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Drink your cough & colds away

Updated on September 8, 2009

Climate change usually threatens once health, both young and old. Children easily catches cough & colds and mostly got it from school. Cough & colds are communicable diseases that is easily spread through air. The best defense against this kind of diseases is by increasing the immune system and this can be achieved by taking a lot of vitamins, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, drinking fluids especially fruit juices, exercise and good rest/sleep.

Though vitamin pills can give this benefit but its potency got easily weaned off because they are eliminated easily via the urine. Unlike the vitamins from fresh fruits and vegetables, these are stored longer in the body.

There are certain group of fruits and vegetables when mixed or put together, has potent effect in order to alleviate illnesses right away. Like carrots, apple, cucumber and radish.

Carrots has been known of its beta carotene and anti-oxidant. Apples offers many vitamins and it is also very rich in vitamin C. Cucumber is good for the skin as well as the kidney because it also has a diuretic effect. Radish contains a certain kind of acid, has a tangy taste and is good for the mucus membranes that are found in the nose, sinuses and the rest of the respiratory system.

This combination has to be taken as juice in order to get a maximum benefit. Best way is by using a juice extractor and drink the juice as fresh as it can be. If juice extractor is not available, make use of blender and extract the juice manually.


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