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Dreaming About Our Ex's

Updated on March 27, 2012

I had been having various dreams about some of my ex-boyfriends. During this research I learned that the dreams could be an indication that you are trying to find someone with a similar personality or there is the chance that haven't experienced closure, giving yourself time to put those feelings to rest. It all depends on what the dream is about. Are you dreaming of your feelings? Is the dream related to past arguments? A trip you took? To different aspects of your relationship? Your break-up? Did you break-up with him? Are you wondering if you made a mistake? There are quite a few variables the dreams are touching on and are related to you, your past or present. Dreaming of his death could you your feelings are gone, you're ready to move on. Dreaming that you are trying to find him may indicate that you aren't ready to let go of your feelings. Is there something particular that he made you feel? I know in my case I was always trying to find them. I believe this relates to the relationships that I wasn't sure of because I received mixed messages and wasn't sure where our relationship was going. It is also possible that now the my medication has transformed my life I am ready to put those feelings to rest and move on. I am bi polar, add and a mild form of OCD, During those relationship my mind was on a never ending journey of confusion. Now that I am properly medicated it is at rest and my life is calmer than it ever was. Am I wondering if the break ups would have happened if I was medicated then?

I've written a few hubs about dreaming, analyzing dreams, reoccurring dreams and our sub-consequences. This is a subject that has always intrigued me. My fascination began while taking a psychology class in college. Our teacher had us keep a journal for one week and write down our dreams. The next week we each took a turn reading from the journal and had a group discussion on what we thought they meant. What did the symbols mean? Was there something hidden in our sub-consequence, secrets we were hiding, fears that we buried or just something that was entertaining. Cause I am telling you I have some very bizarre dreams that play like a Stephen King novel.

For those who may not be aware dreaming is our sub-consequence trying to tell us something, we dream in symbols that represent our sub-consequence. You don't always remember your dreams and those you do seem to represent a " voice " trying to express a form of caution, relate your feelings, fears and concerns. They are like short stories hidden in the recesses of our mind, reaching into our sub-consequence bringing forth people, places or things that are part of our present, past and possibly the future. When you have a chance, go to your local library or review on line articles to see what dreaming is all about. What you find out will amaze you.


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    • parwatisingari profile image

      parwatisingari 6 years ago from India

      Maybe closure is indicated.