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Dreams and Frustrations

Updated on July 1, 2013

When we were young, we have childhood dreams of what we want to be, what we want to do or where we want to go. Ofcourse as we grow up, these childhood dreams may have remained or changed in the passage of time, as we also grow wiser and (yes, take this) older. Some dreams become bigger, at times unimaginable, while some dreams become more realistic and achievable.

At some point in our lives we came to stop and check. Hey! What happened to my dream/s? This is where frustration knocks and wants to come in. The question is - will you let frustration wait outside your door while you keep on trying and trying harder to make your dreams come alive and come out with you? Or will you let frustration come into you and be a hospitable host, nursing a wounded, bleeding pride?

Ofcourse it is always best to opt for the first one. Just don’t forget to conduct reality check. Perhaps when you’re tired of trying, you may also want to try this way. Let frustration come in, welcome it, embrace it, then react positively. Do not dwell on frustration by feeling miserable, incapable, and unconfident nor blame other people or situations for not helping you achieve your dreams. Take a second look at yourself and ask “Hey! What have I got?” “What do I do best?” Then try to sharpen or improve that area and make the most out of it.


Frustration is just one of the unwanted parts of life and that is there because of some restraints which we have no control of. I too have a lot of dreams I weren’t able to achieve. Constrained to reach my dreams, I redirected myself to take different paths. This had helped me to realize and accept things which are not meant for me and be grateful despite of it. For because of taking alternative paths, I was able to see many gifts that God has blessed me with from which I found contentment and happiness for what I am, what I could become and what I can do. And one of it is to make new dreams.

Yes, I have never fulfilled my dreams but I did not let my frustrations stopped me from dreaming. Don't let yours.


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