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Dream Within A Dream

Updated on January 4, 2011

After watching the recent movie that was released; Inception, it reminded me of a dream I once had. The movie is based around the theory of a dream within a dream within a dream. It got me thinking about my dream, I was questioning it, was it a dream within a dream or a dream within a dream within a dream?! The mind boggles!

I decided it was a dream within a dream I had; two out of three ain’t bad! I remember all of it in detail to this day, this was it:

I fell asleep in reality and dreamed that I walked into a bedroom; no-one else was present at that time. There was a double bed inviting me to join it so I happily agreed and lay down on the bed and fell asleep. Then I started to have another dream which I was fully present in. I was at the bottom of the ocean with others, people I knew and recognised in my dream world. We weren’t swimming at all, just walking at the bottom of the sea bed. We could breathe just fine and we were trying to find the path to the end of this marathon we were walking; only became apparent then, that we were in a marathon, not a race. There were fish and sharks everywhere which came close but did not attack us. I saw the pathway and told the others to follow me, which they did.

We walked until we came to the surface which brought us out to a beach where many people were waiting at a finish line. We crossed the finish line and received medals and hugs from the people waiting, all very happy. Then I woke up on the double bed again but this time all the people who were on the sea bed with me were sat around me on this bed. They sat there looking at me waiting for me to say something. I excitedly told them that they had been with me in the dream and told them about the marathon and how we had finished and got medals. They were excited to hear me tell them this and seemed very pleased about the medals.

Then I woke up for real. That has been the only dream I can recall of having a dream within a dream.

Would love to hear if anyone else has had this type of dream?


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    • Dawn71 profile image

      Dawn71 6 years ago from UK

      Clark, Dreams can certainly be an adventure playground when we have lucidity or something that is not of the usual dream experience. :)

      Maybe it doesn't happen for you now as it's not right for you right now, doesn't mean it won't again especially if you have any desire for it, hey just ask, you never know you may just get an answer!!

      Energy vibrations yes seem to lead the way in every way!

      Your welcome Clark and thanks for your comments :)

    • clark farley profile image

      clark farley 6 years ago

      Funny about dreams and seems that when I was younger, about college age, I was much more able to 'find' whatever the precursor state to lucid dreaming (is called).

      Now it seems that I hardly ever am able to achieve that balance.

      Perhaps it is the energy level that I have at my current age, as opposed to the much more energetic levels I had when I was younger.

      Reading this Hub brings it all back...what an adventure it was! I can still remember the first time I was able to maintain 'my position' as the vibrations (that always seem to mark the threshold to whatever the hell this state of mind is) increased.

      Thanks for starting this discussion.

    • Dawn71 profile image

      Dawn71 6 years ago from UK

      Penny, wow to you, only remember that one myself, had loads where I fall asleep in the dream but that's it, makes for a boring dream then! lol!

      I'd love to have more, lucky you!

    • pennyofheaven profile image

      pennyofheaven 6 years ago from New Zealand

      Yes, I have had several dreams like that. A dream, dreaming I am dreaming, dreaming I am dreaming again. Not always are they connected to each other. I might wake up in my 3rd dreaming mind and in analyzing that dream I just experienced, wake up from that dream and in the midst of analyzing that dream wake up for real. Its fun.

    • Dawn71 profile image

      Dawn71 6 years ago from UK

      I agree with your understandings. You have a good way with words...we don't remember what we have chosen while here and even when we leave the physical body we still have no's only on returning to 'home' that all becomes clear and we remember.

      A lot of people would disagree with me on a lot of my beliefs, understandings and knowings(knowings because it's based on actual experience of others talking to me,others who do know and have seen both sides of life) but we are all entitled to our own beliefs, I am, you are and so is everyone else.

      It's only a problem when we attempt to influence others with our own beliefs. I share, I don't try to persuade or influence so do not hold back from sharing what I believe.

      If I went and posted on someone elses thread that I disagreed and that I am right then I would be wrong in the doing of that as they are entitled to their beliefs and not have their beliefs challenged without an invitation to do so. Live and let live!

    • Jerami profile image

      jerami 6 years ago from Houston tx

      It would seem that we are spirit, and when the body dies the spirit returns to where it came.

      That would indicate that we were there before we were here.

      It is written that our names were written in the book of life from the beginning of time.

      Kinda like a list of the children that boarded the bus that was going on a field trip.???

      It would then seem obvious (at least to me) that this is the purpose for the existence of this physical realm.

      (Rev 4:11) ; for thou hast created all things, and for THY PLEASURE they are and were created.

      Kinda like a great big amusement park for some????

      However we describe it, a place where we experience whatever it is that we need or desire to learn.

      In the beginning we may have known this, but for some reason it was determined that our experiences here were best received when we were unaware of prior planning and consent for these conditions that we have selected, or was selected for us ??

