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Dried Cherries - A Natural and Delicious Way of Staying Healthy

Updated on October 31, 2010
Have you ever wondered how is this kind of food affecting your health?
Have you ever wondered how is this kind of food affecting your health?

Our Nutrition - The Dangers of Fast-Food

Nowadays, our health is being severely deteriorated by an incorrect nutrition. The rhythm of our life is fast - we want to do as much as possible, but we never have enough time. That’s why fast-food is gaining such popularity - eating these products does not take much time, allowing us to work more and get more things done. However, everything has a price. Our body is not programmed by nature to eat fast-food, that’s why it has such a detrimental effect on our health. White bread, fried meat and potatoes, soft drinks - all these things are extremely dangerous when consumed in big quantities.

Unfortunately, we remember about the tight connection between our health and our nutrition only when it’s already too late and everything hurts. Then we start taking medication and we don’t even think about giving up on our negative habits. Or, even worse, we lack the necessary information and we aren’t aware of what our body really needs in order to be truly healthy.

However, many recent studies (having their roots in ancient healing systems) have proven that a healthy nutrition should be based on natural, unprocessed foods. The energy that a certain product gives us is not measured only in proteins and calories. All these scientific calculations don’t take into account the most important thing - the biological energy of the product. How can a chunk of white bread give us biological energy when it was processed so many times?

In order to feel good, to be full of energy and positive emotions, we need to be very careful about the things we eat. Did you ever wonder why many people say that you are what you eat? If you eat too much fried meat and other products full of colorants and preservatives, that’s how your body will look and feel in a couple of years - you can count on that!

Cherries - Discover a True Repository of Natural Energy

A healthy nutrition should be based on whole cereals, fruits, vegetables, berries, beans and other foods given directly by nature. Among all these products, cherries should have a special place. This little fruits are not only extremely tasty - they are also beneficial for our health, having a high nutritional value. They contain many antioxidants, melatonin (which can fight insomnia, jet lag and slow down the aging process), vitamins C and A, natural fibers, potassium, magnesium, iron and many other useful components. At the same time, they are a repository of natural biological energy.

It has been proven that cherries are natural anti-inflammatory remedies, being effective in reducing the symptoms of arthritis and gout. They can also relieve pain, help in cardiovascular diseases and even prevent cancer.

Dried Cherries - Healthy, Tasty and Versatile

Eating cherries is a wonderful way of staying healthy and fit. However, what can we do during winter and spring? There are no fresh cherries available! Fortunately, we can eat and use in our favorite recipes dried cherries. They are extremely versatile, at the same time having almost all nutrients contained in fresh fruits.

You can use dried cherries in a multitude of ways. The most obvious one is eating them directly from the pack, as a healthy snack. When you have more time, you can use them as your main secret ingredient in a lot of recipes. Cherries give a special, delicious taste to many dishes - from sweets and desserts to baking, meat stuffing and sauces.

Salads with dried cherries are extremely tasty as well. Whenever you want to make a salad but you don’t have many ingredients, you can always enrich the taste by using dried cherries. Even if you have more than enough ingredients, you can still use cherries or their dried alternative to make your dish even more delicious. The good thing is that cherries go well with all kind of salads - no matter if they contain vegetables, fruit or meat.

Cherries may be small, but they are a truly miraculous fruit. Delicious, healthy and extremely practical for all your favorite recipes - don’t hesitate to use them whenever you want to improve your health by eating something really tasty!



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