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Dreams, dream meanings, dream readings

Updated on July 13, 2011

What is a dream? Dream readings have been used for thousands of years in an attempt to unravel the nighttime visions. Dream meanings are somewhat cryptic, and similar to horoscopes, can only have an effect on a person if they wish it.

Dreams are subconscious memories and thoughts coagulated together to form visions. These visions together do not make sense to the individual, but a trained spiritualist dream interpreter can assist in deciphering any messages that may be there. Occasionally dreams have been known to be a warning of impending doom or of a decision for a marriage proposal.

Many believe that interpreting dreams are a way of unlocking hidden anxieties that may have haunted people for years since their childhood. Nightmares may not resemble any known memory to a person, but the subconscious mind may tell a different story. Receiving a dream meaning has helped thousands of people decide on major decisions, which have altered their lives completely.


Free dream readings can also include the reading of nightmares. Nightmares are supposedly the darker side of dreams which can raise heart rates and cause an uncomfortable nights sleep. Nightmares are not necessarily emotions and thoughts from life experiences, but can be simply twisted images from a horror movie being replayed in the mind.

A child's nightmare is usually more constructed through thoughts from movies or stories. Not one nursery rhyme in the world has a happy ending, and these are the stories which everyday people feed into their children's mind. The imaginative of a child will still be active whilst asleep. Watching any type of movie with monsters, guns, or violence will cause the child's mind to re-enact parts of the movie whilst asleep, but with the insertion of themselves in the starring role.

Accuracy of Free Dream Interpretations

Free dream interpretations or free dream readings can be just as good as paying for one. Each dream reader has learnt from either another dream interpreter or from reading books. Dreams work exactly like horoscopes, they are just cryptic images which may be from the past, present or possibly the future. It is up to the individual person,once they have received an interpretation of their dream, whether or not to react to it.

There are many dream interpretation books which promise to reveal the secrets of dreaming. Many of these books have different answers for the same type of dream. So dream interpretation is not an exact science, it is more like a guideline. But a guidline to what.?

Dream Interpretation: Fact or Fiction?

Everybody loves to dream. Nice dreams are usually disturbed by an alarm clock or crying child, nightmares seem to go on for ages. Most dreams occur in the small hours of the morning when the person is half awake and thoughts seep through to the mind. Many people dream they are actually getting ready for work, only to wake up half an hour later to discover that they are still in bed and are now late.

One story of a famous dream interpretation was that a king had a dream that seven fat cows had eaten seven thin cows. He called his soothsayer and was told that his nation faced seven years of excellent harvests and abundant grain crops. After seven years his country faced seven years of crop failures, droughts, and pestilence. The king ordered that over the first seven years all farmers were to send 10-20% of their stock to storage silos. This period saw a massive increase in production and allowed the whole country to survive the seven years of drought. Fact or Fiction?

This story was rumoured to of been about 2000 years old, so no one is alive to verify the story. A single dream interpretation may mean over twenty different things, then again it may mean nothing. The person has to decide whether they believe it, or which way they would like it to be and choose the meaning that they more prefer.

Alternative Meanings

Alternative dream meaning and Alternative horoscopes, are a bit different from the usual lovey dovey predictions that we receive through the internet and media publications. They can tend to concentrate on the darker or more influential side of our inner self, or they sometimes play devils advocate to our more outrages wants or desires, and they are fun to read. No matter what we read from any type of prediction, one theory is that, you alone can make your life the way you would like it to be, no matter what life has dealt you.


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