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Dream Interpretation: Water

Updated on June 1, 2013

The appearance of water in a dream is actually quite common. In fact, water is one of the most common dream symbols and can have a variety of meanings for the dreamer. Most often, water in dreams symbolizes the unconscious negative thoughts and emotions of the dreamer. It may represent a negative or uncertain situation, an unfamiliar challenge, or an unwanted change. Water is not all bad, however. Depending on the context, water can also represent the positive aspects of regeneration and renewal.

Water is a universal symbol and typically represents an emotion. How the water in your dream behaves and looks is often quite significant to the dream interpretation. Water is often said to be the living essence of the psyche or the flow of life energy. In many cultures it is symbolic of spirituality, refreshment, healing, and knowledge.

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As with any dream interpretation, dreaming of water must be analyzed within the context of the dream and the events of the dreamer's life. Water dreams can be both positive and negative and the simple appearance of water in your dream may not be enough to truly tell you what your subconscious is trying to say. to truly understand you water dream you must look at the events that take place as well as the water itself. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What color was the water in your dream?
  • Was the water calm or rough?
  • What was you mood in the dream?
  • Were you alone? Were you with other people?
  • Did you feel a sense of danger? did you feel safe?

All of these things are essential in dream interpretation, particular with a dream symbol such as water.


Dream Interpretation: Water and What It Means

If you dream of...
Then it may signify...
Clear Water
Prosperity and pleasure
Muddy Water
Danger and gloom
The Ocean
Opportunity and spirituality. Depending on the context, the ocean may also represent issues with the mother relationship in your life or the overall emotional setting of your life. Quite often this involves a feeling of overwhelm
emotional ups and downs. The bigger the wave, the bigger the emotions. Large waves often represent untapped power or the unconscious
Sailing through rough seas
Suggests you are able to handle the ups and downs of your life
Being lost at sea
You may be in need of some direction in your life
Catching a large fish
opportunity or that you are dipping into the wealth of you unconscious
Boiling Ocean/Sea
The overwhelm of turbulent emotions. This may be frustration, anger, or even rage.
The Beach
The meeting of two states of mind. The sand is often symbolic of the rational, mental processes and the water is typically the irrational, emotional self.
The Current
The direction of your life or the influences in your life
If swimming toward land this may symbolize a feeling of prosperity and fortune regarding your finances or business affairs through hard work. Swimming in a pool often represents being unlucky in love. If there are women in that pool, you will have luck in love. Men in the pool represent luck in business. Teaching someone to swim represents good fortune. le
The Aquarium
Indifference to something in your life. This may be simply noticing an issue affecting you life or it may reflect a lack of emotional involvement
The Bathtub
Often represents a positive mindset and resolving problems
A Boat
Often represents your ability to cope with negative emotions or to deal with challenging/negative situations. Make note of what the boat is doing. is it sinking?

Dream Interpretation: Water and What it Means

If you dream of...
Then it may signify...
Holy Water
the need for spiritual cleansing or rejuvenation. You may be in need of calmness in your life.
The Water Hose
renewal, rejuvenation, and cleansing. The hose often symbolizes the directing and expressing of emotion
Tears and heartache. Seeing or tasting salt water may represent suffering or an emotional outburst
Under Water
Being underwater in a dream suggests that you are overcome with emotions or in over your head regarding a situation in your life. Breating underwater may signify a retreat back into the womb. You may be yearning for safety, feeling hellpless, or needing to return to a state of dependence and freedome from responsibility.
Bottled Water
This is a sign of replenishment. A situation in your life may have recently resolved perfectly providing you a sense of stability and a more positive mindset
Messy situations. Dreaming of mud often symbolizes disturbances, burdens, and other difficulties. Walking in mud may represent a situation in you life that is weighing you down
Sadness, disappointment or depression. Rain that builds up and rises may be symbolic of emotions that are becoming too much for you
The Waterfall
Powerful and uncontrollable uncertainty or other negative emotions pouring out into your waking life
Water guns
Represnts decisions that you know are not positive. Water guns represent your awareness of choices that are improper
The Water Park
you may be enjoying a risk or negative habit and feeling good about doing something wrong or dangerous
Hearing running water
Meditation and reflection.
Walking on Water
you feel in control of you own emotions or you may need to stay on top of your emotions and not let them get out of hand
Water Fights
you are open about sharing your emotions
Electrocuted in water
you may have received or you are going to get some shocking and unexpected news


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