      This may be the purpose for spirit guides, to help keep us on the path that has been chosen.

      Most Christians would accuse me of blasphemy for speaking of this concept though there is nothing in scriptures that disputes it.

    • Dawn71 profile image

      Dawn71 6 years ago from UK

      Yes it makes sense, even though you may not recall the details of a dream the message is still there, goes into your subconscious even if we don't recall them. The brain doesn't understand the difference from real life experiences and dream experiences so believes you have had a dream experience for real.

      Not crazy at all, you are taking on board all the important reasons from a dream, the message, the insights.

      I do have very good dream recall, people who have asked in the past for me to write out my dreams for them have lived to regret it! lol! One dream=4 x A4 sheets of paper later!

      The people you mention going through a doorway, yes saying bye but also just simply to show you they are not living physical people, in spirit and you got that clearly!

    • Jerami profile image

      jerami 6 years ago from Houston tx

      Yes I do remember many dreams. Many years ago I would set my alarm clock an hour before I wanted to get out of bed to go the work. hit the snooz button and was awakened out of another dream ten minutes later, and again until time to get out of bed. It seemed that I only remember dreams if I am awoke from it.

      I did this simply because these dreams were invigorating.

      It seemed as though, wherever these dreams come from, it learned to provide their best stuff at that time.

      And it became second nature for me to remember dreams when I have them. But for quit some time, it feels like when I awake I am remembering the messages from the dream without having the pleasure of experiencing the dream itself. Waking up having intense feelings about things having the solution in mind, and knowing this is residue from a dream.

      Does that make sense?

      I may be crazy? But sometimes I think that this allows certain insights to become available during the day. It seems to me anyway?

      The only dead people that I have experienced were simply letting me see them exiting through a doorway, kinda saying by, at least that is how I understood it.

    • Dawn71 profile image

      Dawn71 6 years ago from UK

      Of course everyone has these type dreams, it's remembering them that's the problem! I have a feeling you do remember a lot of yours which is great.

    • Jerami profile image

      jerami 6 years ago from Houston tx

      I think that we ALL have had dreams that are clearly intended to be directional, informative, and insightful.

      Unfortunately most of us tend to ignore them just as we did (when we were little children) to the advice and direction that our parents provided.

      I still find myself doing this from time to time.

      And I always end up wishing that I had followed that path suggested by my dreams.

    • Dawn71 profile image

      Dawn71 6 years ago from UK

      Thanks Jerami, the bedroom with the bed? The room was well lit but the only significant thing in the room was the bed, it was the focus of the room. Almost like there was nothing else to do but get on the bed to sleep, no other distractions?

      It felt as a feel good dream, very positive. To be honest I understood the people waiting on the bed and who were with me in the deeper level as people in spirit, I thought that was who they were when I woke on the bed. No certainty just how I took it in the dream at the time.

      You have a good understanding of dreams even if not an official dream interpreter of dreams! ;)

      Thanks for your insights!

    • Jerami profile image

      jerami 6 years ago from Houston tx

      Interesting. and great story. thanks for sharing.

      I noticed that you didn't describe anything else in the room except the bed. Can we assume that the lights were low except for the clarity of the bed.

      I would assume that the inner dream was the intended message, that passeing through the first level of dream state being symbolic in itself of your being invited deeper into the other realm. Otherwise you would have just had the inner drean in and of itself. Separately?

      The inner dream itself is the reward symbolized with the medals received.

      As far as the others that were in the bedroom as you left the deeper dream is meant as further reinforcement that You deserve a medal.

      If I had a dream such as you described, I'd take it as a great big thank you from somebody.

      I pretend not to be an interpreter of dreams.

      The above was just what I'd think; if I had had it.

    • Dawn71 profile image

      Dawn71 6 years ago from UK

      Oh how annoying Ivorwen, I don't think it's common so try to not think about anything at all when you wake, just spend 10 mins focusing on dream recall first before you get out of bed. I have remembered 10 mins later after focusing, it can come back, your a lucky person to have this more than once!

    • Ivorwen profile image

      Ivorwen 6 years ago from Hither and Yonder

      I know that I have had several dreams within dreams, but I can't recall what they were about. What I do remember is waking up thinking, 'What a strange dream. I wonder where it came from!' only to be awakened for real.

    • Dawn71 profile image

      Dawn71 6 years ago from UK

      Thanks CP, I hope there's someone that can interpret too, look forward to that!

    • Christopher Price profile image

      Christopher Price 6 years ago from Vermont, USA

      I thoroughly enjoy dreaming, but can't remember ever having dreamt I was dreaming. Apparently you wanted to share with your friends a common victory. I'll be interested to read the comments of more experienced dream interpreters regarding the symbols of the sea bed and double bed!