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What Do Dreams About Teeth Mean? Teeth Symbolism

Updated on June 10, 2019
I Am Rosa profile image

Rosa is an author of both fiction and non-fiction, creator of the Zomb-Eh? animation, and artist/writer for Eeyayho’s Adventure.

The Big Question

"What does it mean to dream about teeth?"

Over the years, I’ve seen many websites dedicated to dream interpretation inundated with questions about teeth dreams. Most of those questions go unanswered to the frustration of their worried posters. I was one of them for several years.

I used to have horrible nightmares about my teeth falling or being knocked out. In some dreams, my teeth would pour out of my mouth like dried split-peas gushing from a torn sack. In others, they would come loose and simply fall out while I was talking. This went on for years. It was horrible how terrified these dreams made me feel. I was desperate for an answer.

Have you ever had dreams about teeth?

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False Leads

When someone did answer me online or I found (yet another) dream interpretation book, the answer was always … well, wrong. It didn’t feel true. The most common interpretation given was that the teeth represented words and teeth falling out mean that the dreamer had been lying. I knew that wasn’t the case.

A less common response was that dreams about teeth represent concerns about our appearance. For example, nice teeth mean that you feel good about your appearance and bad teeth mean that you think you look awful. Or, something silly like that.

After a few years of looking for the answer to my nightmares, I found one that rang true for me ...

Illustration from "Le Vicomte de Bragelonne" by A. Dumas
Illustration from "Le Vicomte de Bragelonne" by A. Dumas | Source

Shedding Some Light on the Subject

Throughout history, malnutrition and illness has been the major cause of tooth loss. In societies that ground grain for consumption, grit from the milling process wore down teeth which caused damage and decay. Teeth are required for eating … thus survival. Depending on the society and period of history, people actually starved to death without teeth.

However, teeth can also affect your social standing, even today. Those without teeth simply were not seen as attractive. It’s pretty hard to find a mate when peers shun a person for lack of teeth.

Down through the ages, wealthy folk could afford to have a proper diet, health care and dental care. They could also afford replacement teeth when their own fell out. Dentures could be made with animal teeth, ivory, porcelain and even human teeth pulled from corpses, depending on what you could afford.

The Meaning of Teeth in Dreams

Once I knew more about the relevance of teeth, I realized that teeth represent prosperity.

Every time I took a financial hit, I had those horrible nightmares. As my finances increased, the dreams changed to me having a competent dentist save my teeth or something similar.

Of course, prosperity doesn’t mean just money. It includes all the things that go with being prosperous:

  • good health;
  • low-stress level;
  • having enough food, clothing, etc.;
  • stability;
  • a good quality of life; and
  • a high level of enjoyment.

This is what it means to be prosperous.

Once my life became more prosperous, the nightmares about teeth went away. Hopefully, this information will help you take a closer look at your level of prosperity. Are you as prosperous as you’d like to be? Well, the answer is in your dreams.

© 2012 Rosa Marchisella


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    • I Am Rosa profile imageAUTHOR

      Rosa Marchisella 

      6 years ago from Canada

      Thanks for your thoughts.

    • profile image

      open to interpretation 

      7 years ago

      Rosa, I am not sure this will help you but throughout my life I have had these dreams and furthermore due to this I went through a similar search for meaning. I had these dreams before ever hearing about them. I have interviewed many people who have had this same dream and found the most common commonality to be that the dream occurs near to sometimes before, sometimes during and sometimes shortly after, but always before being informed of the loss of a loved or cared for individual the person having the dream has been trying to make time for. I have linked it to people who are about to receive financial gain some time both these cases are the same. I have just as often as found people who were about to receive financial gain found people who were going through financial loss and the key being stressed out about it. I have also linked it to letting go. I have found through my earlier research many references to bad health or stress. When someone tells me about this dream I ask the details was it a tooth yes ok then not this one probably vanity related , was it teeth coming out one by one not this one either probably heath related, was it you feel a loose tooth and in your dream go to feel it with your hand it comes out then more like in a waterfall like fashion into your hands, both hands accompanied by scary feeling of no control, is there someone in bad health you can think of you have been meaning to get around to going and spending time with, if this person is immediately knows who I am referring to I tell them to go and make this time immediately or to call that individual and hope its not too late. If they can not think of an individual I ask if there is something or someone that has been causing a lot of stress for them and suggest it may be time to let it go move on and to work on a life a new life without this burden. From all this I gather that it closely relates to stress and this stress coming to an end whether it be due to the loss of a loved one, letting go of a lover or a release former outlook on life for a better less stressful future. A mind shift if you will where you let go of current burdens and focus on life after letting go. If I were to put this dream in a class I would put it in a class called moving on or letting go. I find it very strange how this dream can accompany the exact time of death a person who you have been meaning to spend time with has passed away I have witnessed this first and second hand on numerous occasions as if the deceased has sent the message themselves I am firmly convinced of this however I stress that it does not always have to mean death. I also stress that death is not always a bad thing and this dream does not have to be interpreted as a bad thing. I believe it could be due to an emotional bond or a feeling of connection that is no longer there no matter how hard you try to hold on. As stated above this dream as well as many others can be effected by the interpretation of the symbolic meaning of the beholder.

