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Dreams and What They Mean to You

Updated on January 23, 2014
Cynthianne profile image

Cynthianne has a B.S. in Psychology and is licensed in Astrology. She is autistic, as are three of her children.


Your Dreams

There are many dream dictionaries on the market and they can be a fun thing to have on your bookshelf. When you dream, keep a journal of the dreams you remember. There are many interpretations of what the different symbols mean but there are also consistent meanings as well. It is important to know what the different symbols mean to you. For example, water.

Flowing Water


Water can mean that things are calming down in your life, if the water is still, or it can mean that things are about to get stirred up in your life. If you dream if flowing water that is not out of control it is important first to rule out a few things in your life such as a trip to the river or other source of water. If you do not have something coming up that you are aware of you may be seeing some things changing in your life. Flowing water indicates movement and change. Calm water means that things in your life are calming down, or becoming stagnant. You also have to think about other things in your life. Was there a significant other in your dream? Things can be changing in your relationship. Turbulent waters indicate a negative change, but a nice flow, is good. Dark waters that are difficult to see through can indicate a confusing time in your life.


Clouds can mean the same things as water but if accompanied with thunder or lightning, this can indicate a warning that bad things are on the horizon or things are not going to go as planned. Thunder and lightning in a dream, when accompanied by people, can indicate arguments and stress. If you are already in a stressful situation and your dream has a storm that ends, this indicates that the stressful time is close to an end.


If you dream about fire and you do not have any reason to be fearful of fire, for example, living in a wildfire prone area, you need to take a careful look at everything else going on in the dream. How does the fire start? Is it indicating that you need to check a cord or plug in your environment? If you lost everything in a fire, in your dream, and not in life, this could indicate some serious financial worries coming up suddenly. Fire can also indicate cleansing of mind and spirit. It could mean that you are completely over with something, or someone in your life and it is time to “burn bridges”, cut off ties with that situation and move on. If you are standing back, watching a fire, not feeling the heat of it in your dream, you can feel some comfort that the dream is indicating a new beginning. Fire can cut a new path, like it does in the forest, so look at where the fire leads you, what opens up around it. This can give you insight into what is going to happen.


Large Boulders

Large boulders falling can indicate blockage. This could mean that you feel that your path in life has been blocked, or that it is about to be blocked. Boulders stop things. Look into everything in your life that was present in your dream. If you dream that you are going to work and a large boulder falls in front of you, look for things you can do in the workplace to help you move forward. If you are looking forward to a promotion and dream about a boulder; or two, think about how to approach your boss about the promotion. Your plan you currently have to ask for that raise may actually block you from getting it. If there is more than one boulder, you may have more than one issue, or people, blocking your path.

Blocking Your Path


Wind indicates change, movement forward, or back, depending on the direction of the wind. Wind can also indicate surprise visitors. “look what the wind blew in” is an old phrase said when someone unexpected comes to visit. If the wind is circular, look to see what seems to be spinning around you. Do you have a particular person who is bothering you? They could be causing you to feel you are in a tornado, so to speak. This person may be causing you to feel exhausted as if standing in the wind. Check and see if you have someone like that in your life, maybe you can talk to them about how they wear you out. They are probably not even aware of it. A soft, gentle breeze, when dreaming of someone you just met, can indicate a sweet love. This person may be the right one for you. Wind in a dream may also indicate money coming soon. A soft breeze indicates a slow increase over time or a small amount of money. A large gust of wind may indicate a sudden large amount such as winning the lottery.

Storm Building


Dreaming of rats, as in the rodent, may indicate that someone is lying to you. You may need to do some detective work to find out who this person is. Be careful though, to not get caught sneaking around because that rat in your dream can indicate you. If you are snaking around, gathering information or gossip, the rat in your dream may be warning you that you are about to get caught.


Seeing a briefcase or file folder in a dream may indicate that someone is snooping into your business. Look at the other aspects in the dream. Is the briefcase or file folder in your home or at your work desk? Someone may be spying on you. If the briefcase or file folder are at a random café table, for example, this may mean you are about to meet someone important. This could mean a new business partner or change in occupation in general.


Why Keep a Journal?

Dreams are very personal and may have different meanings than what you might expect them to. It is important to keep a journal of your dreams, especially if you are a vivid dreamer. Dreams can lead to answers you have been seeking, warn you of upcoming heartache or prepare you for a promotion. The more you remember a dream, the more vivid it is, the more the dream is trying to tell you. Some dreams may be just dreams, the mind resolving any unanswered questions while you sleep. Those dreams are generally not remembered, but the dreams you remember, those are the ones to pay attention to.

All photos are from Morguefile, unless otherwise stated.

© 2013 Cynthianne Neighbors


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    • Cynthianne profile image

      Cynthianne Neighbors 4 years ago

      iscribble, sounds like you are drifting into REM sleep. Rayne123, thank you. :-)

    • profile image

      Rayne123 4 years ago

      HI again

      Forgot to mention previously I love the pictures you chose.


    • i scribble profile image

      i scribble 4 years ago

      I once kept a dream journal and it was amazing how many I could remember from each night. Sometimes I dream I'm drifting down a river in a boat. This is my mind's interpretation of the drifting sensation of the brain waves of one of the stages of sleep. But which one?

    • Cynthianne profile image

      Cynthianne Neighbors 4 years ago

      Thank you. Personally, I do not and have never recorded my dreams, but I have always had gifts. For those that do not or have not realized their gifts, writing down the dreams does help in the beginning, and can help open the mind for more precognitive dreaming. Thank you for your comments.

    • profile image

      Rayne123 4 years ago

      Ok well here I go again deleted my comment by mistake.

      As I mentioned in your previous hubs my dreams are precognitive 98 percent of the time. I am not big on dream dictionaries as they only give you a general meaning. Most will look it up and think that is what it exactly means when in reality you must be able to "decode" your dream and put it together with your own life situation.

      I pretty much know all the meanings in my dreams, of course they are all symbols for what is happening, however once you do realize how to interpret your dreams you are well on your way to taking this dream and using it for a message in your life.

      I read the fire dream as I just had that a couple of weeks ago. I never did think about it being a fresh start and its right on, but I also know the other meaning behind it.

      I myself am one of the lucky ones as I never ever had to record or keep a dream journal. IF they are meant to have a specific meaning or warning/message to you I feel you will always remember them.

      This message comes from above. If you don't remember than its not time yet, however keeping a dream journal is great so that you can put your dreams together and decipher your dream in due time.

      Myself I remember dreams from 10 years ago that have come to pass.

      If I do not remember them I ask if I am supposed to know or I don't fret/rack my brain worrying.

      God would not give us dreams if he was not going to make them come true.

      Great hub


    • Cynthianne profile image

      Cynthianne Neighbors 4 years ago

      If you dream of your dad it could be that something in your life is about to change, or he is trying to tell you something. Look around at the other things in your dream and see if he is referring to something that could explain what he wants you to know. For example, he is in your dream, standing at the foot of your bed. He may want quick contact with you, that something is about to happen right away and he wants you to know.

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      thanks for the dream explainations. What abt i dream my dad?