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Dream Interpretation: Pregnant

Updated on June 30, 2013

When it comes to dream interpretation, pregnant dreams are generally quite common. While it may seem natural for women to experience dreams about pregnancy and child birth, men also experience dreams about pregnancy and even being pregnant.

What Do Dreams About Pregnancy Mean?

Pregnancy is universal. It is experienced by all races, cultures, and ethnic groups. Because of this, dreams about pregnancy quite often have a very literal meaning. A pregnancy mean may be symbolic of an actually pregnancy or the desire to become pregnant. If neither of these conditions exist, then it becomes necessary to look at the very nature of pregnancy and the context of the dream to truly determine the meaning.

Pregnancy is the creation of new life out of the body or out of one's self. Many dream interpreters therefore believe that pregnancy dreams are about creativity. If you are dreaming about being pregnant, you may be craving more time to be creative or you may be contemplating an exciting and new creative project. A man who dreams of being pregnant himself may be in a situation in which his virility or creativity has been questioned. Quite often mean who dream they are pregnant do not give birth to children. Instead, they typically give birth to an object of some kind that in some way supports their current world view or mission.

If You Dream About...
It May Signify...
Being Pregnant
May symbolize some aspect of your personal life that is growing and developing. Being pregnant in a dream often represents the birth of a new project, goal, or idea. if you desire to get pregnant then dreaming of being pregnant may simply be symbolic of that desire.
Multiple pregnancies
Often signifies fear or anxiety, particularly as it relates to motherhood.
Someone else being pregnant
The person may literally be pregnant or this may be a sign that something has been left undone or unexpressed. It may also indicate that you are feeling a closer connection to the pregnant person in your dream.
Being pregant but the baby dies in the womb
This suggest that something you have put a lot of effort into is falling apart and not working out the way you anticipated.
Giving birth
This may symbolize giving birth to a new idea or creative project. It may also mean that you are developing a new attitude, a fresh beginning, or that a major event may be developing.
Giveing birth to twins
This often represents conflicting ideas.
Giving Birth to non-human creatures
If you are pregnant, this often symbolizes you own overwhelming fears regarding the health of your baby. If you are not pregnant, it may be symbolic of a fear regarding the outcome or some decision you have made or project you are working on.
The mother's death during childbirth
This represents a transformation as one thing ends and the other begins. You may be on the verge of making some life changes or ridding yourself of old habits.
The child's death during childbirth
This suggests that you are feeling anxious regarding caring for a child. It is also a common dreams for those who are having difficulty conceiving.
A pregnancy test
This dream may be literal in meaning and symbolic of your fears and anxieties regarding getting pregnant. It may also indicate that you are entering a new phase of life and tha you feel you are being put to the test to determine whether you are ready for this change.


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