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Dreaming In California

Updated on February 5, 2014

California Dreaming

Volume 5, Issue 7, February 5, 2014

I was walking, shopping, and looking at some things in a store I had not been in. It was the first time I had walked inside. It was really something today when I experienced that weird and awkward feeling, that feeling that I had that sent me feeling really weird, and sent my thoughts racing, a feeling that it happened before but not in my dreams.

It was a feeling that is sometimes described and called, “Déjà vu,” let me get you the definition according to Merriam-Webster:

Déjà vu:

A: The illusion of remembering scenes and events when experienced for the first time. B: A feeling that one has seen or heard something before (

Apparently this phenomenon is part of our subconscious mind and is often unexplainable. Both genders experience “Déjà vu” differently. Some experience sexual thoughts and acts in their dreamscapes that they experience the same emotions and fleeting feelings of pleasure during the course of the dream, and even have orgasms as a result of the dream, as if it were really taking place.

For example, the feeling is overwhelming and it feels like your reliving the same event again and your mind wanders back and forth trying to determine where, when and how this event occurred. Leaving an empty unfulfilled feeling of I don’t know unknowing. I am sure that many or even all of you may have experienced “Déjà vu” at least once in your lifetime.

So how is this conjured up? It is a subconscious response that triggers the feelings or thoughts of being, saying, or doing something before. But it also has the uncanny ability to make you feel like it is the first time it happened. So weird!

What is so weird about it is that I wanted to put my finger on the feeling that I felt and then it hit me that I know I never set foot in that store, but I felt the feeling of living it as though I had actually been there before.

This also leads me to some other overwhelming feelings that I have experienced growing up like the feeling of living something from the dreamscape, another subconscious state of mind. Especially those in nightmares where I had woke up with my mind and heart racing in fear of what I had just dreamt. An overwhelming feeling of fear and dread that I had experienced this in real life and was dreaming it while I slept. That is the most horrible feeling of dread I have ever experienced. Did you know that sometimes these intense feelings could lead to a heart attack or an episode of just pure fear and it could be fatal? Everything is possible.

The dreamscape is part of our subconscious state when we are asleep and our mind is actively engaging itself in a mini-series of sorts in our minds. Let’s find out a little more about what dreamscapes are and what might provoke or incite a dreamscape. Dreamscapes are events that happen in your dreams for the good majority of the time, but also can occur in a conscious state when we are wide awake. All of the senses are actually engaged in a dreamscape and the feelings of being awake are just as intense as this conscious state. Sometimes the dreamscape can be a recurrent dream that repeats itself time and time again.

Emotional stress and events during the course of the day, even words could trigger weird and exotic dreams in our dreamscape. We don’t always dream either which I find really weird too, but the chemicals in our bodies can incite dreams to occur.

Many people are fascinated by what the dream may mean and they look to different books that interpret their dreamscapes. There are also online resources that could provide you with interpretations of dreams, however each individuals dream is uniquely their own and not like anyone else’s as to emotion and experience. Some people are also known to have more than one dream in one night. Each cycle or REM is 60-90 minutes that is where it becomes a mini-series.

I do not recall having many dreams at a young tender age of five to seven, but as I grew they did become more frequent and more bizarre and frightful then as a child. It could also be something that I watched on television or Cable that triggers an episode of dreamscape.

I also have been told that sometimes dreams are a vision of the future or that it is a portal where people who have passed away come back and try to tell us something that was left undone in their life. I did hear about this though a cousin who woke up in the dead of night and was screaming at a long picture window in our home she was vacationing at, that she was seeing a recently died individual who was talking to her. She was so overwhelmed with fear she bit into the leg of my sister from fright. However, the vision of her dead friend was to reassure her that she was in a better place and to pass on the message to relatives because they were very, very, distraught from her death.


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