    • I Am Rosa profile imageAUTHOR

      Rosa Marchisella 

      7 years ago from Canada

      @ chefmancave - Well, what do you know? You were helping people maintain their prosperity all that time and didn't know it! :-O LOL

    • chefmancave profile image

      Robert Loescher 

      7 years ago from Michigan

      I have to laugh at this article because I have worked in the Dental Industry for the last 20 years and I didn't know the prosperity correlation with dreams about teeth. I read your article about Finding the Right Man and now I am wondering if your new man is a Dentist. LOL

    • I Am Rosa profile imageAUTHOR

      Rosa Marchisella 

      8 years ago from Canada

      Thanks for the info, Ro! That's interesting that the falling out means gain for you. Very cool!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Dreams of teeth do mean financial gain. According to various Native American Tribes, teeth were used as currency. When I have dreams of teeth falling out (for me) it would mean money or some financial gain was coming in soon.

    • I Am Rosa profile imageAUTHOR

      Rosa Marchisella 

      8 years ago from Canada

      Hi Sandra - Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this! I absolutely agree that the deeper meaning of our dreams are very personal and coloured by our own views, experiences, and understanding of the symbols that crop up. That has definitely been my experience in doing dream interpretation for others over the years.

      For example, Person A is terrified of spiders; when she was an infant, she had one land on her face while laying in bed in the dark. When she dreams of them, her fearful view of spiders changes the "standard" interpretation to one of "being attacked by an unseen force". Whereas, Person B views spiders as a sacred animal totem and has a completely different interpretation; more peaceful and geared toward the understanding that spider is a teacher and its appearance in the dream is to denote an important message.

      However, I have also learned that there are certain symbols that are so deeply rooted in the human consciousness - they are so ancient that they have become part of our very psyche - that they have a common meaning to *most* people. This specific interpretation of teeth seem to be one of those symbols (in my experience). Again, for *most* not necessarily all because, like Jung, some people have very specific concepts of what teeth mean to them.

      As for Jung's interpretation, the aspect of loss fits. As you said, it is part of the growth/decay cycle. My understanding is that loss of prosperity hinges on a person's feeling toward the death/decay aspect of the cycle; shedding of the old; loss of their concept of what their life is because reality doesn't match what they want/need. This generates a fear regarding lack of survival. Which takes me back to the deep-rooted concept of what teeth mean to the general human populace (ie. survival). Loss of one equates in the deep, dark primal corners of our minds to loss of the other.

    • sandrabusby profile image

      Sandra Busby 

      8 years ago from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA

      Thank you, i Am Rosa, for this hub on the meaning of teeth in dreams. My own belief about the meaning of dreams is that the meaning is specific to the individual, so it looks like you've found something about teeth that is meaningful to you. Carl Jung believed that teeth falling out in dreams related to losing our concepts, which is a growth sequence: we have to let go of the old to make room for the new.

    • I Am Rosa profile imageAUTHOR

      Rosa Marchisella 

      8 years ago from Canada

      @ eric-carter: hehe - Very cool. Thanks for reading and leaving feedback


      @ vox vocis: Thank you! I'm glad you found this hub useless as well :-)

    • vox vocis profile image


      8 years ago

      Yes, I've heard about that possible meaning, too. Also, I've read that the falling teeth in you dream may be a sign that you should watch your health. But, since you've noticed the connection to prosperity, I'm inclined to believe your interpretation more. Interesting hub!

    • eric-carter profile image


      8 years ago from Fulham, UK

      When I was a kid I used to have that spooky dream in which I had shark teeth. It was kinda cool actually, cause I like sharks :) great hub


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