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Dream. Plan. Achieve.

Updated on April 10, 2016
After a training session with Anna Karasz. Amazing athlete on the Hungary olympic kayaking team.
After a training session with Anna Karasz. Amazing athlete on the Hungary olympic kayaking team.

Take what you want.

Without digging into religion or philosophy, there is no doubt in my mind that none of us know why we are here and if this truly is our one and only shot at life. But as far as we know, it is our only shot. So why live it day to day not chasing our dreams? Why settle for things we don't want or love? If this is our only life, then do it right.

First off, my name is Nick Guest. I am a 20 year old male enjoying life as I chase my own dreams. I have always felt that I could be a motivational speaker or that I have the power to inspire others but personally I don't like public speaking. So I choose to find other ways to do so. This thought process is what drove me to create my own fitness company. The name of it is "DPA Fitness". Dream. Plan. Achieve. I want to fulfill my own dreams as I help inspire others and guide them to doing so themselves. I am a personal trainer and student and I hope to be a role model for those around me. I want to write this hub so that is versatile and not only geared towards achieving a fitness goal, but there is no doubt in my mind that you may use this as motivation in achieving a fitness goal you may have. I find fitness very relative and helpful to moving through the real world.

Dream. We all have dreams. A few of mine are things such as graduating school in 4 years as a Physician's Assistant, acquiring my dream lifted F-150, becoming the best father and husband I could be, taking diving trips in places I've never even heard of, and many other things. But none of those will come without a plan and much, much work. The first step is finding what you want out of your life and what will make you happy. Take anything that you believe may hold you back out of the question. An example would be: "I'd love to be accepted to that university, but there's no way I'm smart of enough to get in". I have found that this world has no rules. It has no boundaries. Anything is possible whether there is a 1% chance or a 99% chance. So, think about what you want and believe that it is achievable, because it is.

Plan. If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. Life has many curveballs and tricks up it's sleeve. There are many extrinsic factors that are simply out of our control, so it is best to plan and set yourself up for the best situation possible that will help you reach your goal. An example for me would be money. I am currently working more than enough and saving every dollar I can before I make my way to the University of Florida (Go Gators). Sure, I could go out to eat here and there, but I have no idea what lies ahead of me and eating out is not a necessity to get me where I need to be. I may blow out a tire on my truck next week, so I need to be the best prepared that I can be for whatever comes my way. Write out steps that you must take to slowly climb that mountain to reach the top. These steps will also help motivate you as you achieve each one.You will feel a sense of accomplishment and be rewarded knowing that you are well on your way. Your dreams may take time and seem slow, but be patient and simply focus on the step that you're at until it is time to move on.

Achieve. Our dreams all vary. Some may take a few months, some may take a lifetime. You CAN achieve it and it WILL be worth every bit of work you put in. A very important thing to remember is to enjoy the ride and be confident in your work. Don't stress yourself out every day until you reach your goal. You must understand that it will take time, but it will come.

After reading over this I felt that it may have been a little short, but this is my first hub so what do I know? I hope that whoever may read this feels inspired today and a sense of motivation to close out your web browser, and make the first step or next step in achieving a dream. I cannot stress enough that whatever you have in mind IS achievable. If this hub helped you in any way or you have a question, please throw me a comment and I'll be sure to read it and respond. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Dream. Plan. Achieve!

God Bless,

Nick Guest


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