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Updated on January 2, 2017

My dream

My dream in full started with me seeing 2 dogs, one was on a chain and other was loose and free. The free dog had a big bone and was chewing it near the chained dog, which could not reach it. When the free dog turned its back the chained dog stretched as far as he could and he got the bone and began chewing it, the free dog, looked and just walked away.

Suddenly, a person came and took the bone from the chained dog and called the free dog over and gave it back. The chained dog looked very sad, knowing it's little victory was stolen from him.

Then another person came along and took the bone from the free dog and with a big knife cut it in half, giving each dog it's own bone. It was the nicest thing to do I thought.

Suddenly another person came and was angry with the person who cut the bone and took her by the hair and shoved her head down and began cutting her, I was mortified and hid my face in my husbands' chest, I could not watch this, I realized I somehow knew this innocent person.

A few minutes later the person who cut the bone comes before me, teary eyed and asked me why didn't I run to her aid? She was only scratched and was able to fend the attacker off herself, but is very hurt I did not come to her rescue, I tried to explain I was too far and was like an outsider looking in and I was also paralyzed with fear, this did not matter to her, she was very hurt.

After this conversation, I decide that I must stop the attacker, in case he comes back for her and I set out to do that but first I wanted to call a trusted friend, who is a policeman and ask his opinion on what I should do. The friend said he would do the same and that sometimes; some people need a lesson in life and to go ahead.

I left immediately and followed the attacker in a building that I have seen many times before in my dreams, it was all stairs, a circular jumble of stairs, but determined to find him, I went on the hunt. I was in line waiting for the inside shuttle bus to take me to the top floor where I suspected her ran to and there was an old friend by me, who I didn't notice until she said my name, with tears in her eyes she said "I saw you when you came into the building, I yelled your name and I waved and waved, but you didn't notice me this time either" I felt terrible and explained that I was very busy and I honestly didn't see her. I got into the shuttle and went to the top floor, and saw a door I was sure he was hiding behind,/ and opened it and there sat Satan, laughing at me and explaining that he chooses me because I am so easy. Furious, I woke up.

Chained Dog

The first part of my dream:

Were the two dogs, one chained and one free and the bone exchange.

Analyzing this I think that the chained dog represents how we feel when we see others doing as they please with seemingly no restrictions, and the struggle it can feel like to get ahead or at least have what they have. I see it as feeling restricted.

The free dog, he was just chewing his bone and minding his own business and when the chained dog got his bone, he didn't fuss he looked and walked away.

I think this represents that the free dog was happy to share; he didn't feel greedy or needy. He went on his way quite happy to find something else to do.

I think this tells me not to get hung up on gains and losses, find something else to do and move on.

Dog Bone

The second part of my dream:

The person coming and taking the bone from the chained dog and giving it back to the free dog.

I think this represents how I often see things that the needy can only get so far before someone bigger comes along and gives it back to the rich. You won't ever get ahead because someone will always be there to take it away from you.

I also think that it is saying that while I feel sad when I see anyone sad or upset, I also don't blame the person benefiting when there is a third party helping them. It's the third party who should mind his or her own business and sometimes, I am the third party, and many times unknowingly help another gain momentum on someone else and to be conscious of that and to also practice minding my own business.

2 Dogs and a Toy

2 dogs and a toy bone.
2 dogs and a toy bone. | Source


The third part of my dream:

Was another person coming along and taking the bone from the free dog and cutting it in half.

This was giving each dog a bone.

This represents fairness to me on one hand and on the other it also represents meddling in a situation that was working fine the way it was. While it was sad to see the chained dog lose his prize only because of the actions of another, the dog was not snarling or growling, it was not angry. It also didn't mean that another opportunity to get the bone back wasn't in the cards and victory would have been his once again, by the other person involving herself, this victory could not happen because it was now a shared bone. That is unfair and unbalanced as well.

I also think that the free dog loses too because he may have enjoyed playing with the chained dog, perhaps the free dog liked chewing it close to the chained one so that he would strive to take it and feel happy. Remember the free dog didn't try to take it back and could have easily done that. The free dog walked away.


The fourth part of my dream:

This part was about another person coming, an angry one who was not happy about her cutting the bone in half.

The angry person didn’t like that she gave a piece of the bone to each dog, and then this person, I saw hold her head down and began to wound the neck, really close to the shoulder blades, I hid my head in fear and sheer shock. The person fought off the attack and confronted me as to why I did not come and assist her, she was very hurt, and teary eyed and luckily, only had a scratch on her. I tried to explain, but she could not take in what I was saying to her over her feeling of being abandon or betrayed by me.

I think this represents "Jumping to conclusions" and I think this is because there was no blood, nor did I actually see any cutting, just what appeared to be a very bad thing that was going to happen. I think this warns me against jumping to conclusions and worst-case scenario because that is something I ALWAYS do.

