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Dreams of Horror and Love

Updated on May 9, 2012

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

Mary Shelley is the main reason I even started this hub. I always had written love stories, but then one cold morning I decided to start a scary story. I did some research on Women and Horror and read a lot on Mary Shelley. She was taught by her father, and she had all the books she could read,and in the 1800's it was a little taboo to have a girl to read much less to be that smart. She also slept with a married man, Percy Shelly, then at the ripe age of 18,her,O' Percy and some other writer-colleagues were talking late one night about GALVANISM. That was the supposedly the ideas with scientists which was moving dead animal parts with electricity. So that night she dreamed of dead bodies coming to life, also coming to life was the best horror story of all FRANKENSTEIN and a woman wrote it. Mary and Percy published it as though HE wrote it, at least that's how I read the history. And it was only till the second edition in the year 1823. And some interesting notes; They were shunned by the community by her and Percy and after he divorced his first wife for Mary, the first wife killed herself.


Stephenie's Dream

Everyone that doesn't live under a rock, knows of this Book, Twilight. Stephenie Meyer had a dream of a plain everyday girl a beautiful boy and in love with each other, the thing is he is a vampire. Not to mention, non-too-shabby and gorgeous Were Wolf.

King and his Misery

I love Stephen King. He has always has been able to give me the creeps,but that is a good thing with him. King admits that sleeping has helped him to aid him with writing on some of his novels. Right before Misery came about, Stephen King was on a airplane and feel asleep. He dreams of a coo-coo for co-co puffs fan that went over board with her favorite author,also went on over to the dark side. Waking up in a frenzy, he wrote almost 50 pages before they landed. This was Misery, a novel, then a movie (ouch!),then Kathy Bates won awards on this one.All of one's dream.

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Robert Louis Stevenson was a Drug addict, that's what I think, what I have read of him. He was already popular, when he had a dream of a doctor that had a split personality disorder. With his rough draft in hand, he showed his wife, and with her suggestions, and with some help with cocaine, he rewrote it in ten days.

Night Visions

This is Avatar and In James Cameron's dream, the land was called Pandora, it was all lush, and beautiful. So was this man's mind, this is the man that created The Terminator, True Lies, The Abyss, and Aliens and lets not forget The Titanic, the top money making film of all times. God has given this man a gift. So was Avatar, in 2009.


To Stephen King,Stephenie Meyer, and James Cameron; I speak for myself, Thankyou for all you have given us, to all the dreams that came true into a reality that was just a floating image fed by imagination, and sharing your gift.


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