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Drinking Warm Water Early Morning on Empty Stomach

Updated on November 3, 2021
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A historian, computer geek, and interested in western, alternative and herbal medicine. A health enthusiast, fond of exercise and nutrition.

Fresh Bottled Water

Bottled water
Bottled water | Source


Drinking warm water early morning to flush the digestive system. A sip during meal help supports digestion. We lost a lot of water during exercises via, sweat. This had to be replaced. When you drink water, and the body absorbed it, cleansing, rejuvenation, and nourishment follow.

Replenished Loss Water

"Water is an essential part of living tissue. Since we lose water all the time, in the urine, from the skin, in the breath, and in the stools, it has to be replenish all the time."- Dr. John Yudkin

Water First

"Tami, get him a glass of water."

"He needs a doctor."

"Get him water first," Nessa said.

It can be deduced here that water is life. It is medicinal and helps in effecting a cure and restoration of health. In the Bible 1 Samuel 30:11 water help revive a person from fainting.

Apparently, the person has already dehydrated. Now, water is needed more than anything else. The food given to our friend here did not help the matter until water is supply. The human body needs water first more anything else.

Drinking Warm Water

I always begin my mornings by drinking warm water regularly. I at times slice a lemon into the water.
I always begin my mornings by drinking warm water regularly. I at times slice a lemon into the water. | Source

Ayurveda Therapy

Drinking water helps in many ways. A sip during meal help digestion. We lost a lot of water during exercises via, sweat. This had to be replaced. When you drink water, and the body absorbed it, Indian Ayurveda said that some actions below are affected:

  1. Lessen fatigue
  2. Enhances skin glow.
  3. Prevents constipation
  4. Increases stamina.
  5. Provides solution for nutrients.
  6. Helps digestion.
  7. Cools the body.
  8. Easy to assimilate
  9. Life-giving
  10. Antioxidant.

For this to take place, you have to boil the water in the first instance and allowed it to cool to room temperature, or slightly warm. The water then becomes “Hot herbal water.” It is much better if the water retains some heat 1 or 2 percent. Adding herbs and spices to the water makes it much effective to detox the internal systems of the body.

Water Therapy

Water therapy essentially is drinking water, especially when first getting up in the morning.

A Glass of Warm Water


Water Therapy Re-Discovered

Water therapy is said to be re-discovered by a London trained medical doctor, a Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj, while serving a jail term in Iran. But water therapy is as old as mankind.

Most of Dr. Fereydoon claims for curing ill-health with water is discovered to be fake, because none were backed up with scientific proofs according to a Dr. Stephen Barrett. Dare to take any water therapy online with caution.

What is Water Therapy?

"Water therapy generally means

-Drinking 8-9 glasses of water every day.

-Taking only water for 2-3 days.

-Taking a hot or cold water bath.

-Shower cold water or hot water according to illness.

-Sitting on warm water tub for fomentation.

-Ice cold fomentation in case of injury.

All these come under water therapy."-Madhu Khare

Water Therapy Redefined

Nowadays, water therapy has a wider meaning than the traditional drinking warm or cold water in the morning. It now includes external treatment for the body, for example, a joint sprain. Bath cold water after a jogging session, and the splashing the body with cold water.

I remember years ago, my son had his left ankle sprained. I took him to GP who referred us to physiotherapy in a Braithwaite Memorial Hospital, a government teaching hospital. Water in the form of an ice block was used as a compressor to treat the boy. If your neck is painful, and you are finding it hard to turn your head left or right, a soft towel deep in cold water is advised to be applied, right? It will ease the pain and stiffness.

Steam is also water, and it can be applied to relieve nasal congestion. There are many other ways of water as ice, steam or vapor, and is used to treat ill-health. This re-defined water therapy as the many and varied ways water is used to treat illness.

Dr. Feredoom Batmanghelidj Experriments

Dr. Fereydoom Batmanghelidj is actually a medical doctor. On his release from prison, he found his way to the United States (US). There he practices nature cure medicine. They are no evidence that he ever was unto orthodox practice while in the US. The odds to migrate from western medicine to alternative practice is becoming more common among western trained doctors. One best-known example is Dr. Joseph Mercola. His theories, experiments, methods, and proofs are well documented for the scientific and medical world. His experiments range from exercise, food, and nutrition, and dental.

The issue with Dr. Batmanghlidj is that he has no documented, science-based evidence to show the scientific and medical profession for his water cure. But recent research into his theories has proof that his theory for water cure works. His theory has been demonstrated experimentally with significant results.

A Glass and Bottle of Water


Test Water Cures

A "crank who believed dehydration is the main cause of disease. He promoted his Water Cure, which was not based on any scientific evidence."-Wikipedia.

The Body Cry for Water

It is sad that this was said of Dr. Batmanghelidj. Do not practice water therapy (drinking water in the morning) without a certified practitioner or an experienced person monitoring you. If you had the know-how, then go ahead and benefit. The risks are high. We do not all have the same body mass. A person weight 50 kg will take less water than another person who weighs 120 kg. Besides, water not only heals, but it also kills!

When the body needs water, thirst results and we go for a glass or cup of water, but some persons will not for reasons known to them. During meals, we sip a mouthful here and there to enhance the food value or dilution. Otherwise, we get uncomfortable. The volume of water need by the body is limited, and it should not be abused by nature cure practice.

Boiled Water

"There is suggestive -but not conclusive- evidence that hard water (more calcium or magnesium, or both) is associated with lower cardiovascular mortality." Professor A. Steward Truswell

Drinking Warm Water

It is not just a sick person that has to drink warm water. Healthy persons can drink hot herbal water in the morning likewise. Just a minimum of three glasses is enough. But if you can take on 1 liter in the morning, good for you. Each man accordingly to his or her ability.

The Methodology

  1. On waking up from sleep, drink 2, 3, or 5 glasses of water. The water should be at room temperature, or steamed but not chilled. Drink a glass or two 120 cl first, and followed by another two or one glass until the water is drunk up.
  2. Brush your teeth.
  3. Wait for 30 or 45 minutes before breakfast.
  4. After breakfast, do not eat for the next 2 hours.
  5. Sick persons who are not used to the water therapy and beginners, start small until you reach the 5 or 6 glass level.

Do not boil the water, but steam it. Boiling the water decomposed significant minerals like calcium, and magnesium in the water which help bone strength.

Drink Water in the Morning


Drinking warm water early in the morning helps re-hydrate the body. In addition, it helps cleansed and rejuvenated the digestive system. Two or three glasses of water is a minimum you need to start with.


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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

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