I think it also speaks to me about others and how they see me based upon my actions or inactions because of the above. When you are too busy jumping to conclusions you aren't really looking at the truth and you aren't addressing the truth. You are only seeing what you think is going to happen and you are so sure you're right, you become paralyzed in fear of it; and in doing so, you hurt others very deeply.


In the fifth part of this dream:

I want revenge on the person who I feel hurt her.

While it was not what I thought it was; I felt so bad about her tears that I now feel must avenge it.

I call a trusted friend, who is a police officer, so I not only do I trust this person, but hold his opinion in very high regard and you recall he said to go ahead, as he would do the same. I set off to get revenge.

I think this speaks loud and clear, do not go to trusted friends and or those who you hold in high regard for advice. First, if you have to ask for advice before doing something like this, you already know you shouldn't be doing it. Second, a person you are close with or good friends with isn't going to give you words you do not want to hear and we often select who we will seek advice from knowing full well that person will sing our song and that is our justification to do things or say things we should not. I take this part of the dream to heart because I do this time and time again.

Another thing I take from this part of the dream is this person whom I hold in such high regard, if this person were worth such loyalty and praise from me, why did this person not try to protect me by saying, no, you should not do this, it is irresponsible, dangerous and quite foolish. Instead, please turn around and go comfort the girl, explain, as much as you need to until she understands your rush to conclusions. From there, protect and love her.

For me, this is what a friend you hold in high regard and trust would say to you. Whether you take that advice is another thing, but a person you think so much of obviously does not think very much of you.

A friend always looks out for you

A friend will always look out for you
A friend will always look out for you | Source


The sixth part of this dream:

This is where I entered that all familiar building in my dreams, the never-ending spiral of stairs and hallways.

It looks like a big silver and gray colored building that has many platforms and stairs, hallways and shuttle buses inside, it is circular in shape. This is where I saw an old friend who through tears tells me again I did not see or hear them as they called my name and waved to me and I did nothing but explain I was busy.

This section of the dream tells me that while I am chasing imaginary threats, I am missing out on people who love me and miss me, that while I am preoccupied or focused on other things, I am ignoring them and hurting them deeply. They feel invisible and unimportant in my life.

This also tells me that there are people who have reached out to me and I blew them off, unintentional or not. The reasons why I may, aren't important because relationships are everything to me and I am happy this part of my dream, opened my eyes while I slept.

The Conclusion

The seventh part of my dream:

This is the part where I finally caught the attacker and it was Satan himself.

I was not afraid of him, it was like meeting up with an old enemy who I played games with many times before. He laughed at me and explained he loved playing these games with me because I am so easy to get riled up, that it is just too easy to pull me into his snare.

This tells me that I chase up anything without thinking, looking or using logic. I use too much emotion and I jump to conclusions way too often. My husband will even say to me while trying to tell me something "can I please finish?" The reason he says this is because while he is actually talking to me, my mind is already freaking out because in his words I heard something that had the potential to turn out awful or to be dangerous, or to be too risky and I must immediately tell him an alternative plan. That is rather funny when his career was planning for any such event and being prepared, he is not someone I need to stop and explain a better way. In fact, there is no one who should not be able to tell me something while I sit and listen.

This also tells me that I can do anything I want to do if I go after it, I mean come on, how often do you track down Satan himself and have a chat that you walk away from wiser and feeling enlightened. I also don't believe in the existence of a real Satan, I believe that all good and all evil lay inside of us.

This also has me thinking that my fears, my jumping to conclusions, my desire and sense of responsibility to get vengeance, and my feelings of unfairness dwell from only within me, I can feed them by letting them all be who I am, or I can start to push them aside and stop myself. I feel that I am my own boss and I am the only one in charge of what I think and do.

What do you think about these analogies I have made? Please let me know in comments.

Thank you for reading.

How did I do?

Do you think I am right in how I viewed what this dream meant?

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Hello Readers

Please let me know in comments what you think of my analysis of my dream and add your own thoughts if you wish.
Please let me know in comments what you think of my analysis of my dream and add your own thoughts if you wish. | Source

© 2016 Lisa


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    • Shot by Lisa profile imageAUTHOR


      5 weeks ago from Brisbane, Queensland Australia

      Have you figured out what it meant?

    • happysara profile image


      12 months ago

      I think you did a fantastic job at figuring out what your dream meant.

      I dreamed I got to my daughter's house, there was a very bad storm outside and my son in law, along with many men, left to go help... not sure what they were going to help, but he didn't return and he had been gone since Friday morning, it was Saturday afternoon. We left to go find out where he was or what happened and went to some blank place, with blank people (I didn't see faces or places) and we were told he didn't make it. My daughter was devastated and I couldn't speak, I stayed in shock... the shock feeling kept lasting the rest of the dream which seemed like forever. I just couldn't accept that he was gone. Then I woke up.


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