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How do dream messages actually communicate and correspond with real life situations

Updated on December 6, 2012
Artwork appeared in photo: Vera Lin, 2011, Skin [pencil, charcoal, acrylic on canvas]. Personal collection of the artist.
Artwork appeared in photo: Vera Lin, 2011, Skin [pencil, charcoal, acrylic on canvas]. Personal collection of the artist. | Source

This article is a continuation from "How to keep a dream journal and learn from your own dream interpretation. Please refer to the following article link for this article. It includes two very simple methods of dream interpretation.

How Do Dreams Messages Actually Communicate And Respond With Real Life Situations:

A lot of times, our dreams merely serve as a stress release from our daily events in order to regulate excess emotions and balance our mental and physical health. These types of dreams are similar to our mundane daily lives, except in a different setting involving similar or different set of cast. Other times, our dreams are carriers of messages, and they tend to excite our imagination in such a way that we feel compelled to take special notice. I have been working with my own dreams for nearly 25 years now, and for me, they are like personal conversations that could be easily clarified through recording and free association. The more you speak to your dreams, the more they speak to you.

Comforting Dreams:

Comforting dreams normally carrying loving messages from our loved ones that have passed away. I had a wonderful dream about my paternal grandmother after her passing. We had always had a close bond even though we had never spent much time together in life due to our geographic locations. She was the one person who ever made me feel dearly loved despite our very infrequent interactions. In the dream, we are the only ones sitting on a big table. Everything is covered by some celestial mist and the only thing I could see clearly is her and where she's sitting. Her loving smile makes me feel so loved even thought she just sits there and says nothing. Her love makes her beautiful. I said to her: "You are so beautiful Grandma, and I look just like you." I woke up from the dream, feeling refreshed and strengthened, and almost invincible. Another even more powerful example of a comforting dream is described in great details in my previous hub "Angel Fish." If you are interested in knowing more about this type of dreams as communicated from our loved ones, a great books to read are Dr. Michael Newton's Journey of Souls.

Dream As A Request:

Sometimes our loved ones might come to us in a dream in order to make a request. A real life example is a dream my father had. He dreamed of his grandmother who passed away many years ago. In this very brief dream she appeared to be drenched by rain. The next morning my father immediately called his brother who still lived at the family home and bit him to check on the ancestral altar in the old house. Sure enough the roof of the altar was cracked from old age and was leaking. Another example described in Dr Newton's book tells a story of a man who was killed in a war. His spirit sent his brother a dream message that showed him where a treasured childhood baseball was hidden in their old family home. The brother followed the dreams's prompting and found the ball at its hiding place and was immensely comforted by the loving gesture,

Dream As A Clear Warning:

At times, our dreams become unusually intensified in order to get urgent message across. It is a nightmare with a clear purpose. Many years ago, I flew from Los Angeles to Sydney with the airline. The crew stayed in Sydney for a night before flying back to Auckland. That night, I had a nightmare about a burning bus, and very loud warnings repeatedly telling me not to board the bus with that number. It repeated the number again and again. It has three or four numbers. The day after I went home to Auckland, a light aeroplane crashed and killed all onboard, including a wealthy American business man in the Garlic supplement industry. What was really astonishing was the plane number was the exact same number of the burning bus in my dream!!! I had a feeling that American business man was one of my passenger in business class from LA. I did not know why I got the message. But I will never forget that urgent warning to not get on that bus.

In 2009, I had a series of persistent warnings that urge me to leave flying. I don't normally get sick much. But in 2009, I was coming down with bad cases of flu three months in a row. I had nightmares after nightmares about flying incidents. In one of them I literally screamed myself awake. Then I had three distinct dream in September, one after another, telling me to leave flying. Each more urgent than the one before. I had no plan to leave flying and I absolutely needed the income to pay my mortgage. But I got really spooked after so many warning dreams. I put my house up for rent. And got a tenant within a week for a rent my neighbours could not believe. I handed in my notice the day after that (in October). I guess I would never know what disaster might have happened if I stayed. But sometimes not knowing is the best possible outcome.


Dreams As A Gentle Hint:

Like a good friend, our dreams do sometimes try to drop subtle hints that are aimed to deter us from what we set out to do. I left the airline after 13 years. Part of the "carrot" to help me leave the airline (besides the scary warning nightmares) was the fact that I met a lovely man after being single for 6 years. I handed in my notice and decided to move to Sydney to join my boyfriend. My flight was booked for 10th December. On 1st and 2nd December, two nights in a row, I had some very odd dreams about fig trees. They looked nothing like the real fig trees in the real life. Even though my native language is Mandarin, I have lived in New Zealand for so long that I normally dream in English. But in these two dreams, I would chant the Chinese name for figs over and over throughout the dream."Wu Hwa Guo....Wu Hwa Guo...Wu Hwa Guo." The thing is, the direct translation for Wu Hwa Guo into English stands for "No Flower Fruit". It free-associates very closely to a very common Chinese slang for "an endeavour that does not blossom and bears no fruit". The fact that I had this haunting dreams for two nights in a row and the chanting carries on even into my wakeful mind should give me a clear indication of the nature of my new relationship. The fact that a speaking voice is involved, for me personally, is a clear sign of a significant dream with a purpose. But my mind was so set on going, I ignored the dreams that made a great effort trying to reach my conscious mind. As a result, my trip to Sydney was disastrous. I gave it everything I've got, but we only lasted six months and I lost a lot of money moving countries then back again. If only I would listen!!

Dreams That Work Out Karmic/Emotional Issues:

I got married when I was 26. For many years at the beginning of our marriage, I often dreamed about my husband leaving me for another woman. They were terrible dreams that often left me terribly distressed. Many times I would cry myself awake. I believed I was working out some karmic issues with my husband, and also dealing with my insecure and jealous nature, kind of getting it all out of my system in the safe environment of a dream. Ten years later, we got divorced. I found out only after our divorce that he was involved with someone when we were still married. By then, I was quite peaceful and the knowledge did not distress me in any way. I wished him well and moved on. I guess my training worked.

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    • Tolovaj profile image

      Tolovaj 3 years ago

      Isn't interesting how much we know about the Universe and so little about us? Dreams are great example for this. Despite their huge power most people don't take them seriously and yet we can find a proof of their usefulness on every single step. Thanks for this intriguing article.

    • Violet Flame profile image

      Violet Flame 4 years ago from Auckland, NZ

      Thank you savvydating! It is always a tremendous pleasure meeting someone who also understand the power of dreams! I have been at the receiving ends of dream guidances for so many years that I really think more people could benefit from them if they would stop automatically discarding all their dreams as nonsensical. Your son is very lucky to have you and his dreams as guidance! Thank you for the recommendation of "Dream Power," I will be sure to check it out!

    • savvydating profile image

      Yves 4 years ago

      I love paying attention to my dreams! One of my favorite books is Dream Power, by Dr. Ann Faraday. When my son was little, and even now, if he had an important decision to make that neither of us could figure out on our own, I would tell him to consult his dream power... and he still does so to this day. Thanks for writing so well about a great topic!

      Voted up and useful.