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Drinking Alcohol - Moderation Or Abstinence

Updated on October 17, 2014

What fits your lifestyle when drinking alcohol, moderation or abstinence? Do you think you can drink alcohol in moderation or should you have complete abstinence of alcohol?

So many people that drink alcohol start out thinking and saying to themselves, "when I go out tonight, I am only having 3 or 4 drinks and that is it." How often have you said that when you are going out for the night and when you are done drinking alcohol for the evening you are plastered?

Many people that have stopped drinking alcohol, such as myself often wonder, "can I just drink in moderation and only have a few drinks to be social?" I have said that many times since I have been clean and sober and the answer I give myself is, "there is no way in the world I can drink in moderation!"

If you think you can drink in moderation after giving up your addiction alcohol, I think you are only fooling yourself and just might relapse when your lips touch that cold glass of beer or that refreshing alcoholic drink. I know for a fact I would be doomed if I were to have that one sip and I am sure every alcoholic that is in recovery would say the same thing.

If you are serious about your sobriety and want it to be long term, like for the rest of your life, than I would not recommend trying moderation. I feel this is only pure torture to your mind and body.

God Bless you if you can drink in moderation. I wish I could of done that, but it is totally impossible, and if I ever tried drinking in moderation I would only be fooling myself.

Is There a Happy Medium

Is there a happy medium when it comes to drinking or not, or just drinking a little or not at all? If you feel you are an alcoholic and are in recovery, why in the world would you even think to try drinking in moderation after you have done so well being sober.

You know, the longer you stay sober the easier it will get for you to stay sober. Granted, when i stopped drinking alcohol the first month or so was pure torture. I was a nervous wreck and continually thinking, "will I be able to do this thing we call getting and staying sober?"

I and you have to keep a positive attitude every minute of every single day and keep telling ourselves that we will conquer this addiction to alcohol we have. If you have it in your heart and soul to beat the inner demons that lurk inside of all of us alcoholics we will prevail.


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© 2012 Mark Bruno


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    • profile image

      Olmed 4 years ago

      Hei, Mark. Have read you Hub a couple of times and thank you for the inspiring posts. Your accomplishment is truly impressive and congratulations on 4 years sober! I come from a non drinking family and never really was a regular drinker. I always had months and years without any drinking at all. At same time I had my debut at age 16 with home brewed 40% liquor (from a friends house) and the 0,5 L went down in 10 minutes. My drinking from there was mostly about getting drunk, to the point where you doze off enough to just go with the flow and see what happens. A really great way to excuse all your actions and just act on every impulse you get. And this is were my question to you comes in. I had so many "warnings" about how less inhibited I could be while drinking. But because I same time benefited from friends admiration I still had a kind of naive attitude to it. Then I was hit by a really unpleasant experience, shameful and damaging to my self-esteem. This came during a relapse after another 2 year period of no alcohol. I kept it all to myself ( (I later spoke with my closest family about it) )..unfortunately..since I ended up in same shameful situation again after thinking another drinking episode was the right way to go. For the first time I then realized I had a problem with alcohol. NOT because I drank often, but simply because I ended up in situations damaging to myself. Of course we are still responsible for our actions even if we are drunk! But my question is: "How do you deal with the stuff you wish never happened. The things you wish was done different...the "if only I..." etc.."?? Also, have you experienced that things you try to suppress surface and can almost drive you like a robot into unwanted actions, even if you are not "that drunk"? I am 41 yo this year and can count on my 2 hands the number of times I drank the last 15 years...but still I managed to collect more "trophies" on my drunk shame list. I am now a determined teetotaler, for the right reasons (not only because needing to avoid more shame..) and I will never again be convinced by myself or others that "why not take only 1 drink..wont hurt you"..because yes it will hurt, since sooner or later the 1-2 social drinks WILL turn into more than that. Being clear minded and without alcohol is anyway the best feeling in the world. For me it is a sport to find other daily life enjoyments without alcohol. I am new here and my apologies if my comment should be posted elsewhere. Thank you! Your sober living posts are an inspiration to my own teetotal choice.

    • profile image

      marlene 4 years ago

      Hi Mark, I was trying to leave you a comment on another one of your hubs, but the connection was taking longer than usual. I think it was a glitch. ok, let me try again. sounds good:)

    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 4 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      Marlene - Thank so much for stopping by and reading. you are very wise to not overdue the drink. I only wish one or two drinks I would of been happy, so the best thing is not to drink at all.

      Thanks for the Vote up too.

      All the best and see you on FB

    • profile image

      marlene (FBL) 4 years ago

      Useful information. I think you're wise to abstain from drinking if you already know the consequences if you were to have a sip of that one drink. I drink in moderation and not too often and when I do just a glass or two of wine with food and this is usually during the holiday season. I can't drink too much since I have very low-tolerance so after maybe one drink, I start to feel a buzz. Voted up:)

    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 5 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      @ Leslie- Miss you too Leslie! Thank you so much for your comment and taking time to read. I sure hope these hubs and other blogs I write on have helped people with their addictions.


    • ImKarn23 profile image

      Karen Silverman 5 years ago

      I've never been able to develop an affinity for alcohol - no matter how hard i tried - so - i speak of that i know nothing about...

      On the other hand - i know human nature - and i believe it's only normal for a human to want the whole mile after being given(or taking) the inch!

      If something can become a life problem - that something should not be invited in - even for a quick visit!

      Miss ya Mark..

    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 5 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      Carol how have you been? I wrote this because in my mind I know for a fact moderation would never work for me. I tried it two other times . Started back with one glass of wine and then two etc to a bottle and then right back to beer and lots of it. My best way to stay sober is not drink at all and write these articles to help others. It may work for others and I am happy for them but I haven't seem many that can drink in moderation after being addicted to it.

      Take care Carol :)

    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 5 years ago from Arizona

      I have often wondered about that if it is possible. We have some friends who stopped drinking and claim they can stop after a few...Doesn't seem to be that way. It is easy to think that you can control..but I am sure it really doesn't work. It is harder when you are addicted to food as you have to eat to survive.

    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 5 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      Deborah- Hello and thank you for commenting on this hub. I would of loved to have a beer or two and walk away, but I know that would be the end of my sobriety. So, abstinence it is !!!. Thanks you for always reading and commenting on my hubs. Much appreciated!

      All the Best to you.


    • eHealer profile image

      Deborah 5 years ago from Las Vegas

      Hi Peter, great hubg! Very interesting about your personal experiences. Moderation is not the key in addiction and you are absolutely right. Although sometimes people test the boundaries and find they have relapsed. Excellent!