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Dreams About Horses - Meaning of Horse In Dreams

Updated on December 23, 2011

Have you seen a Horse in your dream? People with hidden talent and passion about something often see horse in their dreams. After analyzing hundreds of dreams and problems of people I can assure you that any dream with horse has less chances of any negativity. Most of the dreams with horse in it is likely to be good for you. But it is also true that horse is often not seen in dreams of people who have fear or are in less control of their life. Horse is a symbol of strength and energy and this is hard to be shown by your mind if you feel helpless in life.

Dream Horse (Pegasus)
Dream Horse (Pegasus)

Symbolic Meaning of Horse In Dreams

Horse means strength, Hidden talent, Force, Excitement, Unpredictability, Energy and Hope. You have to understand that Horse is a sign of hope in any dreams. You won't see horse without any sign of hope. Even horse in chains shows that you're in control of your emotions and life. In short any dream that shows horse in it has some positive, be it hope or anything else on that matter. Horse in dreams are much more positive in comparison to the dreams about bees.

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Dream Variations

Some dreams about horses shows the horse in chains or horse in pain. That means your mind wants to free from worry or something that is binding you, It's not negative but that is a sign that you need to change your life for good. There is one more variation of dream where you see horse being beaten or getting killed but don't take this in negative perspective as It often means you're controlling reckless and uncontrolled behavior with the help of subconscious mind.

My Dream Analysis of Horse and Suggestions

  • Horses in wild often show your open and exciting nature in dreams. Take it in positive light and don't think of it as anything negative.
  • Keep a Journal to note down the occurrence of horse in your dreams.
  • Try to relate horse with anything in your life. Be it emotional or physical issue, just note it down and see if you can relate it.


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