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Drinking Alkaline Water vs. Tap or Purified and How to Implement This Healthy Habit

Updated on October 27, 2011
alkaline water
alkaline water | Source

If You're Going to Drink Water - Drink Alkaline Water

Drinking enough water can mean making a conscious effort to do so, so why not make it count by drinking alkaline water instead?

This may be the first time you’ve heard of alkaline water, so I’m sure you’re wondering why and what the benefits might be.

To be honest, I have only been drinking alkaline water for a few months myself and prior to learning some of the health benefits…I had never even given it a thought and had a few questions myself.

It was after being introduced to the concept that I started to perform my own research and I was amazed at all the reasons everyone should consider doing the same.

In order to explain the benefits of alkaline water (from health to cost) , I’ll cover the difference between Tap Water, Purified Water and Finally the short and skinny on Alkaline Water and how you can start implementing it into your daily routine for better overall health.

Tap Water:

In this day and age, the quality of tap water has declined at epic proportions. Due to the high level of contaminants in the environment as well as increased population it has become necessary for the powers that be to add certain chemicals such as chlorine to our water supply in order to kill off bacteria.

While I understand the necessity of this - in order to protect us from illness caused by naturally occurring parasites, etc, I also feel that by adding chemicals we have simply traded health risks.

What I mean is that by taking the chance of drinking chemicals, are we indeed any better off than taking the risk of drinking untreated water from the water treatment plants?

I am not sure about you but drinking chemicals doesn’t sit right with me either… not only because we are exposing our systems to un-natural substances, but the water is acidic hence taxing our systems.

It’s because of these chemicals that many people are choosing to drink purified water purchased from the store either in single use plastic bottles or the big blue bottles used with water dispenser systems found in many homes and offices.

The Downside to Purified Water:

The problem with purified water is that although it is safe, it’s stripped of not only the chemicals … but also the natural trace minerals that natural water was meant to provide meaning it doesn’t give us many of the benefits that was intended by nature.

So what’s alkaline water got to do with it? (You’re probably wondering where I am going with this!)

Well, because I make hydration a priority when I discovered an easy system to purify water as well as add back the naturally occurring minerals and leave the water slightly alkaline it caught my attention.

Not only was I interested in the fact that the water was re mineralized, but the ‘alkaline water’ topic was introduced.

After performing some research into the benefits of drinking alkaline water, it made perfect sense.

I started to acknowledge the amount of acids and toxins we ingest each and every day. For example, our vegetables in many cases have been grown with fertilizers; they have been sprayed with pesticides. Much of our meat supply has been exposed to growth hormones; and the rest of our food in most cases has been laced with preservatives to extend the shelf life.

As humans, we are not built to contend with all of these ‘additives’ and toxins! After a while they tend to build up, taxing our liver and kidneys… and I truly believe (my opinion) that many of the life threatening diseases such as cancer is on the incline because of them.

Not only is ‘food’ or ‘beverage’ acidic, but even ‘stress’ and ‘anxiety’ causes adrenaline and bodily acids!

Drinking alkaline water helps flush and cleanse the body of this and benefits in a few ways:

First of all, it helps preserve the natural ph of our bodies because it is pure, gentle and is easily absorbed by our bodies.

The end result is that because our cells absorb this water better, it’s more effective in flushing out the waste.

Furthermore, it’s cost effective. You don’t have to purchase special drops (which is my opinion is added expense… as well as another additive). You can simply switch to an alkaline water dispenser which costs on par or less than your average run of the mill home watercooler.

Further savings are gained by the fact that you will no longer have to purchase single use plastic bottled water or the large five gallon blue bottles of water from the store.

How? (you ask)

By using the Santevia Gravity Water System to produce alkaline water by purifying, tap water as well as leaving it re mineralized, alkaline and free of contaminants. Because it transforms tap water it makes use of the resources you already have.

Drinking alkaline water has so many health benefits, costs less and helps reduce environmental waste, it’s definitely an easy habit to adapt into your daily living and improve your health at the same time.


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    • rtaf444 profile image

      rtaf444 5 years ago

      Alkaline water is such an easy way to boost health but it's a bit sad that so many people don't know about it yet.