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Drinking Coffee for Weight Loss

Updated on March 25, 2015

No day goes by without coffee as being part of the majority of people’s lives, even as an alternative to tea. It is so staple a product that its demands are constant especially in a country likened to coffee. There are many reasons of why this is so: be it of economical reasons, level of accessibility, easeness of preparation, or healthful benefits, coffee encompasses all these which is considered as a convenience especially for common folks. It may not be a luxury product, but it possesses qualities deemed quite so as were already mentioned.

Coffee for Every Person Everywhere

Whether you are a morning person who goes to work early in the day or an evening person who has to be awake while on duty at night, coffee has always been the primary choice of drink that promotes the stimulation of our senses thereby giving us a sense of wakefulness. A hot cup of coffee is also ideal if you are in cold places especially during winter which gives you needed warmth.

What makes this morning jolt also interesting is the fact that its taste may vary depending on the consistency of its mixture. Depending on how keen you are with the taste of your coffee drink, there are a variety of options to choose from on how you can prepare your cup of joe – some quite sophisticated, others not so. In the end, you either get a brew that retains its mainly bitter, bitter-sweet, sweet and milky, or sweet and creamy taste that suits a person’s preference in coffee drink. With these varieties of coffee mixture to choose from including the type of coffee beans used to make the coffee powder, drinking coffee on a daily basis should never taste the same.

However, apart from what were already mentioned, did you know that with coffee you could also lose weight?

Losing Weight with Coffee

Although coffee being able to promote weight loss on a person is a highly debatable topic, there are existing accounts that prove true to the claim.

In a statement coming from Jennifer Koslo of Precision Nutrition, people who are struggling with cravings and hunger pangs while undergoing the weight-loss regimen may be helped by drinking coffee because of its appetite-suppresing capability that is true to both caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee despite the effect being attributed to the natural substance that is caffeine. This may mean that the coffee’s capability to suppress a person’s appetite is effective even in little doses found in decaffeinated coffee.

On the other hand, Dr. Len Kravitz and Aditi Majumdar of the University of New Mexico, attributed the drinking of coffee and weight loss to the drink’s other chemically-inclined effects on the body, namely the release of free fatty acids (broken down fat cells which acts as a fuel to our body) in our bloodstream which gives us a boost for harder and longer work; an improvement in physical performance by an average of 11 to 12%. In addition, Susan Roberts, a professor of Nutrition at Tufts University cited that coffee when taken in as a drink has the capability to stimulate the release of epinephrine in our body which promotes better blood flow into our muscles as well as speeds up our heart rate. All of these combined, the drinking of coffee during or before exercise promotes an ideal condition to our body that leads to the burning of more calories and thereby produce weight loss.

Lastly, there are also studies which claim that drinking of coffee results to weight loss because of the following:

  • Caffeine in coffee boosts our metabolic rate by as much as 3 to 11%
  • Caffeine causes obese individuals to burn fats 10% better and 29% better on lean individuals

However, the same studies also concluded that the same effects may not be the same exact truth (but still true, nonetheless) to long-term coffee drinkers as a result of dimishing effects.


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      Carpe Diem 3 years ago from Philippines

      Thanks Liz.

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      Liz 3 years ago

      Nice hub, I love coffee!