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Dreams of Snakes: What Does Dreaming About Snakes Mean?

Updated on July 19, 2019
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I'm a complete insomniac, and so I've thought a lot about sleep, dreams, and ways to relax the mind and body.

When we dream, we open ourselves to the many things of our daily lives and let them play out in our head. Sometimes these come in the shape of fantasy things that we wish for, and sometimes they come in the form of warnings. When it comes to dreams of snakes, they almost always are warnings of one sort of another. So, what does dreaming about snakes mean? There are several sources of information on the subject, including the biblical meaning of snakes in dreams. Take a look below and see what your dreams mean to you.

Seeing a Snake

If you see a snake in your dreams, it means you’ve sensed something wrong in your surroundings. You have someone in your life that may be planning to take advantage of you, and your dreams are trying to warn you about them. The biggest surprise is that these people might be the ones closest to you. Alternatively, this can also sometimes represent an event rather than a person. Seeing a snake is always bad news, so it’s best to keep your guard up.

Large Snakes

When you’re dealing with a big snake, you need to be worried about your money situation, and where it comes from. There is someone at your workplace that means you ill will and is willing to sabotage you and your dreams in order for them to get ahead. Don’t make any large purchases or put yourself in debt till you’re certain that the trouble is over with.

Small Snakes

Thankfully smaller snakes mean smaller issues. You are being warned that you’re doing something a little reckless in your life and you need to take a second look at your actions. This may be from talking about sensitive topics to your friends, spending too frivolously, or taking little cheats on things you know you shouldn’t. All is not lost, you still have a chance to change your behavior and avoid negative consequences if you act quickly.

Snake Bites

When you are bitten by a snake it means that the danger is closer than you think and it might be too late to prevent it. One of your reckless behaviors is coming back to bite you. This could mean financial troubles are coming, or that one of your secrets is about to be revealed. Be careful who you trust as someone close to you is likely going to hurt you very soon.

Killing a Snake

Great news, you’ve managed to conquer one of the issues in your life, or are about to. Be confident. Karma has decided that it is behind you and issues that might have foiled you before are going to work out for you.

Finding a Dead Snake

A dead snake represents a past victory. At this time you’re getting prepared to celebrate an accomplishment that you’ve achieved in the past, or are about to conquer a task that you’ve previously mastered. This is a very good time for you.

Multiple Snakes

More snakes represent more issues. Rather than just a financial issue however, this may indicate that you’re going to have a minor accident in the near future due to one of your mistakes, or someone else’s mistake. This might not be avoided, but you may be able to minimize the effect if you keep your eyes open and aware of your surroundings.

Attacking a Snake

When you are attacked by a snake, this indicates a health problem in your life. Someone in your life is either about to get sick, or their condition is about to get worse for them. This warning just isn’t about others, it could also indicate yourself. Take extra care to prepare for health related issues. At worst, this dream can represent the death of someone close to you.

Snakes Attacking You

You have at least one enemy near you and they are about to attack. These people have it out for you and want to knock you down. If you let these enemies close to you this could be potentially dangerous. Keep your secrets to yourself and be wary of those with hidden agendas. Your success in life depends on it.

Colorful Snakes

When you see a colorful snake, it means that you are not seeing the world around you properly. Something has made you mistake one thing for another. One of your friends isn’t actually your friend, or one of your enemies isn’t actually an enemy. The action that they took to make you think of them as such had reasons behind them that you misinterpreted. Try to reevaluate the people around you and judge them anew. If you have this dream too often, it may mean that you’re not letting yourself see the world around you as it truly is.

Falling Snakes

If you find snakes falling on you that means that you are stressed. Something inside of you just doesn’t feel right and you’re trying to deal with it, but it’s not easy. In fact, it feels like these issues are keeping you from moving forward in life. It’s time to look at your past and accept that you can’t change what happened in the past. Accept it, learn from it, but let it go.

Being Bitten by a Dead Snake

This is a sign of betrayal, and it’s going to come from one of the people that you trust the most. This person likely knows your weak points and is going to use them against you. Keep your defenses up and your lips sealed or this action will have dire consequences.

Walking Through Snakes

There are two potential meanings for this dream. This can be a sign that you are worried about someone’s health. Illness and even thoughts of death are swirling around in your head. This can also represent fierce competition from those around you. Friendly competition has changed to jealousy and envy. These friends are going to try and beat you at everything, even if they have to play dirty.

A Snake in the Grass

You are being disrespected and you don’t like it. There are people in your life that simply aren’t giving you the respect you deserve and there doesn’t seem to be a concrete reason for it. These negative people need to be pushed to the side or their negative energy will infect you. Only surround you with people that will help lift you up.

Trapped by a Snake

If you find yourself constricted by a snake it means that you are feeling trapped in your life. Either your enemies seem to be getting the upper hand on you, or you’re feeling trapped by your relationship. Wherever it’s coming from you want to be free from it.

Holding a Snake

If you find yourself with a snake in your hand during a dream, you need to pay attention to the things that are going on around you. Something small and insignificant in the moment is going to have a major influence on something in the near future. Start thinking about your actions and how they affect the world around you. A positive step forward now will mean a great leap later.

© 2019 Ben Martin


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