them to enter a hypnogogic state. When in a hypnogogic state a dreamer has greater access to parts of the brain that solves problems. This insight would allow a dreamer to make decisions as if they were awake. Thus, allowing them to control and make decisions about their dream, including their biggest decision of whether or not to continue the dream. It is also important for the dreamer to remain still while organizing their thoughts as they are still in an REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep stage.

Once the dreamer has their thoughts under control, if they choose to, they would just have to close their eyes to return to dreaming. However, if the dreamer does not desire to return to a dream and would like to wake up, then they would have to shake themselves out of the hypnogogic stage. The dreamer may have a hard time doing this and may feel almost paralyzed. It is important for the dreamer to remain calm and not freak out. This may be a result of sleep paralysis or the fact that they are still experiencing REM. This is completely normal. The dreamer just has to continue to shake themselves. If necessary the dreamer may need to take short breaks in order to regain strength.

It is important that a dreamer does not spend too much time performing a Dream Eject. If a dreamer spends a lot of time in the "open eyes" stage then the dreamer may experience a false awakening or a dream within a dream. The dreamer re-enters their dream unknowingly, however, the brain simulates the dreamer as if they were still awake. Considering the fact that the dreamer would be seeing the room they are asleep in, when something unexpected happens it may scare them causing their mind to project horrid images. Lucid dreamers should find it easy to perform a Dream Eject. However, it may take some practice for a dreamer to open their eyes while dreaming. It is important to consider that different phenomena may occur as a result of sleep disorders, a dreamers lucidity level, a dreamers sleep environment, and other associated variables. It is also important to remember that during a Dream Eject the dreamer never leaves REM.

Why Perform A Dream Eject?

Dream Ejecting can be very helpful to those who experience nightmares allowing them to remove the horrid imagery and change what is on their mind without ever fully waking up. Dream Ejecting would also benefit lucid dreamers that like to create situations in order to live out their fantasy lives.


Dream Ejecting was created by Joseph Marley as part of The Imagination Extraction Project.


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